New Super Mario Bros. Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Have you heard the news? In the Mushroom Kingdom once again stole the Princess. The kidnappers, as before - a gang of turtles. In the chase sent a rescue team consisting of two Italian plumbers and a couple of toads. Do not worry, it's not a bad dream, not raving mad. Only virtual reality.

Innovation in the gaming industry has been and remains a favorite topic for anyone in this same industry was involved. Publishers and developers, journalists and ordinary users - each of us has something to say. And many of the same thing repeatedly drops a chance to prove one or another point of view. And here it often reveals a curious paradox - even those who are foaming at the mouth advocates need to innovate, not too slow to change something in the already existing concepts, preferring to keep reinventing the wheel ... anyone? More daring? More adventurous? Or those who are foolish enough to risk their own ideas for a new purse? And there you have a living example. Powerful corporations Nintendo for several years never tired of proving that she - perhaps it alone! - Can come up with something original, extraordinary and necessary to the masses. Look at the Wii, remember the success story of the DS, look how much the share of the company. Is there any reason to doubt its leaders declared principles? But wait - speaking of the "iron", we almost missed the game, and they ... they're something just looks strangely familiar, even if few people are disappointing. Experimenting with the consoles, Nintendo is actually rarely allows herself to deviate from the one given the party line, and came to the rescue New Super Mario Bros. Wii once again proves that statement.

New Super Mario Bros. WiiNew Super Mario Bros. Wii
Passage of a four-level not only makes it easier, but sometimes, on the contrary, complicates the problem - if the players do not have enough coherence Many levels of repeat worlds original New Super Mario Bros. down to the smallest detail

Size does not matter

The first thing that catches your eye after you run the game - her striking resemblance to New Super Mario Bros., Created by three (three!) A year ago for DS. Yes, yes, the design for a home console on a technical design is not too different from the previous one, but on the console pocket. And, recall, is not the most powerful in terms of graphics capabilities. Nevertheless, called New Super Mario Bros. Wii ugly or even plain language does not turn - even if we compare it take with the brightest creations for the Wii, whether it be Super Mario Galaxy or The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess.Like last time, developers have put together two-dimensional sets with three-dimensional models of characters, added bright colors and a more carefully drawn details to the picture looked better on the big screens here and there diversified the special effects and ... done. Someone, of course, say that the result is, to put it mildly, is not consistent with the concept of what should be a timetable for the current generation of platforms. But let me - because Nintendo representatives did not tire of repeating, they say, by itself has no adaptability for them the deciding factor, the main thing - the process, innovative mechanics and, of course, the ability to please not only the hardcore players, but also a man who spends only a small interactive entertainment fraction of their free time. Is the New Super Mario Bros. Wii all the criteria?
New Super Mario Bros. WiiNew Super Mario Bros. Wii
New Super Mario Bros., As always, with anything not mistaken - the style is maintained impeccably Usual story - a big gold coin is right under your nose ... But how can it get?

Twice in the same river? Gladly!

A small quote from a review in 2006: "Incredible, but true: in New Super Mario Bros. There is no one really new, or more or less fresh ideas. But the old chosen so skillfully that fit to speak of a truly perfect platformer. And, oddly enough, all the above can be entirely attributed to the version for the Wii. Indeed, nothing new. Indeed, we are still talking about the ideal (or nearly ideal) two-dimensional platformer - around Nintendo, despite all its conservatism, so far no one has.

Again, we will consistently explore eight different worlds, each of which offers its own set of tests, prizes for successful completion, the new features and surprises. In addition there is also a major secret routes and detours - a sure way to either save time or run into some mini-game and provide a useful object to overcome the impending dangers. By the way, resulting in users' problems can be solved with the passage not only by trial and error, and shell out for help. Previously, we have to sweat looking for gold Star Coins (three pieces per level) to "buy" a ticket to another destination. Now, the giant coins used to buy hints varying degrees of usefulness. Some will point the way to the next cleverly concealed hiding place, others will become a kind of video demo of some possibilities. Appropriateness of such assistance to many, perhaps, seems doubtful, especially because of the bar in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, even with a very big stretch to be called excessive. But for those who deal with the legendary TV series for the first time (do these still have?), It can be very handy. Another interesting, but frankly, useless addition - the function Super Guide. To read it, rather in the mode of transmission for one player as much as eight times to condemn the character for a painful - well, or so as it will - death. After that, out of pity for your impotence game in the literal sense of the word propose to pass the level for you. Those who still come to his senses soon and decides to abandon the demeaning procedure will allow any time to take control. As the saying goes, what would a child or teshilos, if only dad did not distract ...

