Soul Calibur 3

Platform: PS2
Genre: Fighting
Developer: Namco
Publisher: Namco
Project website:

Describing the new creation, Namco, it would be a crime not to mention the age-old Soul Blade (known as Soul Edge), appeared on the first PlayStation. That was a great fighting game with weapons, vivid characters, stunning music and a strong storyline and a number of interesting pieces. It is not surprising that such high-quality creation very quickly attracted a lot of fans. Continued came much later and is on a different platform. Soulcalibur absolutely deservedly gained the status of an unqualified hit for the Dreamcast (peace be upon her and the rest) due to excellent (especially by the standards of the time) graphics, addictive gameplay and most importantly, furious mode for two players. Moreover, Soulcalibur has become one of the few fighting games, which in Russia have been held championships.

Soul Calibur 3
Since then a lot of water has flowed - Dreamcast gone forever, and the second part of the game came out for the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. Will not prevaricate: Soulcalibur 2 differed little from the original. Same graphics, same gameplay, practically the same ones ... The twin brothers? Perhaps ... And now, just recently released the third part. Another "Dolly" the family "Soulkaliburov? Not at all!

A Tale of Souls and Swords
In the third part Soulcalibur plenty of new features. Lots of new (or long ago forgotten) persons, modes, capacities and so on.
Soulcalibur 3, we can rightly be called one of the greatest modern fighting games. In order for a 100% to examine it, you'll need more than one or two weeks, a few months - so time-consuming comparable except that with the development of Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution. Especially since, Soulcalibur 3 where the duration of any Tekken and Mortal Kombat.
Soul Calibur 3
The plot of the game is very intriguing. As before, it revolves around two swords - the "evil» Soul Edge and the "good» Soul Calibur. This story could even serve as a basis for a good role-playing game. Almost all the characters are extremely charismatic, interesting and cause a storm of a variety of emotions - the dullness is gone! Heroes can be clearly divided into positive, negative and certain average. We will meet both familiar and new faces. But, alas, their biographies are not prescribed in great detail. Yes, and get to know them as close as you want, unfortunately, will not succeed. Still, we are dealing with a fighting game, not the "epic» RPG, so the blame Namco for certain "superficiality" not worth it.

Soul Calibur 3
The perennial question of gamers when meeting with a sequel - "What's new?" Is it worth the game to be called the third part in full? Yes, definitely. Let's start in order - with different modes of play, because they are really a lot. Standard "plot" the passage has undergone some changes. Now do not you just fought the enemy at a time. You still walk around the map, choose the path and read about what happened to your hero on the road.Somewhere can turn right somewhere left ... Though actually choice itself no - Apparent freedom illusory. Anyway necessary very often fight enemies. Just sometimes fights can be greater sometimes less.
Somewhere mid your of fight wanderings you will evade flying on you huge pinion using keypress "LEFT. Similar inserts nowadays fashionable in modern games (a went then all from Shenmue, if anyone forgot) as passage you yet encounter not times. Seemingly this should diversify gameplay however virtually all heroes they identical ... And if first acquaintance so or otherwise script yet can experience indescribable delight then times edak on 20 he already will cause only stream swearing addressed Namco .
Soul Calibur 3
Another new mode called Chronicles of the Sword (incidentally ages ago on PlayStation existed eponymous quest; wondering asked whether Namco permit usage franchise y rightholders? ..) And represents minigame in genre you not believe strategy! You will create army and destroy enemy fortress. Tactics extremely simple: equips your yunitov and go along to strengthening where dwelt opponent. Toot then game and switches habitual mode fighting game. Confess play such "Fighting strategy" very boring. This even worse action games Devil Inside from Tekken 5. Incomprehensible what purpose Namco with enviable perseverance keeps shove into their fighting games absurd minigames. Surely from them someone really gets pleasure? True, those wishes open in Soulcalibur 3 all possible bonuses have devote this "fun" sufficiently many hours.
Others regimes not worth separate mention. Various tournaments league championships only called differently but actually represent already known us time-attack, survival etc..

