Soul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV

As you are aware of the July "theme rooms», Soul Calibur is not worse and not better than the other members of the Big Three - Virtua Fighter and Tekken. Each new part of any of these serials default should receive an assessment in nine points and a stamp "genius" - unless, of course, the developers suddenly without breaking anything or, conversely, did not invent something totally unbelievable. Neither the one nor the other did not happen: Namco Bandai promised to correct flaws in the balance sheet and add the battles over the Internet - Namco Bandai has done. For the rest - to Hideo Kojima if he suddenly ever get down to fighting games.

Soul Calibur IVSoul Calibur IV

However, to finish this story about the game not work - the devil, as is known, is in the details. For example, a month ago I wrote about that picture in Soul Calibur IV is worse than its competitors. It's not quite true. At UbiDays on cheap TV game looked weak - even thought it looks far removed from the third part. In the office, at a little over a decent box, I already liked it. And only on a home TV set has become evident that this is true nextgen. Why is this - God knows. In addition, Soul Calibur IV level graphics Rides. Some of the arena - even with bad textures, and some - large, with lots of details and beautiful scenery. Characters look good all that glitters (metal, silk, leather, latex) or transparent. Looks bad on the fabric raincoats. Worst of all - a suit Apprentisa, best of all - a suit Hilda.

Soul Calibur IV The truth about the fans Soul Calibur
At one of the western forums I found this a curious dialogue:

  • Gamer 1: Does anyone here play for Kimikirimusi? I always choose it, but online I somehow called nubom and laugh. Although I have 129 wins and only 35 defeats.
  • Gamer 2: I do not play, but it basically normal. It's like Naytmer, only it strange and sexy. So Fuck these losers!
  • Gamer 1: Yeah. It is the best. I only wish to wear it is not flies ...
  • Gamer 2: It just does not matter! What's there to see? That's a pity that the Shura she flies ...

Dark Horse

With Hilda connected and another popular misconception.At first it seemed to me that her fighting style is largely borrowed from Cilicia and Son mines, but this is incorrect. Many basic attacks are really similar (exactly because it has a spear), but the tactics of battle is quite different, as well as bundles and special attacks. Business Card Hilda - a three-tier charging superudary, unlike the old system of Soul Charge (from which, incidentally, refused - still no one has used), it really works. With the advent of our final version, we got answers to questions on the styles of other characters. Amy, first appeared as a bonus fighter Soul Calibur III, joined the main squad, but still with a unique set of techniques (some, incidentally, still went to her from Rafael). On the contrary, all "anime characters" - full of clones of the standard, for example, young demonessy Kamikirimusi copies Naytmera, mechanical doll Ashlotta - Astaroth. On the one hand, it is not too bad - because the set of techniques was not subjected to refining, the balance has not been violated. On the other, small Ashlotta with short handles are not quite fall into the animation movements Astaroth, because of what some throws and other attacks take out the enemy, even when up to him visually there are still twenty centimeters. If your are not paying attention, then we get this: if you like the techniques of character-men, but sat down at the level of genes sexual chauvinism encourages you to take control of the woman, then all these anime bonus character - at your service.

Soul Calibur IVSoul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV Cross-survey
Denis Nikishin, senior director of video editing

In fact, today to talk about the fourth part of the famous series as sports equipment is still very early. Of course, for the first week after the release of enthusiasts have already found a couple of interesting glitches. For example, one of the knocks Wold, for some mystical reason, can not be blocked is the first player. And how do you Infinite for Ivy, you can win a round one stroke? But now a new generation of consoles, all this will be fixed nearest patches, and the situation with Soul Calibur III is unlikely to be repeated. And that is what will change in the deep mechanics (such as the emergence of Critical Finish) - still quite unclear. However, for me the game has already failed. The developers of Project Soul unexpectedly (perhaps even to themselves) were given a real masterpiece of designer thought - Hilda. You can disagree with me, but for me it's important: Hilda - probably the best discovery, not only in Soul Calibur IV, but around the genre of fighting games in recent years.

