Rise of the Argonauts

Rise of the Argonauts

Greek Myths - seemingly solid foundation on which you can easily build virtually any project. But not sdyuzhili Liquid Entertainment. As it turned out, to be successful enough to cram into the game ten legendary heroes, the evil brood of minotaurs and has been written volumes of meaningless conversations.

Tie uncomplicated. After some shady characters kill his wife iolkskogo King Jason Alkemeyu, he does not go to the nearest bar to drown grief in wine, and goes in search of the Golden Fleece. According to legend, the artifact has the divine power and it can be used to revive the dead. It is true that developers either do not understand about the myth of Jason and confused with his father Esono (s something similar!), Inadvertently making the king, and seems to be marrying the hero's own mother Alkmede, whether consciously pereinachili classic story.

In any case, history has turned out unpretentious, without intrigue and unexpected plot twists. Who's bad and good, it becomes clear somewhere in ten minutes, so that boredom overcomes early in the game. It seems to work out the claimed bias in the RPG, the developers invented the darkness of the dialogues, but the trouble is that they are catching up nostalgia - in this game, characters can a few minutes with a clever kind to discuss all the small stuff, and the actors themselves are so stilted that reduces the cheekbones : Jason - a hero without fear and reproach with a keen sense of justice, Hercules, bleary-eyed husky, more like a self-propelled closet; Achilles speaks and thinks only about women.

Rise of the ArgonautsRise of the Argonauts
Choosing the answers, to be guided only by the fact of a god to get experience points The game has a lot of blood, plus Jason does not disdain to chop off the enemies limbs and breach of the head. Sorry, fatalities are very few options

While playing in the Rise of the Argonauts, not feeling that Liquid Entertainment have tried to come up with a good game, but halfway through everything and threw in a hurry to finish that succeed. The result had some awkward hybrid action / RPG, where the action and RPG are equally boring.

Picture does not improve, and that you always offer several options for responding replicas. Each color is marked, so no need to delve into the essence of the next dialogue - you want to be white and fluffy, look for blue or green icon that you want to growl at his interlocutor - red.

Especially your choice does not affect the overall progress of the game, nor the vital principles of the protagonist. Stopping on a particular answer, you only shows what God more, so to speak, trust - Ares, Athena, Hermes and Apollo. Beneficent deity in gratitude gives Jason a certain number of experience points, for which you can buy a variety of perks.Here everything is as usual: some add strength, while others teach moves and so on. Experience points, however, provide not only talk but also for achievements in the spirit of the "kill 250 enemies" and, of course, for performing tasks.

Rise of the ArgonautsRise of the Argonauts
One of the few successful scenes - gladiatorial combat in the arena The same hassle with the same enemies begin to tire very quickly

No legend

But curious development pattern of the hero does not cancel the main thing - to play in the Rise of the Argonauts stunningly boring. For example, in free from the endless running around from point A to point "B" time, we have to fight with enemies. The villains are common, but the actual battle set is worse than the infamous Golden Axe sample of 2008. Theoretically, Jason could finish with as much enemies of the three weapons. He is able to breach the mace head - it helps against the well-protected opponents, impale enemies with a sword - swift blade strikes perfect against fast enemies, and finally, pierced with a lance criminals, keeping them at a respectful distance. The problem is that in practice it does not matter than ohazhivat villains. From the mighty cudgel equally successful fly as armored and regular enemies on the other hand, the sword perfectly pierces shields, and a spear in general can not recollect. Easier than ever successfully complete the game and did not understand the charm of the local combat system.

In addition, Jason is not trained in spectacular combinations, so it requires only a dull chisel on one button over and over again writing the same series of three punches. At the same enemies, and even stupid. They now and then freeze in place, unable to properly defend themselves, willingly substituted heads under the powerful blows of Jason.

Assignments are also unpleasantly surprised. Firstly, they are few and they are not original, and secondly, each elementary instruction ("talk to so something, go back and then"), developers of artificially delaying, making ten times running from one end to another location, just to get another batch of unnecessary chatter. Events, which in normal games stacked in a single conversation, Rise of the Argonauts stretched to watch meaningless walks.

Rise of the ArgonautsRise of the Argonauts

Add to this also, to put it mildly, unimpressive graphics. The game is based on the Unreal Engine, but it's hard to believe. Animation of all characters, without exception, clumsy, the game is buggy, texture loaded with a significant delay.

Buried under the rubble cons Rise of the Argonauts can not save neither stop the music, not a good voice. Of course there are lighter moments (for example, there is a couple of original bosses, and the scene of gladiatorial combat in the arena happy), but they are negligible - a few interesting jobs so a couple memorable battles are not able to brighten up dreary picture.The truth is that 80% of the time you will spend fighting in the same battles, performing monotonous tasks, and listening to boring conversations. Even if you are very, very much missed God of War and the whole of Greek mythology, Rise of the Argonauts will leave gathering dust on a shelf with a maximum after a couple hours of play.

Rise of the Argonauts With the myth of a thread
In its long journey for the Golden Fleece Jason, as expected, will bring the company of fellow Argonauts. To him join Achilles, Hercules and other famous personages Greek myths. The team sails sea space on the legendary ship Argo, which, however, in our case is represented by a pair of small cabins and a small deck. Before going on the job, you can take in one of the companions of the Argonauts. And, According to the authors, each of them has unique skills. Achilles fast moving and rapidly strikes, Hercules - a real powerhouse. But, again, the idea works only in theory. In practice, the teammates are stupid, constantly freeze in his tracks, and in general good of them in combat whatsoever.

Rise of the ArgonautsRise of the Argonauts