Yakuza 2

Yakuza 2

Modern video games are increasingly attracted to you our attention not to the ordinary heroes - knights in shining armor, but for a such a noble bad guy, rough on the outside but kind and generous soul. Such as Kazuma.

The king is dead, long live the king. The era of the PlayStation 2, albeit informally - just try to, get Sony to publicly acknowledge the death of his most successful offspring - come to an end. On the platform of the veteran, it would seem, can be quietly forgotten, occasionally launching, for the sake of nostalgia, favorite games. However, the Independent Publishers his calculation: is it possible to forget about the many millions of console owners? Statistics headstrong and clearly hints: many of those who bought PS2, not in a hurry to spend money on a PS3 or Xbox 360. But maybe they will not give up to fill up already existing game collection soundly crime drama? Moreover, that Yakuza 2 the merits abound - a curious story, interesting mixture of genres, plus, of course, a good origin. The original Yakuza absolute hit at least not become, but has managed to please many. It was probably at this audience, above all, and expects to Sega, after a tiring long meditations released the same Yakuza 2 outside of Japan. Arigato!

Yakuza 2Yakuza 2
Some opponents are able to stand for themselves - take care of your teeth and ribs Two legs against one of the head - a clear numerical advantage

Korean trace

Start the troubled 80's. Brave cop in pursuit of the unknown (for the time being) the offender, witnesses a murder - shot by the Korean mafia. Shoot, but upon closer inspection, it turns out Fuma Shintaro, the foster father of the protagonist, is hiding safely from the scene. A policeman heard it a few words from the dying immediately commits a good deed: saving from death a woman with a child. It takes many years, and good deeds haunt bloodbath ...

A year passed after the events of the first Yakuza. Slightly thawed after all experienced Kazuma tries to start a life more or less simple layman - and, alas, to no avail. Mafia clans, though fairly worn, still a wolf looking at each other, hoping to get rid of competitors. Adds fuel to the fire someone smart enough to be discreet. And that someone thinks the violent death of Kazuma sine qua non of success. Allies and adversaries, imaginary friends, and noble characters - the script Yakuza 2, but not get rid of some of the cliches and still largely predictable, happy sound intriguing. Here you have at least one more reason to take the game to end.

Yakuza 2Yakuza 2
Not all met the characters are willing to share information freely - you have to look for means of persuasion. Actually the process of persuasion is often very painful. Truth requires sacrifice Strikes the hands and feet can be attributed to the short (up to 4 beats) combo, and they, in turn - to finish spectacular special moves, often decides the outcome of the bout


By itself, Yakuza 2 - a typical sequel, with all that is in the good and bad. Many little things that needed "repair", the developers tried to fix or tighten. Even more simply disregarded, we have decided that no revolutionary changes, in general, and can not wait. And because the second part in terms of gameplay is almost one hundred percent is a copy of its predecessor. And if you did not like before, not like now.

Get at least the combat system, one of the most important elements of Yakuza 2, since fights still have to devote the lion's share of time spent at the screen. Scuffles with opponents occur, usually at random, they can be avoided through time. Traditionally, the attackers may also be a mediocre street hooligans, and move to the next visitor to the bar, and much more dangerous representative of the yakuza, and even without one. Actual fighting, again, is traditionally preceded by a short dialogue on a raised voice or exchange of a first strike without your direct involvement - thus, the authors have got rid of the need to fight every time to contemplate the inscription loading. But further developments more like a standard brawl in any game genre beat'em up - in the course are hands, feet, picked up or taken away from the foe weapons, or even garden benches, garbage cans and any other appropriate element of scenery . About QTE-commands and combos have not forgotten. Useful and allies. In contrast to the first Yakuza, where the subsidiary characters often hindered than helped, in the sequel without teammates sometimes do not do - especially in cases where the enemies are taken to press you a number.

Yakuza 2Yakuza 2

From the crowd

Walking through the city streets have become a bit exciting and dynamic - especially because it was added talkative passers-by, ready to somehow respond to your appearance in the vicinity. Everything else in the old: the shops and boutiques, nudnovatye pause while changing locations, a simple but fun mini-games, Yakuza inherited the legacy of another unforgettable Shenmue, - if you want even a short rush from point A to point B can be well diversified, finding something for the soul. One frustrating - a bit refreshed graphics engine has not fully learned to cope with a large number of characters, and some citizens still have a nasty habit to disappear, then suddenly appear right under the noses of Kazuma.

Yakuza 2 The Many Faces of Yakuza
Despite the modest success of Yakuza in the U.S. and Europe - where, as practice shows, where the great demand for the game of immigrants from Eastern Europe - in Japan Series Ryu Ga Gotoku (such "home" game name) quickly became one of the most popular brands Sega , caressed and ordinary players and critics. For example, the second part of journalists Famitsu has earned 38 points out of 40 possible. Therefore not surprising that in spring 2008 Mafia saga will be continued on the PlayStation 3 in the face of Ryu Ga Gotoku Kenzan. The events of the new game is set in the early seventeenth century, and arms the main characters are not only fists, but a variety of blades. Until the summer of Kenzan is considered the third part of the series, but in July Sega unexpectedly announced the development of Ryu Ga Gotoku 3 - where the protagonist re-appear "real" Kazuma. This game should come next spring, exclusive to the PlayStation 3. Of course, it is only in Japan - the timing of yield potential Yakuza 3 (and Kenzan) outside while it is really unknown, and a sad example of two-year delay in the second part brings sad thoughts.

Yakuza 2Yakuza 2