Heroes of M & M IV

Heroes of Might & Magic IV
Platform: PC
Genre: Turn Based Strategy
Developer: New World Computing
Publisher: 3DO
Russian publisher: Buka Entertainment
The official system requirements:
Windows (r) 95/98/ME/XP/2000
CPU: Pentium (r) II 300MHz
4X CD-ROM Drive
4MB 3D video card.

Official site:

Living legend
Heroes of M & M IV
"Heroes" from the very beginning were not just a game, and the phenomenon. The fact that only they have achieved the whole people of love, remaining within a separate genre, as a turn-based strategy. The majority of gamers simply do not recognize the other TBS: vorgeymy (wargame) - lot of units, but more understandable to the people HoMM competitors are weak and few in number. The next sequel to "Heroes", Heroes of Might & Magic IV, was an event long before the game on the shelves. From a marketing standpoint everything was done perfectly: playing reporters on particles were fed all the new details - the new screenshot will show something about the new secondary skill will tell. In short, interest in the sequel warmed up constantly during development and beta testing. And then, finally, came a day long awaited release. It was kind of a new birth of "Heroes", because for the first time to the public exhibited a game, not quite similar to its successful predecessors, which, naturally, involves risks.

So that's what he's like, reindeer ...
Heroes of M & M IV
That's my hands got a treasured box. Installation, splash, menu ... and, finally, I'm in the game. First time seeing the new "Heroes", I honestly felt a little disappointed, I imagined HoMM4 somewhat differently. Ridiculous large pseudo-objects, all the glitters, shimmers, much in the eyes dazzled. Bulky city unthinkable stone walls ... The first battle. All units are vying with each other remind me that they are alive: a scratch behind the ear, the other topnet, a third something else uchudit. And how do they go: as if he smote the ridge, they have suffered complicated operation on the spine and is now taking the first steps after rehabilitation. Distance, which HoMM3 overcome one, here are overcome in two, and then for three moves! Yes, get used to this! But should only play a bit and start to be pleased to note the original beauty of this magical world. By the way, the characters moved to a new graphics engine that affected the game requirements to resources. Of the benefits of this relief I note cards (which, however, only really visible in the map editor), the richness of the animation units during the battle (some swatches look strange), and finally, the ability to change the resolution, and for the benefit of the interface. Yet graphic design mixed feelings, and feel it will still be subject to dispute. But the music in this part of the "Heroes" has reached a new level, both in terms of quality and in terms of diversity, the game can be heard, and Celtic tunes and opera arias.But the "magic" Heroes of Might & Magic is still not in the visual and sound effects, and in the richness of the gameplay.

And the truth is that "Heroes"?
Heroes of M & M IV
That changes at this time affected not only the exterior (ie, graphic and sound design) and a variety of swords and magic:), it was already clear on the original application developers. Canonical gameplay of "Heroes", which was formed in the first part of the series, has been completely revised. From now on, the characters personally take part in the battle with the risk to lie with the bones on the battlefield, and the monsters gained independence in and of themselves exploring the map, collecting resources and artifacts.

Of course, something has remained the same, there are enduring values. For example, in the fourth part can meet old friends: many of the characters moved from the previous game (Sir Mullich, Ajit, Crag Hack and others), and mythical creatures that inhabit the world HoMM, almost all the same (new can be counted on the fingers) only a few changed their image or their place of residence, moving from one city to another or even in a settlement "in nature." City, which HoMM4 six, cause proof an association with them as a third "Heroes," but it is only at first glance, in fact, undergone profound changes and they are.

Magic revolution in the large "heroic" world
Heroes of M & M IV
Now about those notorious innovations, of which there are not so little. Developers from New World Computing have the courage to touch has been successfully operating for over three parts of a game system, for which they honor and praise, of course, but here's how it will affect gameplay, time will tell. From now on, every lock has its own school of magic, the exception is only barbarous Stronghold, where preference was given to brute force. The human Haven - the magic of life, wizards of the Academy - the magic of order, in infernal Asylum - Chaos Magick, in Elvish Preserve - the magic of nature, and, finally, in the city of the dead, Necropolis - yes, the magic of Death. Spells at different schools almost never repeated, so that the heroes with the magic of books, where there is Chain Lightning, and Mass Slow, yes even Summon Fire Elemental in the bargain - a great rarity. Not only do you want to find the magic guild, where you learn these spells, so more and get on spetsskillu for each school of magic. But, fortunately, is not so hopeless. Say, in the Castle Haven with Life Magic, you can also learn how two closely related species of magic - Nature and the Order Magic and recruit heroes, respectively, of the Preserve and the Academy.