Michael Razumkin, (game) land online

The main thing you realize after a few minutes of play: the worst fears were not confirmed, Soul Calibur IV has not gone in the footsteps of the third part in the direction of meeting the most extensive gaming masses. In this case, there is still cozy and novices and veterans. At first glance, the balance of characters was more than verified, but the "waste", unfortunately, have not changed."Otstepit" vertical attack is very problematic, especially considering the second homing strikes many combos. Disrupted the elaboration of all the bonus / guest characters. In visual terms it is difficult to find fault with ... But we're talking about fighting, not the rally 3D-modelers. Fighting styles aliens from "Star Wars" inexpressive, and are far from spectacular battles, we're used to on film. A ton of girls turned out to be nothing more than a hundred per cent carbon copy of regular soldiers. And so it would be good, but even the animation of some characters and gentlemen of the Project Soul did not bother to modify. It would be better brought to mind the bonus fighting styles of the previous series. But all this stuff, for me, Soul Calibur IV - the best fighting game to date, and apparently they will remain for a very long time. It's a pity only because of the policy console manufacturers compete online owners of the Xbox 360 and PS3 and is not meant to be. In any case, before I met on the net!

Solyarsky Alexander, director of video editing

The first thought that comes to mind: "beautiful game". Everything in it, from various menyushek and finishing details arenas, done elegantly and tastefully decorated. Failed, perhaps only a person of some characters, but this quickly forgotten when you find out what is kastomayz. Of course, it is too early to say whether the fourth part will show an icon, which will worship the modern fighting game, the community, but to have all the prerequisites. Without resorting to slang terminology: the fourth part of Soul Calibur has undergone dramatic changes technology parry blows and there was such a thing as "character armor." It would seem nothing at all, but this alone can really diversify and complicate the fight. Speaking of balance, and those software errors that are experts, let's not forget that in the yard, we have not the nineties, and all sorts of patches with updates for new generation consoles are becoming more the rule than the exception. The developers have a chance to turn his creation into a decent eSports discipline, it remains only to use it skillfully.

Sergei Tsilyurik, Bild-Editor

Disappointment. Sheer frustration. A brilliant picture - far from all that we can provide next-gen, but the only thing that differs markedly from SC IV's predecessors. Well, except the wretched Yoda, indistinct unnamed Apprentice, sticking out of each frame of the cowards and the thirty-eighth the size of the breast heroines. And the right would be if made from SC DoA - in the end, the latter could really boast diverse and interactive arenas. But no! When the characters are free to wade right through the elements of the scenery - it's next-gen? Honestly, feeling both the Soul Calibur 1.3. Yes, of course, I did not even try to play professionally, do not teach techniques that do not watch commercials, I do not consider frames. My God, I do not even GI ever! But it managed to beat those who knows all this and does. It was enough just once to learn to play Astaroth in the second part - and not the victory over the weakest players in the fourth proved to be quite attainable.And it seems to me that only emphasizes the lack of innovation in SC IV.

Soul Calibur IVSoul Calibur IV

As we suspected, with the balance of the three visitors from the universe of "Star Wars" is not all right. The most normal of them - Darth Vader, as he looks like a normal character Soul Calibur (adjusted, of course, a lightsaber), although all their tricks. And here at Apprentisa fully unbalanced attacks - he can fly, throw clots plasma and get up the other devilry, which is rather difficult to handle. As for Yoda, it is not enough that all the top attacks on him do not fall, do not work against him throws. It's all about - a small growth. What's the most ridiculous, even Yoda can not grab and throw Yoda. Of course, developers have tried to adapt the best visitors to the rules of Soul Calibur, and just so fun's sake, for the Vader and Yoda Apprentisa you can play, but before the competition they obviously do not permit it.

Recreational activities

The online mode in Soul Calibur IV can not, of course, boasts a variety of options, but he - the main thing! - Works. You can get online, quickly find a contender and kick his ass. It works much the same way as a conventional Versus and Special Versus (where permitted improvised characters). With the lag problems are rare, if your Internet connection is stable enough. Depending on which mode is selected, the game picks up an opponent or automatically (according to rating), or sends in the lobby, where sat three gamer (this mode simulates a real battle in the arcade hall with the rule "produvshy crashes and gives way to one of the visitors") .

