Summer Online

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Volleyball at the Summer Online "is presented in two modes: Normal is for those who just want to have fun, in a special mode, all the more serious - at stake valuable points. Fortunately, select the appropriate (ie weak) opponents quite comfortably thanks to an intuitive interface, and the points awarded for any sign of activity from the tournament before the training tasks. By the way, management is able to master and a young child without any aides: the keyboard arrows and involved key S, F, and especially the D - it is responsible for starting, kick, pass and block (depending on the situation and the position of the character on the court). Free games time is dedicated to walking on the beach, relaxing in a lounge chair, swimming and socializing with others. In a chat you can not only make friends that will quickly climb to the top lines of the rating, but also get the latest news, and even earn an experience! Experience is essential for growth of character, acquire new skills with a speaking name ("Fire Ball", "Speed," "The Shield") and, most importantly, clothing and accessories. Actually, the pumping - it's the only way to get free items in the game, which decided to pay for them. Well, if you do not want to spend your hard earned in bonuses, the "Summer Online is better to skip.

Summer OnlineSummer Online
Fans can bet on the winning red or blue team Despite the modest number of players on the server is fantastically active community.Once a minute or two you will be guaranteed to receive email messages with an invitation to visit someone's room

DISADVANTAGES: Entertainment exclusively for kazualov, experienced players here do not entice or an abundance of skills, nor the shareware model. Flaws of the translation is not corrected.

ADVANTAGES: The game got rid of most of the glitches and bugs, so annoying in beta testing, remote connection from the server are minimized.