Given such a courtesy, two options control the choice is not surprising.The first - and he's probably preferable - involves the use of Wii-remote in a horizontal position, likening his controller old NES. The second justifies the existence of a "nunchuk" - it switches to control the movement of the characters. In this and in another case, some actions will be performed by certain keys, for others will require, for example, how to shake up the console. And there is a suspicion that such manipulation - not dictated by the lack of buttons needed, and another reason to remind built gyroscope, and nothing more. However, the reason is quite appropriate.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii ***
Mode of transmission for four players, certainly a great idea, but much depends on its realization, especially when it comes platformer. To its credit, Nintendo is to say that idea has been implemented very well, and walks on the levels of New Super Mario Bros. Wii in the company of friends can be really exciting. Have to play on one screen, but if someone from the expedition can not cope with the ramp, the camera gives a broader perspective, allowing behind not to lose sight of the leaders. If this does not help, twine at the tail of the column will move forward unforgiving edge of the screen - as long as the abused brake fluid sufferers do not wake up from dope or not falling into the first applicable abyss. The second finding of multiplayer modes - the bubbles. There will only include that dead characters (in this case will force poor fellows waiting with teammates), they also provide a haven for those who fear the truth to overcome some difficult part of the level - and wants to continue to fight the more experienced team members.

New Super Mario Bros. WiiNew Super Mario Bros. Wii
The Darkness - is not a way to scare a great tool to hide the time and enemies, and traps In carnivorous flowers favorite meal all the same - fresh italyatina under kepkovym sauce

Briefly about penguins

A new game involving Mario almost always accompanied by a slight upgrade in the wardrobe of the protagonist and bringing order into his box of tools. Then remove, add it - and all for the sake of the necessary balance. Terrible Mariozilla drowning destroy the scenery in some other game for him ukovylyal and Mario turtle. But Mario has appeared Penguin, a monstrous creature, the terror of all the frogs and turtles - excellent swims under water, is not afraid of treacherously slippery ice, besides, can freeze enemies in neat cubes, and the same cubes and then breach the skull to those who are not afraid of cold . Finally, we recall the dinosaur Yoshi: he occasionally falls out the honor to represent racehorse.

Which account?

Final score New Super Mario Bros. Wii deserves to be the subject of heated debate. Of course, the gameplay still sets the tone for a genre of 2D-platformer - and a new multiplayer mode only helps to reinforce the success.Technical performance, even without presents no surprises, expectedly accurate, vivid, and ultimately their task performs at 100%. But if you still do not consider this project in isolation, before we actually prove a slightly modified version of the game three years ago, which even then could not boast an abundance of new ideas. Objectively criticize another brainchild Miyamoto little for that, but if you do not like the last creations of master in the same genre or the series itself Mario Bros. time to get bored at some of the earlier incarnations, here, in general, catching nothing. You all-only offer once again to meet with ageless classics, not forgetting, of course, thank a caring company, Nintendo, sacrificing a specified amount at the price tag.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii OPINION
Sergei Tsilyurik: In New Super Mario Bros. Wii there is an interesting dilemma: on the one hand, the more players involved, the merrier, with another - grows in proportion to the number of stupid deaths due to the fact that everything is constantly interfere with each other. And do not even need to use a nice opportunity to pick up someone and throw off a cliff - all the nasty things happen by themselves. Two can not fit on a single point, and hence, one would always jump at the other on the head and hinder, impede, interfere. The camera, of course, knows how to approach and move away, depending on the distance between the characters, but it has its limits - and the death toll of the screen is growing by the hour, but by the minute. It turns out that perfect play together: and the noise is less in the case of the death of a hero of the second to help him rise to the same place - that is, lesions with a subsequent rollback to the checkpoints will be not so much. Four of the same place at the same time the game is almost impossible: usually two go ahead, and another couple waiting for their turn to not get underfoot. And if not a parasite on the ability of fellow avant-garde, "curled up in bubbles and waiting for a pretext to engage in a game. In general, not so cooperative this NSMB, but very funny - it does not take away.

New Super Mario Bros. WiiNew Super Mario Bros. Wii