Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront II
We have faithfully served the Old Republic during the war with the separatists. We planted an iron fist will of the Emperor, destroying the doubters and rebellious. We have bravely defied the dark side and raced headlong to nimble bombers to colossal Death Star. We - the soldiers clones, the soldiers of the New Order in sparkling white armor, the insurgents in a shabby uniform, powerful Jedi Knights and the evil Sith.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Long live the Emperor!
Some time ago, under the heading "Under Construction" we were worried that developers will be denied us the pleasure to behold his majesty in action. Fears proved groundless: Palpatine is ready to work and defense, though, apparently takes its age - of all the Jedi and the Sith he is slow and weak.

Star Wars: Battlefront IIStar Wars: Battlefront II
For all the variety of forms, most of the ships managed exactly the same. PC version is different from the console counterparts improved graphics, and in some places - and the changed interface.

Episode I: The more the better

To create Star Wars: Battlefront II developers have come in a big way. You just think: the game managed to squeeze virtually every more or less memorable moment from both trilogies - from the battle in orbit of Coruscant, to assault the imperial bunker in the jungles of Endor. At the same time under the gun in full force drove the heroes and villains, including Shorty Yoda, the Emperor and the many-armed General Grievous. Some lucky even twice - for example, Anakin Skywalker, you can control both before and after the amputation of limbs (in the second case, the kid will try Eni black armor Vader).

Unprecedented binge of the bourgeoisie is observed in the hangars of military equipment, where under one roof, among other things, collected tanks Trade Federation, bizarre fighters late Republic, "krestokryly" Alliance and strausopodobnye AT-ST Imperial. From this wealth of simply eye run - I want to try everything at once.

Star Wars: Battlefront II Bloodthirsty Dzhava!
Star Wars: Battlefront II
Section Hunt in Instant Action mode gives us a hitherto unseen horizons. Suffice it to say that it allows you to hunt Ewoks! But that's not all - of Hoth allow the skin to get used to the ice monster vamps, but on Tatooine - to arrange a test of strength cowardly Java and mysterious tuskenam.

Star Wars: Battlefront IIStar Wars: Battlefront II
Emperor ruthless enemies, but the fond on the cheap special effects. Sowing in the turret can shoot from a safe distance enemies.

Episode II: The other war

Realizing that many people still remain indifferent to the charms of multiplayer battles, the developers at the second attempt to tightened Battlefront relatively sane mode for one player, Rise of the Empire. In the middle of the action - not an easy fate of 501 of the Legion of the past through the horrors of Geonosis and ceased existence around the same time with the second Death Star. However, to witness the ignominious death of "Vader's Fist" we are not allowed - on the icy surface of Hoth legionnaires would win for sure the last of the famous stories of victories. Total we have ten quite lengthy and is not the easiest missions. But that's "ten" or "only ten"? The second will probably be more accurate. Because, despite the complexity of some decent jobs (somebody, shoot low creature Leia finally!), The fighting ends, nearly before it began. Particularly persistent would almost certainly prevail Rise of the Empire in one sitting, having spent 8-10 hours of free time. And, unfortunately, the reason for re-transmission available - the veterans for their valor is not entitled to any secret assignments, extra levels or bonuses. Humble.

Star Wars: Battlefront II The horrors of war, pocket
Star Wars: Battlefront II
The version of Battlefront II for PSP awaited by many, but to yield a pale shadow released on the "big" project platform. In the sacrifice of the dark side, developers have brought the history of the rise and fall 501-th Legion, "improved" management, cut multiplayer mode (allowed to participate no more than four people, with an appropriate amount of consoles and discs), in the end committed the most severe punishment on the graphics - the levels of PSP -variant suffer from lack of light, smeared textures and apparent lack of population. Saved only the character models and techniques.

Star Wars: Battlefront IIStar Wars: Battlefront II
On the planet of Dagobah was so dark, that see the enemy - is already a great success. Away from the big ships are categorically not recommended - the main battle is always going on around them.

Star Wars Episode III: fallback

At the end of the story remains one of two things: Instant Action and Galactic Conquest. First, if you play alone - pure water preparation for the horrors of multiplayer. Take the right level from the list (or several), we specify what kind of life-threatening event we like most, is determined with allies and opponents, opening a quick fire. And shoot until you get tired.

In turn, to conquer the galaxy (among other things, four times), it will take a long time and patience to squeeze out a rival to the surface of planets and as much as the ubiquitous smash the enemy fleet improvised means. Around here, the assurances of the developer, hiding elements of turn-based strategy, but, obviously, the comrades of the Pandemic just have a weird sense of humor. Or "elements" are hiding too ...

Star Wars: Battlefront IIStar Wars: Battlefront II
Bleed Grievous and Darth Maul in the dusty streets of Mos-Eysli? Nothing is easier! From time to time battlefield suspiciously empty.

Episode IV: Becoming a Jedi

Any fight - a great reason to rise rapidly through the ranks and the ranks of attack aircraft to turn ... Well, let's say, in the dark stormtrooper - eerie burglar with a big elektropushkoy. But after a pair of career highs (and repeated vision of Defeat inscriptions on the screen), the question arises: should I? After all, most missions are much easier to perform in the skin of the ordinary fighters, equipped with standard rifles and a bunch of grenades rather than trying to learn the wisdom of management thugs class premium.

Another thing the heroes. That is where lies the true power. Some, like Han Solo and Boba Fett, still trying to maintain a delicate balance, however, is on the scene to appear respectable, General Kenobi (Vader, Mace Windu - how it goes) - and can be considered dead. Adherents of the Force easily straighten out with the infantry, equipment, field artillery: it seems light blades is about to begin shoot down fighter jets and assault shuttles. For completeness we add here Force Jump (in fact, analog jetpacks) and the ability to reflect the firing of guns and blasters. Where else has already played a funeral march ...

Star Wars: Battlefront II Sense and Sensibility
Starting out on a sortie to the enemy positions, in theory, should take at least a couple of helpers - to cover up. For this purpose, even a special button is selected. The trouble is that co-workers rarely listen to commands, showing the chain of command in matters of tremendous autonomy.

Star Wars: Battlefront IIStar Wars: Battlefront II

Episode V: The Shadows of the Empire

The first part of Battlefront was not eager for technological heights and in terms of graphics was strong serednyachki "slightly better than usual." Her successor, though can not compete with the latest generation of shooters (which will not fail to notice the owners RS), one of the laggards did not fall. Space battles are made on a solid "five": the big ships fairly utyuzhat each other of the basic tools, and between carcasses giants tossing small boats. With the planets things more complicated. Sometimes good, sometimes directly, sometimes - great. Yes, not Half-Life 2 or Quake 4, but still very, very bad.

With music, Wise does not have - have collected songs of John Williams all six episodes shuffled ... The result, as usual, is good, but ... quite impressive. The same applies to the whole game in general - Star Wars: Battlefront II is not bad, but it is clearly something missing. Perhaps the soul?

Star Wars: Battlefront II From the hangar to hangar
Star Wars: Battlefront II

Once sat at the helm of a fighter, not necessarily the end of the mission to play the role of the pilot. If the dead loops and other stunts are dull, you can always land on the takeoff platform ... ship of the enemy. Next is allowed to take something from someone else's property or to arrange a diversion - for example, undermine reactor.

Star Wars: Battlefront IIStar Wars: Battlefront II
Obi-Wan Kenobi - stern teacher. Hardly that - cuts Padawan hands and feet. First, clones of defending the republic. Then - they are her and destroyed.