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At first glance Canis Canem Edit (Bully in the U.S.) can not distinguish from the recent series of Grand Theft Auto, en there is one significant "but" - not every one of us was a bandit, but we all learned in school. Therefore, once in a familiar environment, instantly imbued with the rules of the game. Especially since we are the hero on an equal footing - Jimmy Hopkins gets in Bulvortskuyu academy at the same time with the player. Weakly to unlearn years in a boarding school?

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Wonderful costume bull mascot football team also gets our bully for so, according to the plot. The consequences of a frontal collision with a bike pole is much less severe than on this side of the screen.

Academic Hours

The rise of eight in the morning. Sleep is impossible. Brush your teeth, wash your hands, and dress - this is for wimps. The lesson can be prishlepat even in shorts, but at nine o'clock in the classroom either as a bayonet! And if so decided to walk - do not get caught in the eye "school police" (not to be confused with the "immobile"!). Hog and will be forced to chew on granite of science.

Granite, however, at least in some places and hardish but nutritious - every lesson learned, apart from the mark in the diary brings tangible benefits. English, playing in the "Words", we learn to go unscathed, avoiding a fight polite excuse or a witty joke. On the chemistry teaches to manufacture firecrackers and bombs skunks in the home. Successfully engaged in drawing (remember Xonix?), Is gaining popularity among girls (kissing them, you can restore health). On physical education to explore ways to combat and improve shooting accuracy with a slingshot. If the lessons seem a little pot-bellied coach, going to school backyard - there oshivayutsya homeless Vietnam War veteran who is always ready to show the hero a couple of these tricks spetsnaz. But in exchange, he demands ... transistors.

Canis Canem Edit The Catcher in the Rye
It is not known whether the developers were inspired by Bully games Skool Daze and Back to Skool, that go out back in the eighties to "Spectrum". But do not go against the truth - the number of parallels in the gameplay between these simulators hooligans exceeds all reasonable limits. I will not repeat itself, just refer you to a column in the 219-th issue of "Land of the Games." Of course, much Bully borrows from a series of Grand Theft Auto. If you are interested in literature, read the book "The Catcher in the Rye" by Jerome D. Salinger, whose hero, Holden Koulfild, very reminiscent of Jimmy Hopkins. One can also recall the Soviet book on a similar theme: "Republic SHKID" Gregory White and Leonid Panteleyev. Incidentally, the "Russian trace" in the game can not be excluded, because the lead mission designer name is Sergey Kupreyanov.Think, from the soundtrack (unanimously applaud the composer Shawn Lee!) Variation on the theme song "We're going, we rush" and "fried chicken, chicken guy"? In general, the cultural context of traditionally rich - Other allusions are looking for themselves.

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Ico, Metal Gear Soild 2, Lost in Blue, and now Bully. In all of these games you can walk with the girls on the handle. To high school students took Jimmy for his, he would have to buy a blue jumper. Similar way, there is Marina Petrashko.

Maps and gum

Collect six transistors for the homeless is easy; smash pumpkins on Halloween 1927 and get a great pumpkin hat - a little more complicated. But all 40 cards to play in Gremlins & Grottos or 75 rezinochek (rubber bands, a not condoms) to find oh how difficult: they are scattered around the game world so, which includes not only the campus but also the adjacent locality. However, first the hero is only available Campus - Education Building, a couple of dormitories, a library, a football field, so studios. Academy gates will open only in late autumn.

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Do not see what the textbook says Home Economics, the discipline, our hero will not learn. Selected, perhaps, a book of some excellent pupil. In advanced hairdresser can put mohawk. But the dreads and the "tail" in the game no.

Extracurricular activities

While the clock ticks regularly from eight am until two nights, the seasons are not on the calendar, as well as the execution scene jobs. Some of them are always available, others only at certain times of day, but autumn is not replaced in the winter, and winter - spring, until you complete all the missions the next chapter. And no liberty in the grip of the plot - if this chapter are protecting nerds from the bullies crush bespectacled wonks will not give. Such strictness helps authors weave a thorough history, illustrates how the environment sculpts of the protagonist hooligan. Outside class hours teachers appear in a different light. Fizruk sends Jimmy for "their" dirty laundry ... the women's hostel (in fairness, we note that flighty girls and panties throw themselves where not getting). Dear English teacher (quote: "I noticed that at the last lesson, you wrote off each other. It's good that you learn to work as a team.") Is an alcoholic and asks the hero to hide rassovannye throughout the school head teacher Hettrika bottles have long struggled to dismiss " Englishman. " Jimmy quickly finds a drunk and offers a common language to intimidate the head teacher, breaking his glasses in the house. False friend Gary initially also inciting the hero to all sorts of tricks, and then suddenly traps and even blames that Jimmy, like myself, Gary, wants to rule the roast at the school. Perhaps it was then in the head and the hero sinks down the idea of ​​combining school groups at its beginning ...

Canis Canem Edit SECRET!
Passage of the following missions will help to get some girls as girlfriends. Their kiss will give an increase in their health:

  • Beatrice - Complete mission That Bitch in Chapter I.
  • Lola - Complete mission The Tenements in Chapter III.
  • Mandy - Complete mission Discretion Assured in Chapter IV.
  • Pinky - Complete mission Carnival Date in Chapter II.
  • Zoe - Complete mission Smash It Up in Chapter V.
To open up new tricks, collect six transistors and bring them to the Hobo. Each transistor provides access to one new combo or a stroke.

