Woody Woodpecker

Woody Woodpecker: Escape From Buzz Buzzard Park.
Platform: PC; PS2; GBC
Genre: Action / Platform
Developer: Ekosystem
Publisher: DreamCatcher
Localization: Nival Interactive (http://www.nival.ru/rus/woody_info.html)
System requirements:
Win 95/98/ME/XP; Pentium (r) II 300 MHz; 8X CD-ROM Drive; 64 MB RAM; 8 MB DirectX (R) Compatible Video Card; DirectX (R) Compatible Sound Card

Woody Woodpecker
Good day, dear woodpeckers! Oh, sorry, ladies and gentlemen! Today you again Anton Peregruzkin who just wants to tell about the life of red-feathered forest dwellers. As you may have guessed, these mysterious creatures - just those woodpeckers that I so carelessly had called you in the beginning of this story. It has long been known that these vicious predators attack anything that moves, and try to zadolbat victim to a complete loss of consciousness. On the problems of one of these birds we are to talk today. And to represent it, I hope, do not, because it is none other than himself Woody Vudpekker!

Woody Woodpecker
Today I came across a great game - "Woody Woodpecker. Escape from Buzz Buzzard Park" which was published already in three platforms: PC, PS2, and you do not believe it - an old man GameBoy Color. We'll talk about how woodpeckers hammering personalki. It was like this: There once was a Woody Woodpecker at the top of the tree in the house, situated on the thick of his branch. Walked regularly for food, but once returned, the poor fellow caught a terrible picture ... His nieces and Knothead Splinter stole villain-Buzz Buzzard, and the dogs-minions thereof prohindeya pulled even owned by babes-sisters pocket top box. Of course, all this we must now pay the ransom! But remember, I told you, what can be ruthless woodpeckers? And Woody was no exception. Instead of paying ingenuously villain, he threw himself into his crusade!

Woody Woodpecker
So, a little-known developer Ekosystem conjunction with publisher DreamCatcher done, as said Carlson, a miracle - bespristavochnym children of programmers, designers and other computer creatures finally perepal normal platformer in the style of children under sixteen. " In general, the game is, of course, suitable for any age, but the genre, characters, and gameplay is definitely showing that the game is this - children, so late matured gamers I would not recommend it highly. Throughout the action, and it is - 21 levels (not too much nor too little), we have to manage the popular multgeroya and his nephews in order to reunite the family and to punish the evil crow. Attend as we are in the house Woody, garden, woods, a Mexican village, town and, of course, Buzz Buzzard Park where, in fact, committed the same flight. All of these locations delight in diversity, abundance of secrets and new things to help woodpecker on the road.The very same God Ptah must be worn at these levels, collect emblem "W", lives or dollars, for which he can win anything if it finds a slot machine, fight chicks, dodging lightning, fires, fly on rockets and peck his nose various obstacles. However, his niece, too, will not stand idly by and through their presence, we get a unique opportunity to ride a jet dzhetbordah, just like in the movie "Back to the Future." Something like this is even chasing Chaos Emerald in Sonike2, moreover, that for the successful passage of these racing levels, we need to collect a certain amount, no, no rings - the finish flags.

Woody Woodpecker
Now let the layout, and I'll start, perhaps, with voice acting, especially since it is very original. Despite the fact that a family of woodpeckers, living in our television has always been English-speaking, here they all suddenly lost his voice! Discussions in the form of a similarity or syusyukanya bubukanya (depending on the character). Despite this, only one tone is enough to understand what is at stake, and yet our services more and subtitles. Music is in the game are also very cute, fun and children to the bone. Sound effects are not too plentiful, and are satisfied, of course, not perfect, but they fit well into the overall sonic picture of the game.

Woody Woodpecker
But the graphics are not all that smooth. Despite the fact that the following figures and animated characters very well, and the surrounding scenery and just do what they please the eye defects still a lot. Immediately striking inept use of the effect that turns the volume figures in the cartoon. Line stroke is sometimes appear out of place or missing, and sometimes even cripple our favorite woodpecker. The second major problem in the game - the camera. At various stages, we see a woodpecker from behind, side or front, almost like Crash Bandicoot, but at the sight from behind is sometimes nose to nose with his character, and since you have to just go ahead, do not know where Woody will step the next step and not fall down there in the pit. Annoying behavior, and the camera in places where it should behave created by the programmer specified, not always it gives the opportunity to see the panorama in all its glory. A view of the woodpecker, finish the level, and at all makes him look like a blue klyuvastuyu pig under the umbrella. However, if you forget about all this, the game turns out very nice - of fire and electrical special effects shots, funny fall simply adorable.

I think the developers of Ekosystem did exactly what expect from their computers, millions of children. Of course, this stuff is fully complete on consoles, but believe me, many do not because to them, and so want to play.