Heroes of the occasion
And what about the heroes themselves? They sacked gods, when they were combined squads under its banner, send them to mortal combat, and rarely cast spells that somehow prove his value. Now the characters - creatures of earth and subjected to the same danger of being crushed by a herd of angry hippos, as well as their vassals. They continue to influence the course of the battle, raising the performance of his army, but now are involved in the battle to help his army sword, bow or magic. The hero now - the usual unit with a limited number of hit points, and therefore can be killed, and even (Warning) is jailed. Yes, you heard right - defeated foe and his army, you can throw him behind bars in his castle in order to cool his ardor.

What to be?
The system of primary and secondary skills was also revised. Heroes in addition to general to all units in the game indicators have five slots for basic skills, each of which has three slots for the secondary. Basic skills only nine: Tactics, Nobility, Combat, Scouting and five magic, the number of schools. Everyone, and primary and secondary, there are six levels of development. Simultaneously, the heroes defeat characteristics such as Spell Power and Knowledge.Now the power of your Fireball, and the number of times that you can throw it, determine the level of the hero and the degree of ownership of primary and secondary magical skills. Originally, the hero belongs to one of the 11 basic classes: two classes (warrior / magician) in each city, except Stronghold, where there is only a warrior. Here lies one interesting thing: reaching the high level of development in two primary skills, the hero moves into a new class with a unique bonus. It was then, and there is great scope for creativity, because you can not only combine the skills, but also the characters, as in the Army can now be up to three characters. So the question is, who better to choose: mage, warrior or hero-rounder was dropped by itself - with fun;)!

Each creature a pair of
Heroes of M & M IV
Once the focus now is on the use of the heroes, it was agreed, in general, ambiguous solution slightly reduce the amount of the remaining fighters. In the army, because still seven slots, and if three of them occupied by the heroes ... In general, these pundits from New World Computing decided that each city will be on two units at each level, of whom only four (instead of the seven already in HoMM3), and, starting from the second level, you must choose one of two types of creatures (both at the same time can not be built). Yes, and they took, but upgrades are eliminated, ie improve the unit any longer. Here's a, you know, compromise ... or rather skewed towards the RPG. In their justification can only say that every being forcibly received one or more skills.

Heroes of M & M IV
Battles also look different. The field of battle we do not see the side, as before, but from above, at 45 degrees to the surface. The location of the warring parties are also unusual: the enemy army on the screen - top, and friendly - from the bottom. Hexagons, which was divided into the battlefield, have sunk into oblivion. May, of course, and it's time to get rid of this attribute is turn-based strategy, but it seemed that they were more comfortable - though it was clear, which corresponds to the figure in the statistics of each unit. The land on which the battle has not become more (and it would be nice), just now it began to move slowly - even all there dragons can not cover the distance from one end to another in one move, what to say about dwarfs or Golems! By the way, are now responsible for the rate of two characteristics: Speed ​​- behind the next turn (someone above - and the first one), and Movement - a distance traveled by the unit in one turn. Indicators of attack and defense were divided into remote and melee. Another innovation: the arrow can not attack an enemy unit, if the line of fire is another (necessarily the same enemy, which is strange), this new tactic - to close a hero or just a weak unit of deadly arrows.

Obvious incredible.
Heroes of M & M IV
A castle siege from developers appeared very fresh look. Siege weapons canceled altogether. Well, if so, all our "runners" gleefully running to the gate, so as to break stabbing-cutting weapon stone walls is not possible. Defenders, trying to somehow cheer our heroes - not everyone can have enough seats at the gate, releasing hundreds of arrows on the sad men. Other defenders, being unable to resist the temptation to enjoy the spectacle of fully suited to the walls closer.This is where it begins and inexplicable: the attackers decide to fight right through the wall of defenders. Logical explanation for this extraordinary phenomenon could not be found.

To Be or Not To Be?
Despite some flaws and absurdities, the game certainly deserves attention. The game has no multiplayer part, but its potential can be seen now. So, the play is, without question. In the next few months we all have to re-look victorious tactics, learn spells, getting artifacts, open area to the exit network patch to be ready to fight with other gamers. And there, staring, and obvious bug fix ... What, are you still here? Run to the nearest store!