Baja: Edge of Control

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Baja: Edge of Control could get a good game, because the developers have tried to move into the virtual world of the spirit of racing the Baja 1000, regularly taking place in Mexico. It seems that they have created huge interest locations, and gave players the opportunity to participate in the very long races, some of which lasted more than an hour. But something, as usual, went wrong. Either too much attention to shooting intro, or for too long thought through routes for its huge maps ... But in the end game came out very very mediocre: terribly boring career mode begins with the nightmarish "buggy-beetles", which is almost impossible to control, reinforced by the very strange physics, where the clutch is used as the nitros and the suspension can press in like a motorcycle, before jumping. .. It seems that you try at all to believe, they say, and really buggy so bad cling to the ground and struggling to live their lives by resisting the driver, but eventually just got tired of fighting with the unyielding machine. Add to this is not the best rendering of collisions, and season with antique graphics, which even a few years ago would have looked mediocre, and you get spoiled qualitatively different idea. But we are so hoping that will finally Rally Championship since 2000 is a good off-road racing, where again it will be interesting to ride long distances.

Baja: Edge of ControlBaja: Edge of Control
There is also a system damage, although to call it a "realistic" does not turn the language Becoming accustomed to the monotonous landscape suddenly burst into "Places" - that's like this bridge

DISADVANTAGES: More than a mediocre graphics, a very boring career mode, a very controversial physical model.

ADVANTAGES: Interesting routes, the opportunity to participate in a very long time races on uninterrupted roads.