Soul Calibur III

Soul Calibur III
In the next issue we will tell a lot about the team, "SI" and how we're doing a number. Beautifully and candidly measure. Just remember one simple thing. Fighting Soul Calibur - the main thing that binds us together, gives the opportunity to understand each other perfectly, negates all the difficulties. These games will never allow us to regret the choice of place of work. Any other motivation - including financial incentives - is secondary and not universal. "This is a joke?" - You ask. Yes, of course. Almost.

Alas, Soul Calibur II we have enough for about one and a half years of uninterrupted play, then - a dead end. All the men studied, their skills are brought up to a possible maximum. Nobody is able to surprise to anyone. For a short time - three months - our attention was drawn to Tekken 5. Him we would - perhaps - swore allegiance, not justifying Soul Calibur III of our expectations. Do not smile knowingly. Had he but all the same Soul Calubur II, but with three new characters and improved graphics - the game went to verdict in the furnace. Fortunately, burned alive disk was not meant to be.


Despite all of our love for the game, we know - in Soul Calibur II there were some shortcomings. Boring single-player mode with an idiotic tasks (especially a large lump of dirt we address vaults with millions of single-type bouts) were grudgingly. But otherwise it was impossible to discover the secret characters! Three suits a hero if you can not modify them - too little. This, indeed, obvious disadvantages of being exhausted, although come up with ways to improve the game can be in flight. So the developers have not hit the face in the dirt.

Offering the best fighting game that was invented in the last few years, Soul Calibur simultaneously distanced itself from its competitors. Just look at the fights! Character design has changed radically - colorful clowns who can not understand whether they should be photo-realistic, replaced by normal characters in quiet tones. However, the word "normal" is not quite appropriate. Wold everything just goes mad on stage, breast Taki and Ivy tear bra of any size, and Lizardmen in the rack "on four legs" very demoralizing to the Soul Calibur unusual man. Status of fighting with weapons - one of the few - and so allows designers to write some really interesting ways, but Soul Calibur has always flirted with the magic and more. In the third part of the fiery flashes of unlockable blows to the impressive, but the boss is even a real fireball. Attack, piercing unit (Guard Break), accompanied by lightning, but it was in the immobilized state (Stun) fighter looks like a criminal in the electric chair.

Soul Calibur IIISoul Calibur III
Costumes Wold in the new part - beyond good and evil. So looks like a side boss in Tales of Souls. If you're lucky - will not meet.


The first thing we checked, how are our favorites. And, let's say, did not recognize them. Table punches pretty prosherstili - some methods were removed, others were hanged for other key combinations, the third shift characteristics. But added a few brand new.And if the whole fighting style is preserved in old people, specific tactics, stereotyped attacks disappeared - they have to think again. Running Soul Calibur II for comparison, we found: in the third part of the attack speed has noticeably increased, but the characters can be divided into fast and ultra-fast - with the exception of perhaps that Astaroth with a rock. In this case, the fighters are now even more distanced from each other in the style of warfare. Previously, Cassandra and Lizardmen were clones Soffit - now it is absolutely independent fighters, the same applies to sleep Mines and returned to operation Roca and Siegfried. Hence the phrase "in Soul Calibur III» has appeared only three new character "- fantastic lies. Fighters became more in two or three. With the ex-clones we understand, but where have the rest?

Before the release of the game, no one suspected that the custom-characters from the Character Creation mode will be really independent. Journalists have been generous with insights into the spirit: "Probably, Monk class uses methods of Cassandra, a Thief - Talim. In fact, it turned out that developers have expressed the fantasy and composed for each unique set of attacks, and ligaments. Yes, of course, some techniques were still borrowed from the conventional heroes, but only part. For example, the class uses some attacks Dancer Wold and Syanhui, but plenty of their own. Perhaps even more than the characters clones in Soul Calibur II - Lizardmena (Soffit) and asassinov (Yoon Sung-plus Syanhua). So much for diversity!

Reading the reviews of Soul Calibur III in Western journals, it is hard not to notice that their authors have played in fighting for long. Hour of power - two. Otherwise surely would have told that apart from the usual secret characters for which a cell in the selection table fighter, there are also additional. Our old friend Hwang, girls from the shops selling items and bonuses, the heroes mode Chronicles of the Sword can also be opened. It's another dozen or two characters who have their own techniques ... Well, at least, throws! Remember, I'm at the very beginning said that Soul Calibur II is not interesting to play - they say, we all already know about the game? To be honest, I faint idea when I can say the same about the third part.

