Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

"Yes, Batman, so you know, is fluent in one hundred and twenty-seven styles of martial arts! He is your Liu Kang for breakfast eat! A body of Flash vibrates so rapidly that it transcend any frost. But is there Sub-Zero in his generally gets? Must understand! "

Let's be honest with each other: it looks Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe bad. Stylish menu, amusing clips, finally came to a battle system, online fights - it's all going to happen next. The first impression of the new MK - almost a shock. All bad. "This is not the arena - it's a sandbox," "This is not jumping - it is their shovel podkidyvayut", "This is not Wonder Woman - it is a miracle ... vische. Something like that. No, everything is clear, suddenly from nowhere Fighting level Tekken 6, Virtua Fighter 5 or Soul Calibur IV (I really do not know how many banks robbed Tomonobu Itagaki to Dead or Alive 4 looked so good, so just in case, hide it game in parentheses) are simply not appear. We are, in general, and not wait. And yet the first reaction - a nervous laugh. Fighting humanoid robots - it's, you know, so vintage ...

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe SECRET!
How to get Shao Kahn and Darksayda, you might have guessed, and ourselves, but we will try to beat you. Simply complete Story mode for the appropriate direction (MK for Shao Kahn, DC for Darksayda).

However, by themselves, many 3D-model (all the details they can be considered in the menu Extras, tab Bios) on the engine from Epic look very, very decent, so that we can confidently assert that all the troubles with the perception of the game are in the plane of the penny Lighting and silly animation.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC UniverseMortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
At each of the MK-heroes and villains of DC-- two Fatality. The "Dobryakov" They also have just are called differently - Heroic Brutality. Degree of cruelty is, however, not the one that fifteen years ago ... Scorpion wisely kept aloof - from how to angry opponent trifled with.

I do not answer why the three-MK animation looks ... wrong. I saw a recording mocap-site. I know that the "actors" who are employed to capture movements - these brave guys who spoke at international competitions in martial arts.All these people are really going early in the morning in the hall, wearing tights with funny lights and do their thing. But time after time the final game animation does not hold water and there is defiantly a "manual". How the hell, how simple, in general, roundhouse kick performed by a good half of the characters manage to look so clumsily, if Peck Pongpet, and Ray Wu, and Carlos himself worthy of Pesin's show at times a more advanced technique? Perhaps the case in the equipment budget in modesty, rush, the global financial crisis, but the fact remains: the combat animation MK vs. DC dangles somewhere between "The bezrybe pull ..." and "No, well, just look at that leg! Is this foot? "And clearly that some basic moves have not changed since the Deadly Alliance (and probably was simply dragged here a mouse), and those that are newer, looks interesting ... but to a level at least Tekken 3 (yes there - Tekken 2!) is still not up and close.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Show me your Rage!
Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Outside the traditional fighting mechanics of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe also offers three, um, mini-games and a strip of rage. Face it. In addition to standard cast a separate button, there is also to "capture", with which you can poke a little more blood from the enemy: the camera comes over to the heroes and the aggressor is entitled to four strokes (the number of buttons gamepad) that the defender is invited to "guess" in order to counterexample and stop infighting. Approximately the same (trying to guess the next button striker) to do when someone vyshibet opponent from the arena - with the only difference being that the loser will get all the "accumulated" damage and probably also superudar into the bargain. Well Test your Might make both opponents furiously pounding on the buttons in the hope to increase or reduce the damage caused. And separately a few words about anger. As Agressor-Scale MK Trilogy, Rage bar is filled with bumps in the box and getting damaged, but it consists of two segments. Each of them with proper index of Rage, you can take a chopper combo (forward + block), and both at once by pressing the Shift of the two lead for a short time your fighter into a state of rage when he can ignore a few punches in a row and punch himself in this block an opponent.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC UniverseMortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
Boxing antics Joker almost side splittingly funny. As well as his superudary. And finishing. Joker is a cool character in general. Look at those eyes - Shen Tsung terrified by what he saw overseas level.

And that's enough. Basta! Send to skeptics Yoshimitsu horns, grab a gamepad (preferably all the same Dual Shock 3, where cross pouhvatistey) begin to penetrate. Several rounds of VS-slightly soften the first impression, though, and pose new questions. First, finish with graphics - it is ... different. Model, for example, Scorpio and Wonder Woman (Diana, I'm sorry, I'm sorry too) so do not match the level of performance, though vyuzheny of the games in different years of release. "Almost good" animation is the Joker - an unattainable height for some ... I'm sorry, Diana! Some arenas amaze artlessness of his (and it is - after the stylistic integrity Deception!), While others look decent. In general, getting used and accustomed, but, thank God, it's not so sad, as it seemed at first.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Comment
Alexey Golubev:

Frankly, I'm a fan of Mortal Kombat has ceased to be a long time ago, and the third part of the series for many years remained for me the last. Even good (judging from reviews) Deadly Alliance and Deception passed, giving way to more interesting games on that date. Nevertheless, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, falling into my hands by chance, not only liked, but even enticed a few nights - mainly because comic book characters. More precisely, with the ability to beat all those Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Villains, alas, the peel is not so exciting: it already gets each and every day. But the charge as follows from foot pompous people from the planet Krypton - a great tool to deal with stress.

