Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru

Disappointment - this is the feeling with which many of the left third of the Metal Gear Solid, and began to wait for the fourth. Snake Eater was pretty, but we are hoping to see not just a game to ten points, and the continuation of the epic. Alas, not turned up plot, no passions, and characters do not have development. And so on Snake Eater story ended just could not. Guns of the Patriots - that's the perfect completion of the series and the absolute peak of its development as in the story and in game mechanics.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ruMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru

Metal Gear? Can not be!

The fourth part as no other has drifted far from the definition of "video game." Compare it with the same Splinter Cell is just silly - here, as in Sons ° F Liberty, all kinds of entertainment are blended into one crazy pot. Judge for yourself: the 18 hours of passing half are videos. Of the remaining nine on the strength of four spent on the promise of hide and seek on the battlefield («No place to Hide»). The remaining time is spent on great fights with bosses, returning to the place of past glory, the race and the classic spy thriller. The fourth part has all the best from the previous ones: on the third she has got a proven mechanics of camouflage, from the second - and enormously long entangled clips from the first ... But what of the first - do not say not to get a spoiler.

Players have long been accustomed to interactive action and comedy, so be in the middle of the drama in Guns of the Patriots few expected. Snake River to the sound of the march goes to his grave, and the hero begins to seriously empathize. What would you do if they learned that he would die in six months? Snake here to rescue the planet, and his example is inspiring. And when with barely a living legend come up to the end of the journey begins, as conceived Kojima, appreciate their own lives. And this is the aftertaste is just seen the charm of the series.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ruMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru
Spy action has never been so much spyware ... ... And so much action

So, in the yard in 2014. Since the operation on Big Shell took five years and optimistic ending of the second part has failed. Now everything is bad: Snake dies of accelerated aging, the Otakona again broken heart, and even Raiden - and he threw the Rose and became depressed emo ninja.Times, as you know, have changed. Metal Gear can now buy any army, and on the battlefield robots Gekko occur more frequently than conventional tanks. War is not now unleash the country and the company (also known as PMC). Soldiers of private organizations do not fight for the state, government or ideology. Battle fought over money and the war economy has become the world's Guns of the Patriots driving force.

All this, of course, fishing for the Patriots. Their system of Sons of the Patriots following the nanomachines in the body of every soldier and can not use weapons unless the user has logged on. Therefore, the PMC soldiers are unable to organize sabotage - at the right time their machine is easy to block.

Liquid (non-Ocelot) decides to break this system to destroy the Patriots and seize power. To stop his brother, Snake pursues him around the world (shown in the trailers Middle East - only the first of many locations the game).

If you do not understand from the brief description of the plot - congratulations, you're in the game, too, miss everything by ear. What to do, because it is the fourth part of the series. So we recommend starting with something simpler, even with the same Snake Eater.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ruMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru
On the whole MGS4 is exactly one place where the yield for a swim. And many did not even notice Snake in my 2014 already in full cut in MGS5

Some Place to Hide

War has changed. Now nobody even stutters on stealth missions and a quiet entry: on the battlefield was no place to hide. Bullets are flying all around, walk Metal Giry, burst grenades - that's really really «No place to hide». Here even the usual alarm is puzzling - why be afraid of the soldiers Snake, when on the other hand they run Metal Gear? However, even in these conditions all the mechanics of the series run smoothly.

But the game would have been unworthy of the first word in its name if it did not allow to crawl all levels with a knife in his teeth, for which a saboteur is a new skill and gadgets. Additional types of CQC (close combat techniques), camouflage, and intelligent behavior of the enemies do Guns of the Patriots the best stealth-action game on the market. There are so many opportunities for pryatok that even tricked Mk II resort is almost not necessary. But it is also useful in combat: a small robot is a complete stealth mode and the ability to disable the enemies of electroshock.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ruMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru
Here on this spot and the game begins ... Comes once the Snake on the market for watermelons ...

The new system of camouflage is not required to go to the menu for your application.Suit Octocamo merges with the environment automatically - is just lean against the wall or cuddle up on the floor. In an amicable way this scheme was worth to introduce in Snake Eater. And, as before, we are allowed to hide in boxes, closets and under beds. However, it is not necessary: ​​you will find there all the same.