Soul Calibur III Leapfrog with names
Mentioned in the text of the Soul Edge is also known as Soul Blade. C called Soul Calibur recent years occurred incomprehensible mess - Namco tried desperately to convince the press (at first - the European, then American) that it should be written like this: «Soulcalibur». Given the fact that the game swords called normal - Soul Edge and Soul Calibur - it seems to us, at least, strange. So we considered it possible to not confuse readers and continue to write as accustomed. Although the logo game called together, with a lowercase «c». Finally, in Soul Calibur III for some strange reason we changed (corrupted?) The names of some characters - Dream Mina and Yun Sung. We will listen to a short course in Korean language and explain how these names should be written in Russian, I promise.

Soul Calibur IIISoul Calibur III
At the head of Astaroth hammered huge nail. But he did not interfere. Mitsurugi is now, alas, not very much like George Lewandowski. Now this is a real mountain of muscle. Oddly for a samurai.


Do not have time to Soul Calibur III bore before we get to the most tasty? None. Developers in every way to make life easier for gamers - both beginners and experienced fighters.The usual training regimen supplemented learning - where the man-owl Olcadan talk about all the combat system, will affect the basic concepts and most challenging. In previous games, something like that were present, but as part of the job in a boring single player passes - this irritated professionals and do not give beginners. The very boring passage, by the way, rested in a Bose. How so?

Earlier in the Soul Calibur Weapon Master Mode or Edge Master tried to capture the immensity. He talked about the plot of the game, helping beginners to get advanced skills (for example, to master the technique Guard Impact), offered to fight on specific rules (the floor of the quicksand, distorted by gravity, restrictions on permissible techniques and much more) and at the same time served as a way of opening up new characters and arenas. If the gamer should have both the first and second and third with the fourth - ok, cool. Otherwise, the Weapon Master was turned into a torture.

In Soul Calibur III, all these functions are carried on different menu items. Coaching - separately, a special mission - too. Mode Tales of the Souls replaced at the same time and Arcade, and Weapon Master. It was a place the plot (for each character - a), and a world map, which marked all the locations, but essentially it's a bit complicated Arcade Mode. Consistently won a dozen other men, beat a couple bosses - see the final movie and are very happy life. Between fights - a small piece of text or a scene in the game engine, perhaps - interactive. Of course, seriously delve into the details of the plot and will now be few, but in Soul Calibur II on the three screens of text before each wacky battle is not read at all none. So Tales of the Soles - a great way to while away the time waiting for a friend who ran into the store to buy second dzhoypad replace broken-down.

But what about bonuses? This is the good news. Characters and the arena opened without much effort. Quite simple to play - in any mode - and they somehow appear by themselves. And fast. Weapons and new parts for the Character Creation - too. Something will have to buy at the store (the money granted for the passage of single player modes), the rest of the game just gives gamers. Free. For good behavior. Given the fact that bonuses are many, even non-stop chasing Soul Calibur III for a month, you can always discover something new. In my opinion, this is the most successful model of bonuses from the existing ones. Just think of Dead or Alive 3, with its horrific conditions of getting the costumes!

Soul Calibur III Chronology
Soul Calibur IIISoul Calibur IIISoul Calibur III
Ten years ago, Namco released the arcade fighting game Soul Edge. It is a lot like Tekken, but the characters are fighting, using weapons, and could no longer move freely around the scene in 3D. The really famous episode was when in 1999, Sega Dreamcast has been ported sequel, Soul Calibur. Graphics improved compared to the arcade version, the battle system seemed perfect. All this, as well as charismatic heroes, led reviewers gaming publications worldwide supply Fighting the highest score. Soul Calibur - one of three games in the history of Japanese magazine Famitsu, deserved an assessment of 40 points out of 40. Sequel distinguished by the fact that he went out on three platforms at once - a rarity for an unprecedented fighting games, but somewhat disappointed a small number of differences from the previous part.But in each of the three versions of Soul Calibur II had its own unique character: Link (GC), Heyhati (PS2), Spawn (Xbox). At one time in the press exaggerated rumors of Soul Calibur Advance for Game Boy Advance, but later they have not been confirmed, on a portable console Namco has released only Tekken Advance. Soul Calibur III has been announced as exclusive for the PS2, and seems to be the last serious fighting game on current generation platforms.