Investigated with boevki - to us about her all ears buzz. Are investigated. Even a little about ... Hmm! Well, my razlyubeznye really vintage! Regulars tournaments and modern teenagers of all this already, may not understand (there is still need another game, not burdened with a long history, not loaded with empty hopes), but if you're with your friends avidly luptsevali each other in the mid-nineties and learned by a combination of Fatality, you know : in front of you is a three-dimensional Mortal Kombat, about what you dreamed of in those days. Well, you know, those "other" you - who wondered what there was there shouting Raiden, looking for secret finished the Sheng Tsung, Johnny Cage learned hew to the body of the loser is not one head, but three. And, of course, has heard of Batman and kick him dreaming ears with your favorite Baraka. We had to wait a long time, but, damn it, should the same children's dreams ever come true!

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe
When someone makes a grip (not to be confused with the cast), the fight goes into Klose Kombat, the camera takes a close-up, and you can finally admire how to decorate each other person.

So, in terms of gameplay Mortal Kombat vs.DC Universe is more reminiscent of the late two-part saga, such as UMK3, and MKT. That is in itself the bout is still being built mainly on superudary (standard base is severely reduced and more or less the same for all characters), but the tactic has markedly diluted by short dzhagglami and composing combo. Plus - is not particularly necessary, but quite entertaining mechanics Klose Kombat, Free Fall Kombat and the Test your Might (interestingly they indulge in friendly matches, but online ... oh online do not accept compromises crazy American kids you quickly otuchat joke on these topics) and a good bonus for serious players, hungry for a greater challenge and greater complexity. Let me explain. Any "basic" three-shock combos can easily weigh even your cat Barsik, accidentally fell off the rack on the gamepad. Heel strikes at a time, you will be able to throw, podglyadev in muvlist and deal with the timing. Deserve achivku for desyatihitovuyu combination can either play for the Flash, or conducting a special training regime bloody abyss of time, vyzubrivaya dzhastfreymy and pounding with anger on the arm of the chair unlucky cat Barsik. It is worth it then? Well, probably worth it. But it is better to play in the old MK - noisy crowd at someone house, passing the controller hands in turn. This can easily be mined at a basic level of Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe reveals itself with the best hand. And you'll always be king, memorized a couple of Fatality and firmly knowing when and what buttons to press, when suddenly grasped the opponent's breast.

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe Spoon for mom, a spoon for the pope ...
Ed Boon is not only a slip of the tongue as something that MK vs. DCU - game sideline for the main show no more than a cute joke, but thinks that promised up to the release of this new-generation MK "feed the fans download content. How exactly - by itself, did not say, though, and walk poluobosnovannye rumors that it may be as new costumes for the characters (people are very hopeful that their design will instruct Alex Ross, famous for its covers of comic books for DC and Marvel, and now a collectible Publication MK vs. DCU), and whole chapters to story mode. Another, of course, hopes for new heroes - what only wish-lists are not hung by the Internet! Boone hinted at Kung Lao and Dumsdeya, but directly, crafty, again, is not admitted. Separate line wish list - Mature rated Fatalities. In the end, ESRB and PEGI nowhere forbid releasing "adult" add-on for the games category Teen, though hard to believe in such gifts with great difficulty. And everything is good, but my only ... Christmas passed, and under the tree all empty.

Think, here, and fairy tales end? Certainly not! There is still the most important, that without which would not see Ed Boone from "Land of the Games" not only "seven and a half, but, maybe," Seven of bagels. " Story Mode. That "ha ha"? Listen. I will tell.

Thus, the game offers two story "campaign", one for MK and DC. Choose responsibly - to swoop none of them beat, because each will require you to win about three dozen bouts (three-five battles on the hero) and look about the same rather short, but sometimes very amusing screen savers, to limit saturated fanservisom and jokes "for the". The story itself is in good is absurd and obviously styled penny scripts old comics and old as video games, but all this - with podkovyrkoy, with the second bottom is for "those who understand." And if you're one of those of understanding, and most drop ironic towards favorite characters - to pass the MK vs. DCU on both sides you owe even a "do not want to."And then a few days later, if left power - give yourself a gift, having won more and Arcade Mode of the most cherished characters. Let the reward you will only lonely picture and a few lines of text (vintazh!), but certainly not Indulge yourself enough to dream together with the developers "that could be after." New dark knight in the city? Why not!