Soul Calibur IVSoul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV The truth about Soul Crush
Soul Calibur IV

A system of armor and deadly finishing moves we have already told you last time, but now we possessed full knowledge of the subject. As I wrote, all clothing is divided into three components: top, bottom and middle. If you are too often block the blows of the enemy, risking to lose pieces of clothing. What's funny, two standard costumes each character skirts, tights and blouses are usually broken, but still remain and that a cover up. In makeshift robes costume elements slips entirely.Roughly speaking, if you struck the bottom of the armor, the character will walk in his shorts (well, or shorts). When it comes to girls, it's great fun: the end of the battle, they often remain in their underwear, which makes undressing a storm of delight. With fighters, men get weird: stare at a naked torso Mitsurugi - More fun then. So if you're up against a samurai, unwittingly want to refrain from strikes, piercing armor. By the way, the practical benefit of this lack of growth - damage is not so great, and the outcome of the battle is not affected. Critical Finisher system does not work quite the way we wrote. The fact is that for the deadly finishing without the need for down armor. Enough to finish off an enemy to the point where its line of health will begin to flash red. At this point, chances are high that one of the punches punch unit, and enters into a state contender Soul Crushed. Next, you have about half a second on what to press four buttons and finish off the enemy at one stroke. Animation Critical Finisher is unique for each character, in a sense, an analogue of Fatality from Mortal Kombat. By the way, capture hearts with Cassandra, which hodilo so many rumors, is precisely one of the finishing moves. In normal battles any clown tricks there. If the Soul Crush you received, and finished the - no, the opponent is simply losing a segment of armor.

With regard to offline, then Soul Calibur IV rid of as long Story Mode of the previous parts and psevdostrategii from Soul Calibur III. Now the scene mode is composed of five fights and runs for seven minutes. A sheet of text is just the beginning, so let it be just once. GC-movies, alas, no, but scenes look at the engine so that it is better to skip it. Only here the writers have come up with something interesting - we especially liked the final battle for Amy. Happiness of Raphael, we wish. More than once for each character Story Mode held pointless. The second mode called Tower of Lost Souls. In it we suggest typing the command of two or three men and send them cleaned floors with dozens of enemies. In each you will find a few custom-character with an unexpected set of special skills. Some can not be thrown outside the ring, while others drink your health. Superimposed on the fights and other special conditions: follow them - will earn a prize. The first floor in Tower of Lost Souls are fairly simple, but as you move you may encounter insurmountable obstacles. Also, enemies are usually superior to you, if not skill, then certainly a number. There may come to the aid regime to create your own characters and edit them additional skills.

Gaming Shopping

In Soul Calibur III, if you remember, seriously edit the main characters was impossible - only to compose new, from scratch. Abstract ninja swordsmen were neither good balance, or an interesting set of techniques. For fun you could, of course, pokoldovat with clothes and hair color to compose Natalia Odintsov in black and with a sword, but fun enough for two nights, no more. Nothing wrong - after all, it's nice free bonus to the rich set of normal men - but not what prompted them to buy a fighting game. In Soul Calibur IV Character Creation mode made sense. What it was before, remained in virtually unchanged form. Now you can disguise any of the main characters - wear chain mail to Ivy, frivolous skirt on Hilda and takes off his pants with Mitsurugi (some of it for some reason like). The exception was perhaps that Yoda - he allowed only change swords, and they all green. Act out the role of stylist you can at least from morning till night - because my gear can be combined (separately removed and put on not only skirts and blouses, but also gloves, socks, scarves, bandanas ...) and repaint. A person can not touch it, but hair and eye color - no problems.To create a new image for Amy took me about an hour, but because I had just begun to enter into the taste! Most importantly, set up special-Amy is available in the usual Versus-mode and, consequently, can be used in serious fights with experienced fighters - both offline and online. Theoretically, it can even bring along to the tournament. In Soul Calibur III was nothing like this. Besides the aesthetic pleasure (edakii The Sims for boys), scuffling with rags and has practical value. In the Special Versus mode, and Tower of Lost Souls from weapons and armor characteristics depend on the character. In addition, the Character Creation in the character can "hang" with special skills (like the same "can not be thrown outside the ring).