Soul Calibur IIISoul Calibur III
Zasalamel oblique waves very quickly. And often alternates between the upper and lower punches. The game has a mode where in battle to perform the job. For example, collect coins fall out of the enemy.


On a strange strategy Chronicles of the Sword is better to tell apart, but interesting modes in the game without it missing. I remember in Virtua Fighter 4 PC to simulate the behavior of real Japanese gamers, digitized online arcades VF.Net. Fight with doubles far more interesting than the usual AI. A very successful innovation. In Soul Calibur III is also a virtual fighters, but they have not been copied from anyone - just invented. Against them would have to fight a regime Tournament - slightly Cup win in South America? Try to find out, by the way, whether it exists in reality.

If you remember, even in the very first press release had been declared "a convenient mode for the championships." They are. Up to 8 participants. Two circuits - single elimination and the league (everyone plays with everyone, then points are calculated). This is convenient, but only for apartment tournaments - no double elimination, the possibility to prescribe nicknames fighters, and with such a restriction on the number of competitors is nothing more serious to fail. On the other hand, more serious still need to have a separate computer with a special program. I remember one time in the version we have drawn a table for the tournament on paper - now we can protect the precious wood.

And finally, the main feature - Character Creation. If the main characters costumes can only be repainted, there is scope for the imagination is limited only by the range of parts. Choosing a class - they immediately dozen or two, then - the floor, and turns in the editor looks fighter. Initially, the available types of persons, hairstyles, the upper and lower clothing and accessories is not too much, but being discovered regularly. Characters are constructed on the principle of "cabbages" - first selected underwear, on top you can wear something light, then - something else, fasten trinket ... Given the fact that all the details very pretentious and full of cuts, they will be one peep out from under another. If the choice is horrible - the result probably would be absurd, so it's better to sit in the editor longer and imagine yourself fashion designer. For example, Yuri Lewandowski we specialize in creating images of goth girls. Who knows - maybe it disappears talent designer ...

Soul Calibur IIISoul Calibur III
Fighters from the Character Creation permitted use in the ordinary Versus-mode, along with the standard characters. Since they are stored on a memory card, then they can steal another.

But what if your goth girl to send fighters to fight from abroad? Alas, in Soul Calibur III is not one of the important features - Network mode, even though he was here just the same arises.This is even more sad that there are already two games, where he was all right - Mortal Kombat: Deception and Dead or Alive Ultimate. Let's not talk about how he needed in Russia or not - this is, after all, our problems - there is a desire of developers to save time and money. Their right. Finally, it is not clear how things are going with dishonest tricks and glitches. We have not found them, but not the fact that not learn about it later, when a test will be professional fighters.

Soul Calibur III Chronicles of the sword
Soul Calibur III
Quite a controversial treatment for one player, which is a peculiar mix of fighting and unpretentious strategy role-playing elements. Subject background there are just as "interesting", as in the Story Mode the second part of the game, so this will not dwell. Involved here can only be made with his own characters, and use the already created for VS mode character can not therefore have to sculpt a new one. Him in reinforcements give a few more fighters that before each mission can be additionally "podrihtovat" and assign branch (infantry soldier, a knight, a bandit, or Horseman), which define the basic parameters of a warrior: defense, attack and movement speed. Further, depending on the upcoming job, you need to carefully arrange his "army" on the map. The playing field is usually divided into two warring castles, connected network of roads that are protected outposts. In the capture of these buildings is the meaning of the regime. Once your unit reaches the enemy outpost, battle phase begins. If there is no protection, then, after the destruction he goes under your control. Otherwise, load the standard duel. And sometimes in the towers, there are some properties, known from past series, such as "healing" or "ice cover." In accordance with the RPG-part of the battle participants get experience points, which again affects their performance. Chronicles of the sword is still quite damp, but it is quite playable, and quite capable to captivate you for hours.


