HoMM4 eyes consolers

Heroes of Might & Magic 4: The view inveterate consolers.

HoMM4 eyes consolers
As I have long had noticed the whole PC-gaming is totally dependent on the viability of several series to be released next part which is an event that sales and so panting competitors are permanently paralyzed. This situation makes it possible to finance these and most sequels well enough, as a result of what we see though not perfect, but consistently high-quality games, where no aspect is left underdeveloped. It is clear that there will always be disgruntled for years excitedly discussing the "blasphemy" developers "spoil" the atmosphere of past hits, but really, it's much better than obscurity, which falls to losers-clones. Although they, like the official add-on, feeding from the same source - past my favorite game fans usually do not hesitate to buy and something alternative, even to once again be disappointed in him. Someone, of course, omnivorous ... especially if the game is peppered with nice graphics and quite complex. But even big ambitions, being multiplied by a small budget and limited development time, resulting in yield, at best, just a good game, which will not remember a week or a month, and ... year or two.

In the case of HoMM situation is even more interesting - because the game actually pulls on itself an entire genre, and it has also created and cultivated. You say: "And here I am recently bought Disciples II ..."? Then re-read my words about the alternative. And HoMM4, as the game needing to pass a huge stock of spare time, is unlikely too soon let go had the misfortune to buy it. The second feature - the fact that the genre HoMM, a hybrid of turn-based strategy and RPG, has a potential audience of almost all the owners of PC, except perhaps that "narrow specialists" in FPS. After all, even as Heroes RPG (and try to argue!) Is stronger than fraternal series Might & Magic, unless, of course, do not take any standard rolevuh hotly many Diablo - yet another "self-itself a genre." And those who twist the nose of the role-playing games of the new school, and those who do not know about the existence of something else, equally well relate to the Heroes. But already in the field of turn-based strategy only Civilization (again, completely controlling the territory of its own genre) can boast a similar popular love.

After this introduction seems to be remains to advise all rush to the store. And even if I do not do, then it is unlikely someone will stop. But remember also that I talked about the sacrilege of developers ... and yes even think about how often megahit criticized for lack of novelty. To what extent this can be attributed to the Heroes 4? Now a look.

Firstly, we have a sacrilege? After the release of the third part of almost everyone who played in the second, were unpleasantly surprised by the change in style. And the heroes and creatures were seemingly the same, but looked too much ... realistically. With love story turned into a drawn picture of this most fairy tales, which gave a glossy sleek look. Think you're all well aware. Actually this was the main and almost the only major change - does not assume, as do the addition of new units! But to develop in the same direction is nowhere, so in full compliance with the laws of dialectics, Heroes 4 was ... again another, but it subtly like both Heroes 3 and Heroes at 2.

Secondly, we have a novelty? Yes, everyone remembers that the developers have promised almost a revolution. Yes, it's great that they do not mean by this translation of the game in 3D.And, although the revolution did not happen (and it is someone we all?), It is still changing very serious, at least compared to the original Heroes 3. Now I'll talk about them.

For starters, gone "rule of the seventh day." Now we do not have to follow so that by week's end the enemy did not accept the raid to take away all the population growth in the unprotected city. The addition of beings is still considered by piece in a week, but they reproduce at regular intervals. It is strange that many commentators are simply not paid attention to such a serious innovation. The second change that radically changes the strategy - the introduction of caravans. You can automatically move the troops from town to town, do not order for this special hero of the truck and not fearing that they will intercept the enemy. And the fact that the troops can thus be collected from settlements in nature, can not build, and "hero-traversing-all-buildings-in-early-week. And besides, why build unnecessary characters, if creatures can walk on the card itself ... well, except that they can not take mine! Need to build heroes useful - in fact include the detachment can be several! And just now they are engaged in combat "really", then there is no risk to die simply because ran out of the ordinary units. As you can see, the changes will last the whole paragraph of text ... And I have not even told about a coherent system of classes and primary / secondary skills tied to that and study magic.

How does this affect the tactics? Ironically, the changes only encourage the scheme "has trained tough hero who gave him nemerenoe army and sent to fight." If previously it was necessary someone to defend the rear of the city, now more convenient to just send a caravan of all new units closer to the area of ​​hostilities. Money the city brings as much as a conventional mine, and no stock of ready-to-set exists little value represents. With regard to tough hero, then it's best to have one army of two to three, and versatile. And do not be shy to add a batch of newcomers - usually late in the game there is a lot of unnecessary artifacts that you just need someone to pull on the battlefield. It turns out quite Role "party", which other units are needed for the most part as a cover from the arrows and magic - are now so many attacks require line of sight of the enemy. Furthermore, if the characters a lot, then no problem with the inability to escape.

So many innovations made for reasons of logic. For example, why would you allow before giving up, and the enemy - no? And if the money to build the army is not enough, you can earn a little, giving the enemy army to retreat. If before the hero died in battle with an army of monsters, all of its artifacts are simply disappearing (and do not talk about the Save / Load - it's unsportsmanlike! "), Now they can be returned. Finally, we now need not worry about what your character would be killed with a sharp ends. All the losers are sent ... in prison, where they can then be rescue.

Finally, I can not mention one important detail, the forgotten everything columnists - the plot. Of course, PC owners rarely pay attention to the useless unsubscribe screenwriters strategies, but the real hits - for example, the same StarCraft - just and deserved their popularity study of all aspects of the game, including the atmosphere to the scene. And, passing one of the campaigns HoMM4 and accidentally skipping mouse click next screen with the text, I booted from the last saves ... although to get the same before the text, I had to replay the difficult battle. And I made that has not even regret it.

There will always be critics, but poobvyknuv and accept the fact that the old leaves to return, they adjust to new and after the release HoMM5 will continue to criticize the game either for the lack of innovation, whether for blasphemy over the old hits ... Scold really too helpful - suddenly become lazy developers! But this - do not have a reason to deprive yourself of pleasure, which, of course, you bring ordinary heroes!