X3: Reunion

X3: Reunion
If you had asked, for what the game is to get a new video card, I would not hesitate to call X3: Reunion. In many other modern games use graphics engine as the main argument for selling - a common occurrence. And to see such beauty in a space simulator doubly pleased, because the eye-candy it is not an end in itself.

Unfortunately, a small development period (after the release of X2: The Threat has passed only one year) will affect the overall quality of performance. Faults, large and small, got the order. Do not even think to play the unpatched version - such behold! The interior stations, wild pirates suicide, errors in the scenario scripts and the general instability of the work can be deduced from a well-deserved even a monk Goner'ov. But if you look at a new part in the general, then ...

X3: Reunion To protect
X3: Reunion
Do not underestimate these slow and clumsy monsters. When it comes to protecting the planet, they show all hidden in their power. Class ships Argon One and Boron Orca can stand up for themselves: in their weapons include fighter jets, airborne turret and the main fire.

X3: ReunionX3: Reunion
Inside Argonne Space Station: a collision, as you see, has not happened yet. Pirate laser gun induced leisurely. But if you fall ...

You are one

The essence has not changed. Let X3 and received a separate name, a fresh engine and its own story, still looks like some errors after X2. Many are bored by the seemingly not very important element of the game - the cockpit. Egosoft, foresight angry fans kosmosimov, shrugged: de, "how can we draw so many different booths?". But-designed cab - it is not only an increased load on the graphics card. It is also a feeling. Feeling that in this ship, we "home." Between the hostile vacuum of space and the pilot has this soothing protective "layer." Now, when you look straight into space, often rolls loneliness that you spend the entire stock of Energy Cells, to quickly reach a live voice to the next job.

X3: Reunion - Who is it? - Ik ... Autopilot!
Compared with the 1.0 version has improved the work of the autopilot. At least the pirates do not slam the entire flock of the asteroid. Nevertheless, its management is far from optimal. The most absurd behavior it shows, trying to fly around the rotary "blades" Argon trading station.

X3: ReunionX3: Reunion
"Belly" of the station lights reflected from the planet's rays. If the pirates have not seen on radar group of warships ...

Under the direction of AI

The storyline is really "assumed a dignified air." Now she can proudly look into the eyes of the player, honestly saying it - this is an important part of the game. Replicas and dialogues are good. Why not tell about the scripts. Recall at least a second mission: sitting at the turret, shot from the pirates. Their fire risk presents. But there was a pirate triples desperate suicide bombers, who liked to take trasportnik to ram. Crashed, exploded, and we - are flying farther. Space feat Gastello not reflected in the indicator "life", and only after the battle the ship suddenly explodes. Unfortunately, such examples are few.


Yet importantly, what to go to the pilots X3, - the universe, living in trade and war. Will start from scratch, though for the time elapsed between the parts, all of our accomplishments have been forgotten. Not counting the story familiar, the character no one knows. He - the absolute beginner. Will have, as in previous games, earn money and reputation. Participate in the fight with pirates or to demand a "drop shields and open hold." Perform vnesyuzhetnye mission to visit space taxi driver, freight forwarder, and galactic stellar bodyguard. Buy a police license, or transportation of slaves to do. Accumulate credits for a new ship, powerful gun, or an entire plant. Well, read the "shortcomings". Then - look at the system requirements. Are you ready to pay the price for freedom?

X3: Reunion Docking is permitted?
The process of docking in X2: The Threat caused many complaints. In the new part, this is not the most pleasant stage of space flight has been redesigned. Flying inside the stations are minimized. For a fully automatic docking enough to choose the goal and press «u» - autopilot itself will be allowed and will reach the station. For a self-confident pilots have and manual mode. Request permission to yourself. But here lies the flaw, which cost us several "geymoverov": during the negotiations, we can not control the ship. Therefore, the need to talk directly to achieving a sustainable radio, but not during the maneuver.

X3: ReunionX3: Reunion