Soldiers in Guns of the Patriots no longer walk in a premeditated route, and move freely around the battlefield. Now there is no need to calculate the ideal path and runs through the levels: the rivals, who are you going to outsmart a couple of seconds may get a bullet in the forehead. Navigate in such conditions helps Snake Solid Eye - a special mechanism that allows to quickly switch between the three types of review: night vision, binoculars and a digital assistant. Last notes on-screen objects and enemies, and greatly simplifies life.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru iSnake
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru
Perhaps the most unexpected surprise from Kojima - player iPod, through which the Snake listens to tracks from past games and podcasts recorded by the authors specifically for MGS4. Ironically, iPod fit into the game even organic than Mk II, so that blame corruption authors Metal Gear is not worth it.

This time, Snake already three scales of the state: health, morals (Psyche) and stress. The game did not really explain how they work, but let's try to understand. Morality - a derivative of Health, which determines the rate of its replenishment. If morale is low, the hero of shaking hands, he moves slowly, groaning, and every few steps, bends back pain. Stress - a derivative of morality and the second derivative of Health. The higher the value, the faster falling morale, and there already and filling health will not. To stress does not spoil your life, lots of hide and protrude less. Was generally difficult and inconvenient system, which until the end of the game you can never learn. At the same time on the higher difficulty levels it will have to reckon with.

Gears of Metal

In Metal Gear Solid play is possible without the clever camouflage. If you want to - reach for an assault rifle and nesites to meet the enemy, a good gameplay, too, became much more fun. First, the added form over his shoulder in a spirit of Gears of War, which really simplifies the shooting on the move. Secondly, the opportunity to run in poluprisede - with such great mechanics, the authors clearly not worth it to pull up to the fourth part. But the main addition, pull-action component to the level of the same Gears of War, became a huge selection of weapons. Snake - no longer a "ghost" on the battlefield, as part of a large army. In his arsenal were machine guns, shotguns, pistols and grenade launchers. They are available for several species that are open to modifications.

Fasten the arms can be not only the muffler but also barrel-attached grenade launcher, laser sight, more grip and more - in this game is not inferior even Army of Two. That is only the latest such opportunity was presented as one of the major, and Metal Gear before us only an amusing bonus, which is not easily addressed.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru Metal Gear Online
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ruMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru

On a single disc comes with MGS4 "initial package» Metal Gear Online, which includes five cards and six modes. Talk about MGO can be long and detailed, but we'll manage until a brief description: imagine a Metal Gear, but without a plot and the possibility to hide. Not a lot, you say? Not at all - from the MGO went very decent online shooter, albeit not like MGS.

Arsenal no longer have to collect on the battlefield - Snake buys weapons, ammunition and illegal modification of a trader Drebin. Instead of money used Drebin Points - points charged for the collection of enemies locked arms. In the story, huckster "launder" such guns, after which Snake can use them. Shop is open always - it can be accessed from the menu. Because of this, the levels with bosses do not throw the right kinds of ammo - because you can directly acquire ammunition during the battle.

Drebin System works on a complex scheme. The more military budget in your area, the cheaper good. If you want to get up to 50% - start at the level of carnage and fire up the conflict between the PMC and the rebels.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ruMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru
Ring around Snake shows which side the enemy is Snake and Eva together again

Yes, yes, this time Snake is allowed to join one of the parties. In the story, a war hero does not care, so you can shoot equally well both alone, and others. But the sense to cut out all those who meet, no: the soldiers are regularly revived. Instead, make friends with the rebels to capture and share the whole level, and then calmly walking on it. Wormed their ranks is a snap - just shoot their enemies or, in extreme cases, to share with their comrades in arms veshchichki.

As always, this is complemented by an amazing attention to weapons and fighting techniques. Snake perfectly drawn pistols, and representatives of the PMC always go in the right formations and is cleaning the premises are strictly by the rules.

On the battlefield, the hero has received a lot of extra features, but they are used, unfortunately, only a couple of times. Yes, as we said, most of MGS4 - videos and plot gameplay, unrelated to the war. And all this is done no worse than fighting.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ruMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru
The explosion is, the Alarm icon no. In war, hunt, not only for Snake If you shine a flashlight in the face of the enemy, he closed his eyes and turn away

Insert the second disc

What is left, if emissions of adventure games in the battle? Spoilers, spoilers once again, surprises for the fans and trailers for one hour in length. If military operations can be compared with the third part, the rest of the game is more reminiscent of Sons of Liberty. And it's really a compliment. Here again you will find a million references and veiled message to fans, Symbolism and the stupid jokes, vulgarity and espionage romance. We again offered to put the controller on the floor, will look through the erotic magazines and tell about each boss a long and instructive history.

