Hated the fog of war disguised enemy magic circle. One windy elfiechka strayed from patrol and ventured to explore the surrounding area. And then it turned out that the generator of enemies lurking near by, in two steps from my factory for the extraction of mana. Klatsat teeth knocked down packs of demons - to tear to shreds elves hard workers. As luck would have it all reinforcements devoured two minutes before the other infernal messengers in the opposite corner of the map. "Ponastavit barrage of columns, to call the dragon and burn a hornet's nest!" - Revenge, I thought, restarting the battle.

In this - the whole GrimGrimoire, a console RTS that as being magical duels, if gentlemen-magicians too slow to get himself on the line of fire. Fight to be in the same scenery - to rise skrolyaschemsya level in the spirit of those used in two-dimensional platformer. It takes place in the academy for budding wizards, where demonology demons teach, and in the corridors at night wandering ghost of a playful but no less dangerous witches. Indifferent to each other none of the events GrimGrimoire not able to. Platonic and not entirely platonic love alternated with hatred, or at least a case of curiosity. What's happening with the devil in an angel from the tube, it is better not even remember. Nevertheless, the histrionic theatricality of emotions the story does not hurt. Leads rather that in a short skirmish the writers tried to cram as much information about what is happening. Moreover, as instituted in many Japanese RPG, half of the replicas - meaningful bits and hints, and forgetting half of them all of them, when in his head - a strategic plan for the next battle, it is possible except that the second passage. And the time between a GrimGrimoire is rather peculiar: Lillet again and again going through five days have elapsed since its entry into the academy. And each time trying to prevent two catastrophes: the awakening of the Great and Terrible Demon and the resurrection of the former Archmage, no less heinous evil individuals.

GrimGrimoire To enhance the similarity
To enhance the resemblance to the Hogwarts School, translators, even changed the name of the director: from Gammel Drasco (from the name of the Danish herbal tincture - "Gammel Dansk"), he became Gammel Dore. But local Hermione Granger - she's the main character, on whose behalf we have to take calls and classmates, and teachers - and remained Lillet Blanc. It would be worth magnify in the French manner - Lily Blanc (lillet blans - sweet white wine comes from Bordeaux), but the localizers judged differently.

All the story scenes are illustrated only portraits of the characters. On two-dimensional "the platform" level of even 10 soldiers - have a lot of low-!
Begins level.Location crystals with mana defined: they are for the entire fight will rob the faithful henchmen, providing the player "currency" to call the soldiers and the acquisition of new skills. The first soldier knight ghost cost of 75 mana will fly in a pretty penny: 200 units for installation nekromantskogo magic circle (where they are called runes) and 100 - Ride to open the option to call the Knights. His colleagues will cost already in the law 75 USD Sometimes you need a magic circle is already there on the field at the beginning of the mission, but most of them will have to create. The main task - to erase the wrong circles, runes, and not to give opponents to mock her. The composition of the enemy in each mission more or less clear and, accordingly, is known in advance, who better to call and how much is lean on defense. And then begins to confuse cards sly "fog of war"! Then on the approaches to the hostile magic circle will barrage the column, ready to incinerate the advancing, in the shadow of appealingly alluring crystal orphan will hide five or so enemies. Only the powerful offensive units (dragons and chimeras) will not bring victory. In some situations, more profitable to rely on ordinary soldiers, even if this has to stomp up the stairs to the goal, and not to rush to her through the air, overcoming any obstacles. Yes, and this landing will certainly need to "support team". It can not be compared with units of Total War - the number of creatures on the field is limited to fifty (strong fighters replacing six ordinary).

GrimGrimoire The Port Authority seems
The Port Authority seems to GrimGrimoire better than all this - small, annoying shortcomings. For example, are allowed to select the desired character in the crowd, switching between the cursor left "-" right "on the D-pad, and then the cursor up to allocate the same time and all the other fighters of the same type. But is it worth your fellow soldier away from him on one flight of stairs, as they are thus not "catch". In addition, to quickly find obscure characters, like those same grimalkinov if they are hiding somewhere in a corner of the map, it is very difficult. Instantly switch to the appropriate units or groups of units are not provided.

Dial unit is allowed only one class of beings. Commanding a platoon of consolidated feechek and demons, alas, will not work. Charming, succubi, from which the chimera is about to get to the nuts - not full-fledged soldiers, and gun-column.
When you study their ability, and his eyes begin to diverge: cats-grimalkiny able to lull opponents blobs - cast a thick "jelly", which will stop even a dragon, unicorns - to surround himself with an invisible shield. It seems - Dial detachment from creatures of all stripes, and the victory already in his pocket. But no, one by one the warriors of the same type is weaker than together. In addition, the unit can not combine more than 8 soldiers, as well as representatives of different species. But can easily track the movement of more than three teams skrolyascheysya two-dimensional map can be difficult. So what replaces the large-scale battles are still "chess game" in the spirit of the tactical RPG. That figure was only slightly more, they sometimes violate the order because of avtopresledovaniya enemies, and to choose the right characters in a pile-mallet that every now and then arrange the men, yet not as convenient as a mouse (the hardships of management read more in the sidebar) .

Each mission in essence - a puzzle.The key to it is possible to choose just a few ways (mana limited resources, each class of soldiers is only good against certain opponents), but the consolation that some of only one - the most efficient and suitable for any environment - does not exist. And for this it is easy to forgive GrimGrimoire awkwardness management is not too large-scale battles and excessive slowness of some of the battles, where at the beginning have to painfully wait when accumulated the necessary mana. RTS does not take root on the console, but the experiment studio Vanillaware looks remarkably dignified and carries no joke - a gift that involves a two-dimensional graphics.

GrimGrimoire According to the laws of the game
According to the laws of the game, the magic "square" of forces is as follows: necromancy stronger spell hell, they, in turn, more alchemy, alchemy is good against magic fairy that beats necromancy. These same laws operate in battles between creatures, summoned by a certain magic. But when the fight is played out between, say, soldiers ghost (nekromantsky class) and the homunculus (the products of alchemy), quickly gain the upper hand homunculus due to the ability Psychic Storm, which would cheat if I do not eats for every half-line MP.

Move around the map of the column can not. To stick their approaches, it is necessary to comply with two conditions: a magic circle, with its units, who are able to build these columns. How to block the enemies of oxygen? Of course, destroy the magic circle, from which they climb into this world!