Serious Sam 2

Platform: PC, Xbox
Genre: FPS
Developer: Croteam
Publisher: 2K Games
Publisher in Russia: 1C
Project website:
Requirements: P-April 2, 512Mb RAM, 64Mb Video

It is hard to find amateur action, which would not be familiar with a steep Sam. At one time, the brainchild of Croteam has made a real revolution in the genre, proving that the plot shooter, contrary to the predictions, and have not managed to bury the "meat" genre. Just to gamers have regained the love of the primitive, but a dynamic fighter, you need to intelligently approach the matter.

Serious Sam 2
The experiment was a young team has been extremely successful, as clearly indicated a very respectable sales. Building on the success, the developers have released add-The Second Encounter, which has made a favorite game more interesting and varied. But the fans and it was not enough. They waited a full second part.
Expectation was full of anxious thoughts. Will the game to preserve the dignity of old? Do not lose the brand of drive? Fuel to the fire and poured a very unfortunate demo version, released by developers for a few days before release. Boring urban living, ridiculous opponents and the absence of truly large-scale battles plunged fans in shock. All worried about only one question - is it the whole game will be just as dull and monotonous?
Serious Sam 2
But for a long time did not have to worry about. The first episode of Serious Sam 2 makes it clear - in front of us is still the same beloved Sam, however, substantially changed since the last meeting.

Meat and minced
The plot is traditionally simple and unassuming. And if he needed to do this project? There is a goal - Mental. There is a vast arsenal and an impressive army of enemies. It is not hard to guess that we need to. Well, if you do somehow miraculously get into the plot, a dead end, a nice voice girl Coordinator will give the necessary clue.
The essence of the game still boils down to processing hundreds of opponents in the minced meat with the help of various weapons. It is worth noting that the developers kept their promise, the world is really filled with giant creatures. First encounter with a huge mechanical spider or robot Tirex remember you for a long time. But fear not worth it. Monsters Serious Sam 2 fully confirm the famous saying that "the more rack, the louder it falls." Cracking down on them is much easier than with the crowds smaller, but more numerous creatures.
Serious Sam 2
For every big game in the game there own gun. Arsenal Serious Sam 2 is almost completely moved from The Second Encounter. Shotgun, rocket launcher, sniper rifle, a grenade launcher and even a mortar - all this remained in place. It's a shame that we cheated a flamethrower, because it was so fun to roast enemies. For some reason the developers decided to ignore this wonderful trunk, instead of providing homing a parrot with a bomb - utterly insane thing. But the appearance of hand grenades that Sam is always ready zashvyrnut into a crowd of opponents, making the game a hefty portion of new techniques.
Diversify the extermination of adversaries is also designed equipment, which occurs during the passage of indecent lot. War, sitting in some flyers, more fun than shoot peshkodrapom. Moreover, many villains can not just shoot, and to crush. Particularly well suited for this business spiked bubble, climbing into that, Sam becomes a sort of semblance of a deadly bowling ball. The only pity is that this device meets only twice per game.
Serious Sam 2
Such a shortcoming is inherent and other military equipment. From an extensive fleet will fall mostly small boats on antigravity pad. A cute green dinosaur, a catalyst for us back in the second mission, never for more travel time and no-show.
If, however, became quite ill, you can use the stationary turrets that are carefully placed by developers in areas of maximum accumulation of opponents. But sometimes they do not save. After all enemies are such tight formation that the breach in their ranks are sometimes beyond the power of even a machine gun.
Bosses. More precisely, boss. Since the time of The Second Encounter are substantially transformed, becoming not only larger in size, but also more diverse. It is noteworthy that beat leaders "ahead" will not work. For each opponent will have to pick individual tactics, finding his weaknesses. The most vivid impression on a fun pink dragon, which you want to shoot from stationary ballista, gathered with the help of pre-boot to spring a huge boom.

