StarFox Adventures

StarFox Adventures
Platform: GameCube
Genre: Action / Adventure
Publisher / Developer: Nintendo / Rare

There are developers who will never disappoint the quality of their products. A rare example of such good faith is a British company Rare. This is a nice team, a lot of years working under the wing of Nintendo, made an invaluable contribution to the treasury of the gaming industry. Just recently, Rare was bought by Microsoft, but the British still have released for the GameCube a farewell game.

StarFox Adventures
The project, which is known as Star Fox Adventures (hereinafter SFA), was first announced for the Nintendo 64. At that time it was called Dinosaur Planet, and was conceived as an independent thriller. Then place the main character took Fox Fox Macleod (Fox McCloud) - character space shooter Star Fox, and the entire project successfully migrated to the new platform. In developing the original concept has changed beyond recognition. Survived except that proverbial dinosaur planet, and she broke into pieces. Connect with floating debris in space would be easier if it was not the evil machinations of General Scales (General Scales). The plot is written in the classical canon: there is a global catastrophe, dastardly villain, a beautiful captive, and, of course, a brave rescuer, surrounded by a few colleagues.

SFA can not describe without mentioning the legendary Zelda: The Ocarina of Time (N64). The guys from Rare have not tried to hide the source of his inspiration, as clearly seen similarities between these two games. However, the imitation of the famous creature Shigeru Miyamoto (Shigeru Miyamoto) can hardly be put in a rebuke to the developers. In addition, a concept borrowed from "Zelda" - this is only the foundation on which to build the gameplay.

In the world of SFA easily get on the giant reptiles, magic and high technology. Gameplay is made of two parts: a flight on a space fighter and walking on the fragments of the planet. As it turned out, Fox is not only a consummate pilot, but also an experienced traveler. He can run, jump, tumble, climb and swim. There are, however, a "but": you can not manage on their own jumps. Lees himself jumping over obstacles as soon as you approach them closely. Unfortunately, the enemies also do not, have to fight with them, using bladed weapons and spells. One has only to approach the enemy, as immediately enabled battle mode. Your hero himself is aimed at the enemy, so you just have to attack and at the right time to put the block. Combining shots with the touch of the Arrow joystick, you call the various combo series.

StarFox Adventures
Rod, which you tan all in a row, while a source of magical power. As the game progresses you will gradually be adding to her collection of spells. Eventually Fox will learn to fry enemies with fire, freeze them and even cause earthquakes. All this power is most useful during fights with bosses. Their role is performed by the giant reptiles that resemble the fantastic dragons than dinosaurs.
But do not think that the gameplay consists of the same battles. In contrast, most of the time spent on the implementation of various tasks and search items. There are also puzzles, some of which are combined with elements of thriller.Choose a combination of leverage is not as difficult as, say, smuggle explosive canister on an unlit corridor. Fortunately, you are constantly helping friends. Frog Slippy (Slippy) and the Hare Peppy (Peppy) are familiar from previous installments Star Fox. Contacting them on the radio, you can always get a hint or a map of the area. Mainly as your assistant is Prince Tricky (Prince Tricky). Despite the blue hue of blood, this dinosaur is running for the Fox as a trained dog, ready to fulfill any orders. With the help of the command menu, you can get Tricky to dig the ground, breathe fire and do a bunch of other actions. Using found and bought items, you are improving the ability of his companion.

StarFox Adventures
As you may recall, the planet of dinosaurs broke into pieces, each of which represents a separate stage. Some asteroids resemble natural oasis with lakes and trees, while others are covered with snow or, conversely, the lava. Move from one fragment to another Fox helps correct spaceship Arwing. Aerial scenes reminiscent of the previous Star Fox: you are moving on a given path, dodging obstacles and shooting enemies. What differentiates SFA from other members of the adventure genre, it's duration. On the passing game will have to spend a minimum of 20 hours. This period will be doubled if you itch to find all the secrets and hidden quests. Reward for the effort will be a special final splash.

Having examined the pictures, you probably agree that the graphic design of SFA is to be commended. Magicians from Rare pushed GameCube in a vise and squeezed all the juice out of it. Only one fur covering his red face of the protagonist, is able to charm even the most experienced gamer. No less striking land, strewn with blades of grass that sway in the breeze and cast shadows. All this tumult of polygons, of course, could not affect frame rates. Yes, the frame rate is unstable, and this is perhaps the only serious drawback graphics.

Music is also good. Perhaps the game lacks the orchestral compositions, but the melodies that are available, pleasing to the ears. The same goes for voice acting characters. The developers have provided technology support Progressive Scan (it improves the image quality) and surround sound Dolby Pro Logic II, so that owners of expensive televisions and audio systems will be able to experience all the features of their equipment.

As mentioned above, Rare can not make the pot boil, so the success of SFA can be no doubt. The question was only one thing: a place among the mega hit will take the creation of the English masters? Now we can safely say that Star Fox Adventures - it hit the mean. Before us is not the most original, but solidly made and technically advanced game. More to such ...