Soul Calibur 3
«Choose your destiny»
Probably one most interesting innovations Soulcalibur 3 is opportunity create own fighter. Devote this process can weeks recollecting constructor Lego from your childhood. This parallel nonrandom because strongest personages succeed create only after you open (or buy in store) miscellaneous ... You liberty customize absolutely everything - from boots and shirts until eye color and hair. Nobody hampers do eg Japanese with brightly blue skin in straw uppers and ryase archbishop. Do, imagination - piece unpredictable ...
Soul Calibur 3
Nonetheless no "homemade" not compare with heroes whom created professional designers Namco. So longstanding admirers serial will glad learn that practically all known how on Soul Blade, so and both Soulcalibur'am heroes just represented third part. This favorite us samurai Heishiro Mitsurugi, and knight Siegfried, and chief villain itself first part Cervantes De Leon, and cruel Nightmare, and strange Voldo, and powerful Astaroth many other. Appeared new personages about which worth telling details.
Total their five: this defied gods ancient warrior Olcadan; 17 summer girl Tira (last hackney murderer); wishing avenge Mitsurugi for death teacher Setsuka, armed umbrella into which hidden lethal blade; Zasalamel - former member tribe defended saint sword , nowadays immortal and seeker sedation; Abyss - boss games appeared resulting compound swords Soul Calibur and Soul Edge with Zasalamel.All in all, Soulcalibur 3 typed more than 20 characters (if it does not take another chance computer-generated characters). All of them - the owners of a variety of styles. Someone relying on brute force, someone on the power of their weapons, and someone wins at the expense of speed. Frankly weak heroes here. Balance of the game, traditionally, remained on top. Although it still would be worth little to weaken Siegfried'a. Soulcalibur has always been famous for an excellent set of characters. Did not disappoint in this regard and the third part.

Soul Calibur 3
Loyalty to the traditions
As for the gameplay, there are no drastic changes in it were noted. Good or bad, everyone decides for himself. But still, add some new touches Namco is not stingy. Another thing is that not all of them were successful. For example, no longer the freedom of movement around the arena. Remember how you could play with your friend to catch a few hours at a time? Remember! In Soulcalibur 3 Battle gained more contact in nature. To evade enemy attack - is now an easy task. The game began to resemble a series of Tekken, and this, ladies and gentlemen, it is not good.
When you play in the mode of Tales of Souls, you begin to understand that the Soulcalibur 3 was much more difficult their predecessors. Even passing on the Easy difficulty level does not seem like a simple. Can not say that the enemy AI in height, but that he will not allow you to relax, that's for sure. Remember how you were Soulcalibur 2, while not receiving from your computer or a single blow. Get ready for what will have to play much more often. Otherwise, everything remains unchanged: the lightning-fast combination of punches, superb balance, spectacular duels, speed - all that for which millions of players around the world fell in love with this series.

Soul Calibur 3
Graphics ... Unfortunately, compared to its predecessor in visual terms of any "prodvizhek" did not happen. PlayStation 2 technology is already outdated unconditionally - Soulcalibur 3 for the PS2 looks like an order of magnitude worse than the second part for the GameCube or Xbox. Moreover, Tekken 5 by Namco for the same looks much more modern. However, you can only find fault with the level of special effects and a low of detail the characters. But in something Soulcalibur 3, and beautiful. Arena in which there are fights, really fascinating. Beautiful castles, waterfalls, temples, can not fail to please even the person with the most demanding taste.
Music also has not undergone any changes. The best soundtrack of "series of sword" is still the Soul Blade. A composition of all three parts of Soulcalibur sound the same to the obscene.

It is still fun, but next time can be sad
Is it better to Soulcalibur 3 of its predecessors? Hardly. It is practically the same. But we must not forget that the first part came out about 5 years ago, and then we do not mind would put this game and nine, even ten points. Nevertheless, the third part deserves a solid eight, because, despite all its homeliness, the new "Soulkalibur" remains one of the best fighting games.

Gameplay: 8
Graphics: 7
Sound and Music: 8
Design: 9
Score Author: 8
Outcome: 80%