Miami police. Department Vice Squad

Miami police. Department Vice Squad
As practice shows, make a good game on a popular movie - a task difficult. One after another, out on the wide screen high-budget blockbusters, but they move on gaming platforms usually ends up disappointing fans. The happy exception to this rule can literally count on one hand. And, frankly, we did not expect that the PSP-version of "Miami Vice" will fall among the "elite".

Sun, sea and grass

City of Miami is rich not alone on beaches, thickly planted with half-naked beauties. Well represented here and the other side of life - do not write about it in the tourist brochures. From ancient times, sunny city and its environs have become a favorite shopping place for different-sized drug dealers. And only a desperate effort of the local police do not give sellers of "foolishness" carousing plenty. Special fame among the enforcers won Ricardo Tubbs and Sonny Crockett, whose police badges for you and offers an example.

Miami police. Department Vice Squad SECRET!
Complete the game, podnakopit some money, buy up all that is possible in the stores ... and the virtual shelves lie costume cheat ("Deception" in the terminology of the game). Modifying it, you'll get: infinite ammo, super weapon, invulnerability. On the reputation it has no effect, but not cheap - enough for the second ascent!

Miami police. Department Vice SquadMiami police. Department Vice Squad
Levels sometimes dark. To illuminate them better, not a sin and blow up something. Keep the enemy at gunpoint and simultaneously manage the boat, it would be hellishly difficult, if it was not avtopritselivanie and infinite ammo.
Punitive operations against the attackers lost their fear of, by and large, resemble one another. For a start you get the necessary information about the upcoming cleanup spot (garage, warehouse, private club, and so on). And then, properly prepared, go to teach criminals wits that usually comes down to a planned clean-up level of any intelligent life with the use of handguns, rifles and shotguns. Incidentally, a curious fact. In theory, you will not necessarily despatch all opponents - the most important things done. However, the planning level usually does not leave you no choice - so it is linear and, in most cases, is primitive. Chance to get around without fighting the enemies rarely granted, and even then probably by accident - an allusion to the stealth-component of the hint and left, because the ability to use cover and run from corner to corner, hunched, relevant only during the shootings.

But to actually claims there are no exchanges of fire - they are the authors of "Miami Vice" devoted considerable time and attention. Respectively, and the result was beyond praise. Every encounter with the bandits into a small end of the world, the more fascinating and entertaining, the more enemies you're up against. Pity the enemies very quickly discover the almost complete absence of reason (at a low level of complexity with remarkable tenacity, they climb to the bullets), but stupidity is more than compensated drive and numerical superiority. Especially fun is when you accidentally (or intentionally) fall into the lens of surveillance cameras - then the number of your blood thirsty thugs grow significantly.

Miami police. Department Vice Squad Great and powerful!
Localized Game for the PSP - a phenomenon still rare and not well studied. Therefore, to the Russian language in the "Miami Vice" involuntarily to listen more attentively than the English in any other project. Subjectively, the voice actor is not very much and tried to cope with the problem on the weak "four". And especially unintelligible sounds in their execution threat drug traffickers - they yell out their similar and very sad voice. In addition, a replica too often repeated - like the already vociferous and murdered son of a bitch, but from the corner again, shouting the same voice. For this reason, the phrase from the category of "Do not you live, you bastard!" No feelings other than self-pity is not a criminal cause. At the same time to translate texts have no complaints whatsoever. However, even the texts themselves are not so much.

Miami police. Department Vice SquadMiami police. Department Vice Squad

Shine and poverty

At the interface and management development is clearly inspired by the great Resident Evil 4. As long as you're not trying to shed someone's blood, the camera "hangs" behind the character, at some distance. As soon as you have the desire to shoot (take a gun at the ready to quickly and easily bundle R1 + «Square"), view of what is happening is slightly changed - now watch the enemy attempts to send you into retirement accounts due to shoulder police. Someone, perhaps, such a scheme did not like it, but it is certainly functional, and in this particular case, well implemented. Which is not the zatee with races on cutters. This dubious pleasure of the subject of several missions, and to receive any of them - the enemy does not want. God knows why "water" level have so much less land, but go it alone - idea boring and thoughtless: Know handlebars and do not release the "fire". Other business - a multiplayer mode. Not that when you play together fighting boat brought a lot of fun, but at least it is possible to divide the responsibility (and suffering) with a friend. Until one of you is daunting obstinate old tub, the other is aimed fire. However, the true power of passing a joint can be assessed only during ground operations. That's when a straight shooter discovers an unambiguous reference to the tactics. Because of the coherence of mates depends not only successful completion of the job (they are generally difficult to fail), but also the reputation of the characters necessary to obtain additional benefits in the future. Importantly, do not hesitate to set the difficulty level at least at the level of "Detective", another fun get too fleeting - especially in the early stages.

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Become the perfect fighter "Miami Vice" did not allow a few circumstances. First of all, the reluctance of developers to do more than the minimum required. Linear levels, s stumpy stealth-elements, klutz-enemies ... All the same thing with a certain effort could shine much brighter and more colorful! On the other hand, as a game for a few nights, "Miami Vice" is almost flawless. And if you have someone to lean on in multiplayer mode, skip the creation of Rebellion is strongly advised!

Miami police. Department Vice Squad On reputation, diskettes, and grass
Reputation - Your ticket to the world drug trade. The higher it is, the more opportunities you will be presented. But the value is casual: went to fight in the flak jacket, but not foppish white suit, once again used the first aid kit, changed the pistol to a rifle - and a reputation begins to melt before our eyes. You're still an honest cop, but not a tough guy.

Memory for information is very helpful and open access to the numerous additions and bonuses, like new weapons or modifications address the new drug lords, who can shake off confiscated. But to start the drive to crack, which invented a whole mini-game where you need to destroy some objects, avoid others, and to catch the third. In general, a kind of fantasy on the theme of Geometry Wars with the Xbox 360. Another mini-game to see how much you will like one of the local drug lords.

As to the "grass", she, along with more severe drug comes into play as a form of currency. In particular, some of this rapidly unleashes language informant, who is ready to celebrate, and give the location of guard posts, and even access codes to the CCTV system.

Miami police. Department Vice SquadMiami police. Department Vice Squad