Soul Calibur IV The Truth About GI
System Guard Impact (GI) works much the same way as in the previous section. To fight off the upper / middle strike to press forward and block (or back and block) at precisely the moment of attack. Medium / low blow - down and down and block (or down-to-back and block). "Front» GI temporarily paralyzes the opponent, "back" - cast it aside. If there is a solid vertical surface, you can literally kill the enemy on the wall. Escape from a guaranteed attack after GI by using retaliatory GI. This is impossible if you have a special red GI (performed by the same buttons, but you need to get shot-in-frame with an attack). Guard Impact system is intended primarily for professionals, there is no point in trying to repel the attacks, had just sat down for a game.

Soul Calibur IVSoul Calibur IV

Where are all those skirts and blouses? All single-player modes in Soul Calibur IV are based on collecting all different kind. This is the main reason to pass the floors Tower of the Lost Souls and flow sheets of the text in the Story Mode. Firstly, for winning you get the money - they can then buy new characters (at the beginning half of the standard fighters "closed"), clothes, weapons, artwork and promotional materials. Second, the bonus characters are opened when you find and defeat them in Story Mode. Third, if you frequently use one or the other fighter, he can get a new level of "style" - it opens up access to specialist skills in Character Creation. Fourth, from time to time you come across new types shmotok (those with money could not buy). Collecting goes quickly - so, for only one full passage Story Mode you can save enough money to buy six or seven characters. Most of the things gets itself - you just need to play and win. So if you were invited to the SC-party stuck in traffic, will not be bored. Even if the computer opponents you have long been doing with one hand on the difficulty level Hard. One important note: in theory, new species shmotok (as well as characters such as Yoda on the PS3 and Vader for Xbox 360), the publisher can put for download, but at the time of writing the reviews nothing has not been announced.

Soul Calibur IVSoul Calibur IV

Soul Calibur IV The truth about the frames
Soul Calibur IV

If you go to our editorial and stumble on the staff of the disk, preparing for the championship of the Soul Calibur, you can hear the terrible things like "this two-BE-BE in the two frames longer." The word "frame" here refers to a frame of animation. Each reception of the game lasts a certain number of frames, "rest" after the attack, the advantage after successfully blocked attack, and so on are measured in the same units. Fortunately, assume that all frames and memorize huge tables are optional. Enough to understand the essence of Soul Calibur. The main thing here - in time to block the attack and time attack. To do this, more or less imagine what strikes - fast, and what - not much, and in which situations the advantage goes to you, and what - you do not. For example, if the enemy tries to attack you taking up to 20 frames, you can "kill" him weak but fast attack on 13 frames. Suffice it once to pick a favorite character of such a counterexample, and its use in all similar situations. A stumbling block for you give the enemy an advantage in several frames. At this point, his slow method can "outrun" your fast. Therefore it makes sense to either set the block or sit, or try the GI. Professionals often spend combination, which by themselves do not cause damage to health, but put the enemy in a disadvantageous position, and open it for further, more serious attacks. Play more, study the move list, try different things - and you'll understand what I mean.

To summarize, I want to say this about anything. We closely monitored so as to Soul Calibur IV will treat professionals in the West. While they all like it. Yes, it has been found a couple of bugs, which in certain conditions can upset the balance (for example, an infinite combo with Ivy), but nothing critical yet. And in extreme cases it can be repaired with patches. So Soul Calibur IV came to us for a long time and be sure to occupy an important place in the line of modern fighting games (as opposed to Soul Calibur III). He has no obvious weaknesses (although, of course, I would like to see the CG-clips to illustrate the story, even a couple of new characters, normal Ashlottu). Wish List course, we have made, but it's suggestions, not criticism. The first tournament in Moscow to take place in late August, and the staff of "SI" are bound to participate in it. Sooner or later our magazine and will hold a special championship in Soul Calibur IV for the readers. Of course, we are holding their fighting and "Igromir. Bye!