Virtua Tennis (PC)

Virtua Tennis
Platform: PC
Genre: Sports
Developer: Strangelite
Publisher: Empire Interactive
Minimum system requirements:
Windows 98/98SE/ME/XP, Pentium II 450MHz, 64MB RAM, 16MB RAM.Video
Recommended system requirements:
Pentium III 800MHz, 128MB RAM, 32MB RAM Video

Official site:

Virtua Tennis (PC)
Sports games - that sort of thing that either love them or treat them with indifference. Someone is mad about all these competitions sweaty men on the lawn that are worn behind the ball and kicked him and each other how much in vain 90 minutes, and all for the sake of ephemeral events, "our victory "..., and someone will definitely kill with grief, if misses caused by summer holidays next championship women's teams for underwater shooting champion. And someone all this may seem boring and uninteresting.

The same principles apply fully to the same area of ​​the gaming industry, but that's just not when it comes to sports games with the prefix "arcade." There are already developers are climbing out of his way to draw attention to the child everybody, even the neophytes of the genre sports - because in the arcade does not matter whether you know all the athletes by name, and hang out whether you have a wall of their posters A2 size - then enjoy Games get it from the process.

Virtua Tennis (PC)
What do you want sports arcade for success? It should have gameplay, which would in its visual accessibility and clarity lets you choose between a variety of tactics, graphics, which for its accuracy and lack of "bugs" feast for the eyes, rules, simple and quickly become ... Oh, and in fact need to choose a sport - a dynamic and popular. "Throwing the hammer?", You say? No, only tennis. Virtua Tennis.

Yes, here at last in our "pisishnuyu" harbor sailed the same port of the famous "tennis arcade with Dreamcast. We are honest observers, we can twist it in his hands, and appreciated, konsolenenavistniki zaimeli another opportunity to throw a "well-ah, here's your vaunted Dreamcast ...", and all the other nostalgic person can brush away a tear from her cheek, and remember it was well, when the trees were large, console DC - new words and Shenmue II and Headhunter meant almost as much as it is now abbreviated MGS2 ...

Virtua Tennis (PC)
But we will not deal with buzzing and move from a planned debriefing. Since Virtua Tennis - port, we will evaluate it just as a port, because conceptually new in it nothing appeared. Yes, it is now possible game mode on LAN (you have dreamed of "swelling" in lokalke your boss?), Yes, there is mode 4 people on one computer (usb-buy gamepads), but fundamentally it does not change anything. Since the days of ancient already Dreamcast-version modes nothing has changed. They are, as before, three. Arcade - an exact copy of the arcade mode with the machine (for the uninformed - for Dreamcast VT was ported from the arcade of Naomi)-a series of bouts, each following the previous complex, won in all - Eat the glory of a champion.Exhibition - solitary battle; you want - with the computer AI, but if you have the ability and desire - that of sitting next to one another. A can with a friend for a couple against the computer - at the level of hard to like. The World Tournament - the most interesting mode, the evolutionary progress of tennis as a kind of ... sorry, as a player. You get the opportunity to participate in various contests and championships around the world (which is not so new), as well as various competitions (which is more interesting). Variations on the theme "bring down ten balls ten inflatable cubes, arranged in a grid" or "fall into a ball in the center of a painted target" really tightened and often firmly seated for a long time for the monitor.

For winning the tournaments and competitions are awarded money, which you can then buy various sports equipment, companions for the "double" competitions and even a new tournament, or rather the right to participate in them, and, accordingly, receive regular awards and new locations on a three modelka globe . Everything is simple and clear.

Virtua Tennis (PC)
Graphically, the game is almost identical to the original. "Virtually" appeared because the PC-version has support for high resolutions. But this does not save the game from the moral and visual age. Well, if another port came out a year ago - still all right, but do port the game, which is soon banging two years ... And it's not even Virtua Tennis 2K2! Great motion capture, emotional saver featuring tennis players at the most crucial moments of the game - everything is there, but today's PC-audience already spoiled delights from EA Sports. Is that the gameplay, such as here, she has never met - in any case, VT is much higher every "rolandogarrosovyh" parodies.

Well, here's a game and came out - an old moral, but the whole inside. It will find its players, who will be able to evaluate its advantages and get pleasure from it, but it is unlikely to make him, my dear, pull off the racket of badminton loft and go to the back yard work shot'y power.