Serious Sam 2
Serious Humor
It is gratifying that Serious Sam 2 is not trying to pretend to be a serious thriller. First and foremost this game - banter and ridicule as on numerous colleagues in the genre, as well as over by the genre. What to say skeleton Dukas Nyukema tied to a post on one level. Yes, and links to other toys are found almost everywhere. Even the names of the levels here speak for themselves - Doomed Canyon, Unreal Wasteland, Area 5100 ...
Himself the protagonist regularly gives Crown frazochki, wondering who it is scattered in the surroundings as valuable "trunks", or giving comments on the intelligence of enemies. Especially funny sounds utterance climbing into the sewer Sam that the toys without the sewer level just does not exist. Banter, and only.

Serious Sam 2
Visiting Fairy Tales
Appearance Serious Sam 2 in the first minutes of the game is literally shocking. Pestryaev colors, funny models, as though he had just descended from the pages of comic books. Really after the realistic models of Doom 3, Far Cry, Half-Life 2 and the mass of the recently published hits IS possible to play? Even as much as possible. You just need to schedule Serious Sam 2 for what it is and try to find it its zest.
And as raisins in the Serious Engine 2 - excited and a little cart. The engine is still copes with open spaces. And although such giant fields as in the first part, Serious Sam 2 we did not find the place to give battle to a hundred or so minions of Mental, enough with interest.
Serious Sam 2
Opponents in the game is not just a lot, but a lot.On average level accounts for about 500-700 opponents. The undisputed champion in this respect - the final level, where Sam in total will have to send to the country of eternal hunt about six thousand enemies. And the number is in no way has no effect on quality. All models boast an impressive number of polygons, high-quality "skins" and good animation. But most importantly, the game engine is surprisingly unpretentious. Even when the screen is accumulated hundreds of opponents, Serious Sam 2 on medium settings and not very advanced "prostate" continues to honestly give 40-50 fps, which is enough for a comfortable game.
Landscapes will not get bored for a minute. Just fought in the jungle? Get ready for the journey into the world of giants, where every abandoned calf is comparable in size with a huge log. The plot throws us into the most bizarre places.
Serious Sam 2
Here we are at the ramshackle flying platform traveled around the island, hung in the air, and after a few minutes later storm an alien base. Designers to work can put a solid "five". Come up with so many original decorations can be done only truly outstanding artists. The only disappointment for the whole game is probably the last level. Toward the close of the action the creativity of developers began to dry up and we got a simple and monotonous maze, around every corner is waiting for hundreds of monsters.
The glory succeed and voice. In the midst of battle, when you climb on all sides by a crowd of snarling monsters, from the horizon leave tens of disgusting giggling clowns, a gun pops never ceased for a moment diminish slightly better sound. And then the deaf for long.
Serious Sam 2
But the music is frankly disappointing. After divine Tracks The Second Encounter, I was expecting based on the full minimum quality tunes and the second part. However, during the whole game just came across two more or less decent composition. The rest are nothing special. So if you want to get maximum enjoyment from the game, turn on in the background WinAmp and enjoy shooting villains your favorite music.

Serious Sam 2
Don't get serious!
Around Serious Sam 2 vengeance hotly disputes. Some argue that the game has lost all of the best pieces of the first part and turned into a simple children's arcade. Others assert that the Serious Sam 2 - it's just that Sam, that we all dreamed of.
Serious Sam 2
In fact, such disputes - a waste of time. Treat Serious Sam 2 does not need a sequel, as well as a separate game. Moreover, apart from glavgeroya, the main idea and the crowd of opponents, the first and second parts of the offspring of Croteam did not bind. Even the game atmosphere changed so much that the extermination of foes are totally different feeling. Yes, Sam became more bright and cheerful, we finally got rid of the raid "maturity". The game has openly stated that it, in spite of the name, do not take seriously, look deeper meaning or counting polygons into the enemy. You just need to relax and have fun.What can be better than after a hard day to come home, and sitting at the computer, race around the colorful cards, wiping out hundreds of opponents is not terrible?

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 8.5
Sound and Music: 8
Design: 9
Score Author: 9
Outcome: 87%