The rest of the game everything just fine. Improved graphics, a slightly updated combat system (read the details in our "Heath", and also in the coming tactics - we still only write), a bunch of new characters - including three unique, different single-player mode ... What else? Ah yes, Soul Calibur III is not possible to modify the standard costumes fighters - attach accessories. This was back in Virtua Fighter 4, incidentally. And Character Creation - not a full replacement of the features. I would also like to see real CG-rollers at the end of the passage of Tales of Soules, and not short skits on the engine. In Tekken 5, they, for some reason, there is. Finally, we should think about the tag-mode. That thought - not the fact that the battle system, Soul Calibur is suitable for him.

Golf team of Soul Calibur identified - left a verdict. The best fighting game on the current generation of consoles? Yes, of course. Life in the style of Soul Calibur continues.

Soul Calibur III Expert opinion
Soul Calibur IIISoul Calibur III
Michael Razumkin. Well, SCIII proved that the PS2 is still too early to write off a wreck. The game was not only worthy done in terms of gameplay, but still looks excellent. And so very nice engine Tekken 5 played all their faces. And with special effects, perhaps, gone too far - the fireworks, flares, splashes and other "attributes" fights with swords sometimes not at all clear what is happening on screen. But most of all I liked the development of competent fighting styles of the characters and incredibly prettier single player. In SCIII each of the characters clearly moved in the direction of improving its specific techniques. For example, the beautiful Ivy with his sword-whip turns, so that sometimes think: why she put him in general? And do all this intuitively. And what will happen when I get to a Command List? Do not be surprised if the execution Calamity Symphony no longer need to break the crossbar gamepad. It's a pity that it is still getting inaccurate are calculated. The situation with freely passing through the body blades, alas, will not go away.

Yuri Lewandowski. This was supposed to be the second part! Fast, beautiful and the sea characters! Three new hero, not a terrible example Nekridu, balanced and quite unlike the others. I especially liked Zasalamel, he hurt his oblique fashion swings, albeit updated Nightmare too good. Happening on the screen this time is so mesmerizing that off, even just from seeing this miracle possible, so everything is very beautiful. Heroes are like people, costumes and arenas pleasing good detail, and some special effects here, you do not vspyshechki from Tekken 3, are nuclear explosions! Now you can say for sure - from the PS2 squeezed the last juice! The gameplay has changed, in my opinion, the better. Techniques have all the heroes popribavilos, from seizures can now leave as much in three different phases, and the GI is now two versions. But the main thing - everything has become much faster! But there are also custom-characters and more than a hundred kinds of boots and hats to them! A more strategic mode ... It seems that this is the last and the best fighting game for the PS2.

Artem «cg» rustling. Soul Calibur III followed the path of Tekken 5 - as predicted in the June issue of our magazine. To shine kick all the major "pieces" series, on-yat all the promises: improved graphics, expanded modes, invented new techniques ... New SC, glitters, sparkles and smells incredible. But like the most significantly increased attack speed and a small but very noticeable changes in the mechanics. No longer run especially in the arena - each nevovremya step taken immediately punished. Have often Bloch, carefully count the attack, waiting for the "right" time for a reception. Once senseless brandishing weapons has become a real alternative to "chess" Tekken'u; some it may even alienate. Beautiful, bright, multi-layered effects of a serious bout strongly irritate (that would allow us to turn them off in "Options page" to hell! "), Hard to get used to them ... But it is already grumbling: too, you see, beautiful, distracting. Excellent game came out just fine. But the real innovation is still there. Genre drunk to the dregs. What's next?

Natalia Odintsov. Siegfried arrives at the dedication of the cathedral, where it was stored Soul Edge, crush the cursed sword, his eyes again and return to the top of the regime Tales of Souls. "It seems that someone can not wait to reveal all of my story scenes", - he thought, rubbing badly broken-off on the arena side.Still, after the final battle has a number of ways - know only, take the right decision at the next fork. And as a reward for the experiments - the special mission, secret characters and scenes in the game engine. Time to change the keyboard shortcut movie plot - a losing character suddenly gets an opportunity to recoup - and videos can be and after all the battles viewed separately. The last time something like that only saw in the Story Mode adored Guilty Gear X2. And still great to have uncovered the secrets like the same arenas and then appear in Versus Mode, - even if you already know the plot, as flaky, still want to go single user mode: to get new weapons and spectacular scenery for future grand tournaments.

Soul Calibur IIISoul Calibur III