Call of Duty: World at War

Call of Duty: World at War

Treyarch, it seems, will go down in history as the studio, always overshadowed by Infinity Ward. Her destiny - to be a talented imitator rather than creator of genius. And here again, Infinity Ward has done a great Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, and the fate of Treyarch - one in a repeat of its experience in World at War. Replaced only the scenery.

After the first three parts of the Call of Duty, on the Second World War, it might seem that this topic is closed. The action of the fourth series set in these days, and in the camp of Infinity Ward have repeatedly said that it is time to change the age. Mol, subject, of course, a rich but bored the hell out of everyone already. In addition, the amazing Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, it seemed, was to be the swan song of the close of rail shooters. Infinity Ward to squeeze out all the ideas that failed, erecting more movie than game.

In Modern Warfare, if you remember, everything happens at the bidding of an unseen director. Virtually shouting "Action!" Exploding building, falling helicopters, because of the angles of running out ferocious Arabs with AK-47 rifles at the ready. It was very beautiful, intense and vivid picture, where the player, however, required a bit - to rush forward and put pressure on the trigger gun. On this simple, in general, the mechanics have been built all the parts of Call of Duty, but it is in the fourth, developers have raised the level of direction to an unattainable height.

Before Treyarch had a choice - either to give up all power to the invention of something truly original, or to rely on time-tested ideas and schemes. As we have seen, the developers have stopped on the second version.

Call of Duty: World at WarCall of Duty: World at War
The scene with the murder of an American prisoner of war - the most brutal in the entire game Stern commander will walk you through the entire Soviet campaign

Bah, all the familiar faces

Call of Duty: World at War

- A kind of mix of everything he had seen before. When launching the game, prepare in advance to ensure that nothing new will. The feelings are very similar to the mandatory trip to the cinema in another part of the "X-Men" or any other Hollywood blockbuster. Two hours of chew popcorn and cola swallow, two hours of special effects, explosions, fights and silly dialogue, the predictable ending. The plot and characters, of course, weathered from the memory a little earlier than you find the door marked "exit", but in a good mood, time, like, spent sensibly, and money is not sorry. Exactly the same feel about Call of Duty: World at War. Firstly, we were again sent to the fronts of WWII. Only now the fight, mostly to the Japanese.The American Army, we then desantiruemsya on some island, escapes from prison, then trimmed the enemy bunkers and blow up the building of unknown purpose.

As long as you run on a sultry jungle, the game resembles a permanent Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, or Vietcong. From the first inherited a million crazy Japanese, with cries of "Banzai!" And a bayonet in his hand flying out of every bush. From the second - multiple close the tunnels, where are constant bloody clashes.

Call of Duty: World at WarCall of Duty: World at War
Explosions and all other prettiness only occur in the allotted time and in the right places The game is full of weapons, ranging from the familiar Thompson machine guns and ending with the Japanese

On game mechanics, of course, it's still the same, our old friend Call of Duty. That is the secret of survival is not in the ability to huddle in shelters and conduct aimed fire, but the fact that almost without stopping to run ahead, cover enemies deadly leaden rain and throw grenades. Companions do not die, the enemies do not stop until you reach the next checkpoint. In the end - the terms are always fighting, explosions, and continuous chaos.

Even before release the author says that the game will focus on melee combat. Like, in reality, the Japanese soldiers, taking advantage of dense jungle as cover, constantly attacked the enemy with his fists and then with a sword. I do not know, as in life, but in World at War will have to wave the knife. Fortunately, the attack on a separate button, so stick a bayonet into the throat to the enemy were not working. Again, the architecture level is constructed so that the enemies are always just in front of your nose. At this point, or cover the foe with fire from the machine, or let the knife.

Call of Duty: World at War
Flamethrower here terrible bomb
The rest are all familiar. Total dominance of scripts, full-familiar scenes and episodes: the landing on the island under heavy artillery fire of the enemy with a mandatory direct hit from a projectile in a friendly boat and the corpses of friends and scatter in different directions, and wellness jogging on the beach again under enemy bullets. In addition, will shoot from machine guns on board the aircraft, will once ride on a tank.

At the same degree of action is very high. Since we are constantly forced to move forward, then the shooting does not stop for a minute. This is not Gears of War 2, where the player still gives a deep breath and enjoy the story. Developers World at War is true reasoned that in this game we should not be left alone - bored.So the situation is changing at a fantastic rate, but the explosions did not subside for a moment: here we are racing in the dark in the jungle, fighting off the popup is not clear from the Japanese, that's correct the fire of the ships, fulminatory enemy's fortifications, now flying the plane, destroying Japanese naval convoy with the technique, here we take the Reichstag ...

Call of Duty: World at War ***
The game is based all on the same graphics engine that was used in Call of Duty 4. He is then something seemed not particularly technologically advanced, but over time has become even more competitors to lose, so that the revelations from the visual part of the game, again, do not wait. Fire, for example, loses outright flame from the same Far Cry 2. Decorations under any circumstances can not be destroyed. Well, of course, no freedom. All the scenes are scripted, so it looks beautiful. But in the battle better not particularly look closely - the picture may be unpleasantly surprised. Between PC and console versions is almost no difference. On your computer, except that details a bit higher, but the character models pochetche.

