Perimeter: Emperor's Testament

Perimeter: Emperor's Testament
Scared? But this mission was carried out for several minutes. But you have to calculate the energy up to a "kilowatt". Get used to it here so it is accepted ...
While return obsessively looking for a new Earth, and Spirits busy spiritual affairs, the Emperor methodically colonizes a handful, a former chain of the Worlds, with its automatic governors. So get used to wearing offensive title of De-legate. Inspired sort of cybernetics, it creates the Mechanical Spirit, capable of discovering new worlds. But after testing the device wakes Overmind, clearly suffering sverhshizofreniey. He calls himself the Messiah and starts a war against all in the name of the new teaching ...

Perimeter: Emperor's Testament Music Spanzha
Perimeter: Emperor's Testament

On assurances of developers, a new soundtrack was created using the principles of psychoacoustics. That sounds scary, but the author of music - well-known representative of the electron-industrial scene Andrei Komarov - the work looks like much if not for mechanical Messiah, that is exactly on the De-legate.

We have ours, we construct a new world!

Everyone who, after reading the first paragraph, I decided that the author straitjacket crying, it's better to close the magazine and go to the store for "perimeter". Here, novices do not favor! The new plank of soaring high in the sky, and the first job in the role of artificial intelligence seem to be simply unfeasible. Be on tiny plots of land surrounded by developed database becomes a matter of habit. But the authors do not substitute quantity of money. Each of the worlds is unique and requires its own original approach. Names of designers should be called frames - you'll meet and scattered in the void of the island, and a huge computer, and the world-mouth definitely need to see with my own eyes ...

Perimeter: Emperor's Testament Hint
Instead, the Emperor in the title was supposed to appear Mechanical Messiah, but this option is considered too cumbersome. But admirers of KD LAB will remember that terrible "Nachertatel", and "Mechanical Messiah" was attended back in the good old "vangera" ... as a banal artifacts.

Perimeter: Emperor's TestamentPerimeter: Emperor's Testament
Dozen howitzers and a pair of rockets - is still the best argument in the game. Fel is a rare ... and the glory end! How do you four dragons at once?
First, we fought back the hordes of filth, and then spend hours fighting with the enemy frame, and now trying for two minutes to capture the portal. Assignments vary in complexity as well as on the extent, but the descent you will not be. Drastic changes to the game code is not treated, but the updated "brains" are felt immediately. Now the enemy can easily manage multiple squads and rebuilds them with the slightest change in the situation. Although most of his taste new technology - tens of electric guns will not spoil one liter of blood. But the commonly used computer "Shockers" and "Swallowtail" are only good to fight so bad the destruction of the nuclei - the favorite enemy occupation. Here are attacking our "advanced" the enemy is always from one direction - put a couple of rockets, and the frame can sleep peacefully. Another thing - "Conductor." Seeing this edifice, once you begin to respect the workers of public transportation. With their appearance, any tactic loses its meaning, because even alone, they can destroy the nucleus faster than the rising threshold. It is worth a lot of fun, but the spectacle worthy of the effort.

Perimeter: Emperor's Testament What is a good ...
Perimeter: Emperor's Testament
After a couple of missions in the Mechanical Messiah explicitly pass the guards and he anoint himself as the prophet of ancient race, and we - his first apostles. De-legates people bonded so that our opinion is not asked. But spiritualists hour knocking on our electronic brains, telling all sorts of nasty things about the mysterious race that created these electrical laboratory. So, after smearing on zero-layer forces of the Emperor, together with the Scribes creeps into the consciousness of conscientious thought - what if the Spirits were right? Although unfamiliar with the storyline of the original will puzzle over the other - but what's going on here?!

Perimeter: Emperor's TestamentPerimeter: Emperor's Testament

In-depth geometry

The output of this supplement was as necessary as inevitable. And not only in a planned weaning banknotes from the public or the plot, the gaps where you can fill the infinite. Euclid's geometry wars hunger for new worlds, and the game had to bring to mind before taking a logical sequel.Needless to say, lack of blemishes - design, artificial intelligence, balance ... Of course, most of the troops, and now there is simply unclaimed, but the "rangers", smacks of "blitskrigovskih" snipers anymore. "Perimeter: Emperor's Testament" - not an experiment, what was the original, and adult and serious project. , The way and had to be "Perimeter" from the outset.

This addition to the work does not require the original, but it requires the players. Those who do not know what "Limo" differs from Bombardier, one should not even take over the drive - unfortunately, projects the highest standard is rarely designed for the masses. And the army of fans will be as old. The sequel is not yet visible on the horizon, and the story ends with bold dots ...

Perimeter: Emperor's Testament Attention prototypes on the field!
Perimeter: Emperor's Testament
Sense of electric laboratory appears only in the most recent missions. But the opponent is using a new weapon to its fullest, giving you a little head start. After all, even the vaunted power guns can not compete with the rocket launcher and howitzers, what we say about the cheap "Swallowtail", dozens of crashing on our perimeter.

Perimeter: Emperor's Testament Perimeter: Emperor's Testament
"Shocker". Cheap and powerful cannon fodder - is only useful for combating bad. "Swallowtail". Favorite enemy aircraft, unable to destroy a pair of rockets.