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"Central! Student pursuing a hat-skull sweater with a deer and cowboy boots, swim Bulvort River near the lighthouse. Well, in the middle of winter. Please send a car ... "Fast"? Why is the ambulance? " Buffeted by the enemies, of course, do not die - Teen rating does not allow. Instead, they writhe on the floor in an attitude of "a sudden attack of appendicitis ...

Training aids

... Or maybe not - after all we have to watch largely of Jimmy and other characters, but about the motives can only guess. But however you interpreted the behavior of the heroes of the game, the plot takes a nerve of anyone who went to school. Cases are very vital and only slightly exaggerated satirical magnifying writers. The gameplay also gets to the point - turning the player into a teenager, the authors gradually give him all the joys, of which only can dream of a schoolboy of fourteen years. Tucked under the tree the apple, it can chew, but you can zashvyrnut away. In winter, the snow easily molded snowballs! Becoming the owner of a skateboard, Jimmy will be able not only to drive on it "self-feed, but also clings to cars. And at the very beginning of the second chapter, when the hero finally released to the city gate is waiting for a bike. However, while not his, and cooks - but just at this time in the Academy classes begin work on which you can assemble your own is great - and drive it around town! Soundtrack for the occasion Acquires chime bells, emphasizing the importance of what is happening. In winter, bikes and skates are managed a little bit worse, but not enough to take away from the player's joy to drive fast. Just imagine: a winter evening, the doorbell "ding-ding!" And - on a snowy road, through the humpbacked bridge and down a hill - woo-hoo! At such moments seemed to sink into the game, you feel like waking up inside the child and begins to moan: "I want my sword, I want to Budenovka, I want a bicycle!".

Sabres in Bully there, but the rulers, batons and a bit of croquet - the dam. You can thrash the enemies even though a fire extinguisher. Arsenal, though, and no guns and tanks, menacing and varied - from a slingshot with a telescopic sight to the bottle rocket launcher and kartofelemeta that will be given a hero thankful Botany. Have to fight a lot - at least on the subject, as well as walks through the territories of hostile parties.

Budenovok in stores Bulvort City is also not delivered, but without them the lack of outfit is not felt. The most drastic and ridiculous of them are free of charge, often unexpectedly. Ran forty kilometers - get shorts runner. Have fun on Halloween - costume skeleton can keep. Not fulfilled the task on a few lessons - here's a silly hat, the carrier's health.

Girls, by the way, do not like guys in fancy suits. Dress decently and candidate will be piles of fall to your feet, and even fight for the right to kiss you.If, however, to go to a lesson in the pants of the Red Ninja or no, wait viper giggles from fellow students. Theoretically, the wearing of "hazing" clothing is a violation of the rules, but in practice, "school police" turn a blind eye to it - Dress as you like. But in other cases to be reckoned with - which is nice, not only to you. Custody order in exactly the same separate and other bullies, and sometimes even helping you to perform another task.

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If "school police" caught the hero's in school time - assign a lesson. If late at night - go to sleep. In other cases the fault has to work: in the winter - shovel the snow in summer - mow lawns. Each school community is a "base" in the city where you can relax and have fun. We are computer nerds out there with a flat screen and arcade Con-Sumo. To earn the right to enjoy asylum, it is necessary to break the record of the machine.


On the one hand, the game world lives by itself: in the morning all the students run to class in the evenings in the corners of kissing couples, dormitory bullies throw eggs and bully the weak. On the other, in Bulvortskoy Academy and its surroundings the hero is always a something to do, even if not to hurry the plot to move. Citizens and students are literally thrown to Jimmy with a variety of concerns: mladsheklassnitsa wants him placed a pretty boy in the locker chocolates (slashing lock); homeless old man sends the hero to look for pills of all trash tanks, police are asked to help get rid of the roof of a gas station smokers. You can engage newsboy or mowing lawns, to take part in races or try carnival rides. Even just to be worn around town, opening a new hiding places, finding a secret hole in the fences, fire escapes and trees, which can get into, very, very nice. Bully gives us a chance for a few hours to re-live school days, and possibly catch up.

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Canis Canem Edit Expert opinion
Canis Canem Edit Ilia Chentsov - The word dream in English has two meanings - "Dream" and "Dream." So, for me was the dream game Bully in both these senses. Like Grand Theft Auto, Bully assists in the implementation of hidden, or not come true at the time of desires, but unlike GTA, is not necessarily criminal. I want to neubivaemy great!
Canis Canem Edit Artem «cg» Shorokhov - The main advantage - an unusual "vovlekaemost" (from the last game of this level distigla unless Gun); Canis Canem Edit is not enchant except those who are altogether alien to the school of romance. Another thing is that nostalgia for disruptive childhood - a lot of adults uncles with a beard and tie.But whether it is necessary pioneers with knapsacks?
Canis Canem Edit Marina Petrashko - The story of how not to. How not to behave with their children, students, peers, friends and those who are younger. Handbook for Learning from others' mistakes. Social provocation in the story of an innocent adolescent behavioral problems. "Clockwork Orange" in computer games, a slap to Senator Thompson.
Canis Canem Edit Sergei Tsilyurik - Too much superficial. Lock the doors of schools to limit the number of students and "powers", give each personality and the ability to have personal opinions about Jimmy, who do not forget to a day or two - to give real freedom! That's when it would be something similar to "simulator student" rather than «GTA for minors."