Soldier of Fortune 2

Game Name: Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix
Platform: PC
Genre: FPS
Developer: Raven Software
Publisher: Activision

Official system requirements (minimum):
· Pentium II 450 MHz
· 128 MB RAM
· 1.3 GB HDD (plus 140 MB for swap)
· 16 MB Video

Official site:

Soldier of Fortune 2
At ease, soldier. Before you - Maj. John Mullins, was with him and you have to work. His track record would envy even the general, to say nothing about you. He brings Vietnam and numerous other military conflicts around the world. Now he works for us. Our organization is called "The Shop" and is designed to eliminate the threat to world peace in cases where diplomats and government powerless. We are doing surgical strikes against terrorists, dictators and other dangerous elements, using well-trained saboteurs in conditions of absolute secrecy ...

Actually, you are all already know, if played in the first part. Since then, it took several years for which Mullins managed to lick the wounds and make a lot of feats: to translate 641 grandmother across the road and remove the tree 456 kittens of different shapes and sizes. But here the assistance of our invaluable expert needed again the very same "shop" and he left his cozy ranch in Oklahoma, once again went to save the world. I will not delve into the maze of the plot, but there is also a Russian scientist and biological weapons, and crazy dictator - in general, a standard set for the average blockbuster.

Soldier of Fortune 2
Let's talk about the beautiful, in the sense of the schedule. She SoF 2 does not cause violent emotion, but the model made good (with a few exceptions: the cars resemble sliding on the surface of tin cans), have all the special effects: explosions, flames, fog, and list goes on. The game used highly modified engine from the Q3, which guarantees high quality graphics, but on the other hand means that you really need a powerful machine (see the "minimum" system requirements), to fully enjoy his superiority. If you do not have time to get a yes gigabytes gigahertz, but still want to play, come to the aid of graphics settings, which allows you to change almost all the ingredients until the resolution and color depth of textures, detailed special effects, types of display lighting, etc.

Sound the same: overt flaws not noticed, but not delighted. That is all there: guns firing, grenades exploding, but not impressive - no sense of presence. By the way, there is practically no screams, well, let's say, the soldiers bravely suffer injuries, but when the old woman's death puts his scythe over his head, there could anyone not survive and zaoret the whole district.But the music is quite fitting and even informative, no, I misspoke: the music responds to changing circumstances in the game, that is, if nearby enemies, then it becomes more dynamic and alarming.

Soldier of Fortune 2
With my words get that graphics are not impressive, and sound in SoF 2 mediocre, then what made me sit through the game not one or two hours? Guess to three times. The gameplay, of course! Realism, according to developers, in their game, put into a qualitatively new level. Of course, after such words come to mind at all other games: Ghost Recon, Delta Force, but not Soldier of Fortune. So hasten to reassure you, the spirit of the previous saved: realism as much as you want the game remains fun, dynamic, and the extent of the arcade. Yes, probably, a physical model of weapon was complicated and precise, but the main character still carries around an arsenal that would be enough to make a military coup in a small African country, no less cheerfully runs with countless wounds. Well the fact he and superstar, on the other side!

Soldier of Fortune 2
But if you think that saving the world is easy, especially since this guy as John Mullins, I assure you, it is not, at least at the third level of complexity (of four) is quite hot, and the number of saves is often limited, so that have to sweat. In addition, the enemies got ... brains, even with the convolutions - AI I was pleasantly surprised. Imagine that you throw a grenade at the enemy, and he, without hesitation, picks it up and returns to you. Demolish the tower! In the literal and figurative sense. Or again: you retreat to a safe position, and an enemy soldier, instead of stupidly rush after him, the shooting, leaning out from the shelter, but when you disappear from sight, throw a grenade in the direction of your intended location. Not bad, huh? Save that realism imposes on "artificial intellectuals" are the same requirements as to the people: they too need to aim and reload weapons.

Campaign in the game is made to last. Changing terrain, weather conditions, objectives. The game gradually takes us through the story, rather strange, but it does not matter. Mission alternate intros performed on the engine. Needless to fly a helicopter (but without our participation in its management), and ride in a truck (there have to shoot from the foe), and rescues a prisoner from the enemy territory. Sometimes John help friendly units, although still not known who helps someone:). Act quite competently, but totally out of control.

Despite the fact that the campaign is done with high quality, I strongly doubt that it will want to go again and again, because it is completely linear, and there are a random parameters, in particular, the enemies respawn all the time in the same places. Long life to the game is designed to provide multiplayer, which in this case is almost standard: deathmatch, team deathmatch, CTF, and several variations on the theme: infiltration (infiltration and theft of documents), assasination (killing a certain person), demolition (the undermining of concrete structures).

But what if the house you do not have access to the Internet, then you all this not available? Certainly not! The developers have not forgotten these, making Random Map Generator, which is a rather interesting novelty. For everyone there strategies the random cards - something familiar, but for FPS ... For a random game, you can set the basic parameters (terrain, etc.) and play one of the last three multiplayer modes with bots.In my opinion, the RMG can significantly increase the replayability and long time to keep interest in the game.

Soldier of Fortune 2
Well the sweet talk of equipping our soldiers. I will not name specific models of tree trunks so interesting, just say that the game is the knife that you can throw :)... plus 2 types of guns (they can be used in pairs), 2 types of submachine guns, 2 types of shotguns, three assault rifles (two of them with grenade launchers, and the third with his bayonet), sniper rifle, two grenades, a machine gun. In addition, there are night vision, infrared goggles (handy for night missions), and binoculars. And if we consider that each weapon behaves differently, and in some cases, stealth works better gun ... In general, good luck, soldier!