Fantastic Four

Platform: PC; PS2; Xbox; GC; GBA
Genre: Action
Developer: Beenox
Publisher: Activision
Project website:
Requirements: P-3 800MHz; 256 Mb RAM; 32 Mb Video

Mr. Fantastic hit another alien spider its incredibly stretched arm and with sadness in his eyes mumbled (he obviously wanted something to dilute the repetitive destruction of arthropods): "Damn, how much leaner these supervillains imagination. In the jungle, I am of the tarantula-age threw stones at SHIELD'e mechanized hurled against the wall, now on a spaceship appeared. I understand that it must have been a subtle irony of the Spider-man'om, but give in the end, I dichlorvos.

Dichlorvos nobody will give. As well as any other weapon. The only means to fight the bad guys (in other words to call the enemy does not work - so they are defenseless) - own limbs and superpowers. Break up the hordes of evil breeze: just in time to press all rock-solid combination of Street Fighter ABAA, and the protagonist, as if parodying techniques wrestlers will perform a spectacular somersault, effectively hitting the opponent with both feet simultaneously. Rejoice, meanwhile, is nothing. Who needs a circus "inflated" athletes - let off for the WWF RAW.
Fantastic Four
Dynamic action in Beenox not come out. Only learns the sequence of keys. Superudary turned out to be extremely sluggish: we press the button, which is responsible for the use, sorry, force and some "kick". But each character has its own mini-game. Depending on the situation at the right place appears cylinders, painted in the colors required for its execution of the character. I think to say that the "puzzles" very very primitive and worn, it is not necessary, the main thing - to understand the management and set it up individually. In this respect, we can greatly envy the owners of platformers versions or the owners of gamepads. Accustomed to the unfriendly interface and wildly camera, you begin to understand what to do absolutely nothing here. The gameplay boils down to a simple cycle of action: we are running on their own (as an option - with one or more friends), and give the healthy cuffs around trying to move every hour disregard the "puzzle", again distributing healthy cuffs ... So be repeated five times, until (depending on the mission) you do not pass from two to six stages and did not visit the boss. Methods of destruction of Chairmen levels depressingly monotonous and can not, as often happens, to get a new look at the project. In them there is no raisins, no trick, all too easy - in a similar way, we sought the annihilation of another head clerk "Dandy".

Fantastic Four
Puppet Show
All things happening on your screen for 9 episodes, mainly based on the eponymous film, released later games. From time to time we come across is NOT the villains of the film, but encountered in comics Marvel. Thus, the storyline is closely connected with the work of the creator of the heroic quartet, Stan Lee, interviews with whom you can "open" in the "bonus" section of the menu.
Events begin with a host of heroes to the space station, where, after some time, there is leakage of radioactive substances.Our foursome was out of place as the epicenter of the explosion, which, fairly irradiate acquires typical superhero abilities. So Reed has turned into Mr. Fantastic, and the flexibility of his body is now envied by every gymnast; Sue (his future wife) - in the Invisible Woman, which, besides the name suggests the ability to disappear, has the rudiments of telekinesis. Johnny - in the Human Torch and is capable of setting fire to everything that can be set on fire, and finally, Ben - a Thing of stone (in the truest sense of the word) muscles.
Fantastic Four
This company and to restore order in New York, which has become the most low places in the universe of Marvel. Yes, do not forget about the "chip", borrowed from the extremely prefixal X-men Legends: at one level can be the whole F4, poupravlyat can each character separately. Here we should pay tribute to the balance of the game: the priority of, say, Invisible Woman, without which it is impossible to do in the first mission, will go to the Thing in the second.
Mostly bad person declared Dr. Doom (in domutatsionnoy life - Victor Von Doom), managing a tiny unknown state Latveria. The poor fellow was an outstanding scientist but also as a result of a failed experiment (yes, almost all the heroes Stan Lee - the victim of failed experiments) disfigured, but gained a lot of great abilities, and even almost conquered the world. It is a pity that his career will stop a fire hydrant (but this is spoilers ...)

Fantastic Four
In general, the team Beenox - people are interesting. Impermissible for a short time they were commissioned by Activision give very good and cute projects (Shrek 2: Team Action; Pitfall: the Lost Expedition; Madagascar). Fantastic Four knocked out of the list. In addition to the outrages in the gameplay of the case with audio-visual part of a lot worse. Impossible without the tears of regret to observe the incredibly lame graphics, made through the stump-deck design, ugly destructible (break-it can be almost anything, but * how * it is broken - it is better not to see).
Fantastic Four
Special effects and other graphical "delights" have no right to appear in mid-2005. The final nail in the coffin of design execution F4 are neperematyvaemye videos ... All this is explained on shoestring budgets and a minimum of time, but we can not make allowances for these factors. Take The Punisher and Constantine: perhaps they were allocated more funds, but in quality they are superior to F4 or exceed seriously.

Fantastic Four
No, the role of the shareware add-on to the ticket for 150 rubles a game is quite good. However, in our age of hard for her demanding money, no matter what. You can play, but unnecessary. It is not necessary to maintain a frank ticky-tacky design. If you really really have nothing to do - travel all over again all Highway San Andreas. Only in the case of an infinite love for the heroes of Marvel are allowed to take the product to two teaspoons a day. And no more milligram.

Fantastic FourFantastic FourFantastic Four
Gameplay: 5.5
Graphics: 5.0
Sound and music: 6.0
Design: 5.0
Estimation of the author: 5.5
Outcome: 54%