Bosses of the way, a different story. Metal Giry this time do not act as a terrible weapon of destruction. Gekko can blow up, you can hide from them - it's just a major new type of enemy. And the most powerful villains - Detachment The Beauty & the Beast. This is PMC from four metal monsters, each of which hides behind the armor girl, traumatized by war. As members of the squad Cobra », The Beauty & the Beast is almost no way tied to the storyline, but because the awkward fit in a smooth narrative.

It's really bad habit of developers - to make the bosses party of heroes, not the key characters in the series. I'd rather be with Raiden or Otakonom (and why not?) Got into a fight than some weird robots. Yes, and stories about the injured girl to the middle passage start to tire.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru Gene, Meme, Scene, Sense
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru
Hideo Kojima: "In the series, Metal Gear, I tell that a person can leave behind, to pass to the next generation. In the first game I was talking about genes (Gene), second - about ideas, knowledge, memes (Meme), but the third to understand that and that's not all. How to choose the right memes and see which ones are worth keeping? After all, fashion, laws and regulations change over time. Therefore the subject of Snake Eater - time, place, scene (Scene). But there are things that are not passed through knowledge or genes. This is the theme of the fourth MGS - intuition, feelings, will (Sense).Snake an old man, but he doggedly goes into battle and the last effort to finish his battle. Only in this way, your example, you can pass to the next generation a sense, the will and desire. "

Long-savers in Guns of the Patriots fear not: they replaced the long talks on the codec. Although, I confess, for I already miss him. Where Mei Ling, with its Chinese instructions? Or paramedic, discussing the cinema of the last century? No them, and for the entire game to talk heart to heart not really with anyone. And even Otakon from time to time repeating the same phrase. Oh, where is my youth! ..

Complaining about the length of the video in Metal Gear - a thankless task, but this time the team Kojima outdid itself. Gameplay mechanic as much as the travel time is so small that the first time begins to resemble a familiarity with the demo: management such as mastered, but enough of no time. Sly Kojima once again made the project for ten passages.

Dialogues are simply huge - even those that have minimal impact on the plot. Meeting with arms in Resident Evil 4 takes about two seconds, but here familiar with Drebin stretched twenty minutes. And this, of course, is fine.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ruMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru

Generally, Metal Gear has never looked so good. This is one of the most beautiful video games that demonstrate the power PS3. Commercials look the same breath, and dropped tremendously. And let the trailer do not deceive you: yes, everything became dark brown and realistic, but the atmosphere keeps Metal Gear "for one hundred percent." Not only that the engine produces an excellent picture, and the work of designers makes it a masterful painting. And it is precisely this lack heaped Crysis.

MGS4 is so well filmed that it wants to move to the local movie theater - there is a scene at last be able to see all the details. The line between film and game starts to blur, and closer to the final you can not tell from the gameplay movie plot. The idea of ​​interactive skits and even resulted in a briefing on the plane Otakona and Snake. While the characters are discussing the disposition, you can ride around on the Mk II and to see where and why the characters go. Just imagine: for each of these briefings team conducted the seizure of movement of the entire ten-minute scene in one take. And the fruits of such work can be seen immediately.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ruMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, review Gameland. ru
Sunny - shy daughter Olga. As Kojima said, among the depressive team of heroes when she radiates happiness and joy. This, says the master of the main favorite of the whole studio We are tired of lying. Kojima paid to all journalists and forced to hide a real hero game, Altair.But we will not be silent! And the money still leave

The plot is, fortunately, does not repeat the third part of the misunderstanding: it is again difficult, confusing and turns upside down everything you know. More fans and wish you could. In the history of all the threads are woven, and even Snake Eater makes a contribution. Well, Liquid Ocelot was here the coolest villain in the history of the series. Hell, he even learned to shoot from his fingers! Although in some places the script, of course, enough surpluses, making crazy moves. But I'm sure you'll be able to forgive him.


Guns of the Patriots - one of the best games in the world. This is the same project, for which the cost to buy PS3, TV to five meters in width, sound system and take a vacation for a month. Snake goes away, but he managed to become a legend. And a better ending to his life story could not come up.