Call of Duty: World at WarCall of Duty: World at War
The battle for Berlin has turned out, no words, glib, but very short Shoot the Japanese ships, sitting behind a machine gun in an airplane - the easiest part of the game

Russian go

Then you probably ask: how, being in the Pacific, you can capture the Reichstag? The answer is simple - in the Call of Duty: World at War there is also a Russian campaign that is being developed in parallel with the Japanese. And, honestly, it is unclear - to rejoice that our army again appeared on the show, or cry.

Play we are offered for certain ordinary Dmitry Petrenko, who is equally successful firing of the sniper rifles, tanks and guns leads PCA. In this case, the story itself is like a delirium. It all starts in a dilapidated Stalingrad, where we, along with an insane commander're hunting for a German sniper - the film "Enemy at the Gates" so inspired by Treyarch, the sniper duel that scene is repeated almost one to one.

Next begins the confusion. History rough, devoid of logic, and the story jumps from year to year. So, after a memorial walk in Stalingrad, we find ourselves in a suburb of Berlin, where Soviet troops are already in full sweep. Of course, we took an active part. Then it will be, and Berlin, and the battle for the Reichstag, and hoisting the flag of Victory ... I only wish that the Russian campaign causes aversion, and the trouble is not even the developers themselves poorly represent the events occurring on the Eastern Front. Case in another - the Soviet soldiers, unlike the U.S., for some reason are cruel, vindictive bastards who coolly shot the prisoners. And the entire Red Army in the performance of Treyarch like a such a horde of northern barbarians. They run a huge bloody hatchets, constantly use foul language without an accent, and dressed - as necessary. One walks in a scarf and jacket, the other wears in his cap and overcoat. Looks like it's not so much a comic as sad.

Well, again, in the Soviet campaign, too, there are no surprises, and riding on the T-34 shooting like fun. Armour the tank itself is restored, because to deal with five or six "Panther" at one time were not working. In addition, the level is very short, so heartily enjoy the trip too, particularly not work.

Call of Duty: World at WarCall of Duty: World at War

Sophisticated cruelty

Call of Duty: World at War

certainly would have been boring game if lasted a little longer. The developers are very true calculated the time, so that although the play and ends about three hours, but all those three hours literally stuffed to the eyeballs action. Shooting, melee skirmishes, plus a new feature of the current playing season - a flamethrower. In our case, it spits out is not such a beautiful fire in Far Cry 2, but the cause is incomparably more damage to the enemy. They are, for example, you can burn the grass, along with hidden there by the Japanese or roast entrenched in bunkers enemies. Moreover, the land under a stream of fire, a picturesque villains begin to writhe in agony, screams announce the district - in short, quite an eerie sight. However, in general, no special cruelty, promised by the developers, do not wait. Really memorable, perhaps, only two scenes - at the beginning of the game, when the Japanese commander, cigarette burns eyes U.S. Marine, but in the middle, when the cannon-shot takes down half a head to your friend. The rest - the usual battle scenes that did not make tremble the experienced gamer. Despite the secondary, the game magically "picks" and does not let go until the final credits. There is no nudyatiny in the spirit of Far Cry 2, when you need to reel in miles of empty jungle. Treyarch did a bright, giddy ride that does not take much time and effort. All that is needed - is to run forward, shoot straight, dodge grenades and watch the luxury castors. The game has no time to get bored, but does not cause to regret too fast passage. This is, to quote Lesha Butrin, like food from McDonald's. Tasted - delicious eaten - forgot. If not mistaken, that such projects are ideally suited to a new concept of Activision Blizzard. Games, which you can continue to do every year, without harm to health or his players. So Call of Duty series will return. The new part again charged with Infinity Ward, so perhaps we should expect surprises. In any case, these games do not mind spending a few hours of life once a year. And no matter who it will loom into sight - Fritz, Japanese samurai or a humanoid robot.

Call of Duty: World at War Together cheerfully to walk through Berlin ...
A distinctive feature of Call of Duty: World at War began, oddly enough, the multiplayer. Firstly, what pleases me, the game is a collaborative mode of transmission for four players. If we are talking about a PC version, then there can always try to assemble a team online and arrange a fun race. In the console versions also have the opportunity to organize a party on the network, or play four of them on one screen. If only there were three in stock gamepad, but the TV more.Campaign co-flow, besides the obvious fun, allowing players to gain experience points (to allow for the various tasks), which, in turn, need to open up new weapons, special features and so on. But "normal" multiplayer familiar to anyone who has seen the fourth part of the show: a few game modes, including the classic "capture the flag" and "wall to wall", the same experience points and rank. Heeding pleas of fans, Treyarch returned to the game of armored vehicles. As in Call of Duty 3, you can ride a tank or armored personnel carriers and show everyone gruel. However, some small and narrow cards are not too fit for battle at the military vehicles. Use transport in these conditions - a complete misery, and get into the infantry yurkuyu becomes a nontrivial task.

Call of Duty: World at WarCall of Duty: World at War