Far Cry Instincts

Platform: Xbox
Genre: FPS
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal and Crytek Studios
Publisher: Ubisoft
Project website: http://www.farcrygame.com/uk/farcryinstincts

Excellent creation of Crytek Studios team deservedly became one of the three best action game of 2004, amounting to compete in such a promoted FPS, like Doom 3 and Half-Life 2. Excellent graphics, good design and thoughtful gameplay coupled with a complex plot - all this in Far Cry was present. But even this was not the most important. The game takes place against a background of fabulous tropical island. Blue sky, crystal clear waters, exquisite natural beauty - the landscape was so bright, vivid and saturated, that there are insurmountable desire to return to this paradise on earth again and again ...

Far Cry Instincts
Lucky for Xbox owners only
The game has gained wide popularity, and the publisher of the project, a little reflection, decided to release a special version of "paradise shooter" exclusively for consoles. Development was called Far Cry Instincts, and its creation of trust Canadian studio Ubisoft Montreal. Initially it was assumed that the game will be released on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox, but later the decision was made for the PS2 version to cancel due to insufficient capacity of the system from Sony.
Employees Ubisoft Montreal is not just a PC-ported version of Far Cry, fit it under the possibility of Xbox. They went the other way, creating a new project almost from scratch. " And, frankly, they failed to do the impossible: Far Cry Instincsts turned out even better than the original version for the PC.

Far Cry Instincts
Quite another Far Cry
Despite the fact that the possibilities of Xbox much more modest than srednestaticheskogo PC, developers managed to squeeze out of the picture boxes are not inferior to (and sometimes even superior) to that can only be seen on the computer high-end configuration.
In Far Cry Instincts have additional locations, and the plot is overgrown with new details and unexpected twists. Have not been forgotten a map editor and full multiplayer mode. As a result, we got probably the best representative of the genre on Xbox (though there is still Serious Sam 2, but this is a different type of FPS).
Far Cry Instincts
So, will introduce you to the main character - a former military Jack Carver. A certain journalist hires him as a guide to a distant tropical island. But when the destination of their separates a couple of hundred meters, Jack in the boat for no apparent reason attacked almost the entire army of heavily armed individuals. "What is it? What's going on here? And where did this damned journalist? Why are all trying to kill me? "- Jack asks himself. But ask the council has no one to have to figure out everything myself ... Here, indeed, begins an adventure itself.
Further, we are waiting for government conspiracies, monstrous experiments, mad scientists and the sea, not even a whole ocean of hurricane action games.Tourist Walk will turn bloodier Massacre, and paradise "island of the Bounty" will turn into a real hell.

Far Cry Instincts
Not just action
Far Cry Instincts can not be called "traditional" representative of the genre of FPS. It includes elements and stealth-action games, and even horror - sometimes it will be really scary. And not because of some sort of monsters, zombies and other evil spirits. Insecurity and vulnerability - that's what scares the most. Here, you will not feel like Superman (well, almost did not succeed), which is mown legions of enemies in a few minutes (as in the same Serious Sam). Each enemy - the owner of a well-developed artificial intelligence, each in its own way is dangerous.
Far Cry Instincts
Breakneck speed, with a gun at the ready - with such tactics in Far Cry Instincts will stretch out very long. Each step must be carefully planned.
As is known, Far Cry for PC differed in that the paths to the goal was a great set. Freedom of action, lack of clear limits and targets. There is a goal, well, how you would go to her (crawl, fly, ride, roll ...) - your own business. In this regard, Far Cry Instincts - almost an exact copy of its "elder brother". But, unfortunately, was not without some limitations. Walking around the island have not come out so freely, as in the PC version. Although visually levels remained equally huge to fit the entire island entirely in a small RAM Xbox, alas, failed. Far Cry Instincts was more linear, and there's nothing you can do.

Far Cry Instincts
Modern Rimbaud Compared with PC-version has seen some major changes in gameplay. The most notable innovation - an opportunity to set the trap. Now you can set traps around the perimeter of the jungle and methodically to lure them as enemies. Plenty of room for tactical maneuvers huge. At the beginning of the game pressing need in this, but closer to the final location of the literate minutes becomes almost the only guarantee of survival - the rounds at all is simply not enough. Important - most do not own popastcya in the same trap.
The basic rule of conduct on the island - try as little as possible in making his opponent.
Far Cry Instincts
There are all conditions are met: you can hide possible for the trees, behind rocks, in bushes, in the grass, etc., thanks to lack of vegetation in the game are observed. To facilitate orientation in the terrain in Far Cry Instincts present a special radar (like the one that was Metal Gear Solid), which shows the location of enemies and their level of alertness. As with any stealth-action, Jack can strike from behind (stunned or immediately sending adversary to the forefathers), thus eliminating themselves from a long firefight with the enemy.
As for weapons, the main character can carry only three weapon at a time. Arsenal are pretty standard: knives, pistols, rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers and so on. Weapons can not only find, but also to select from the corpses of enemies, which is quite logical.Also, Jack is able to shoot with two hands (akimbo mode) in the manner of Max Payne.

The Beast Within, or primitive instincts
As you go, the Carver will appear superhuman abilities. Superforce, increased speed, night vision, improved several times reflexes - tremble, enemies - Superdzhek coming! True, the use of these abilities is limited. For the regeneration of adrenaline used.
What modern FPS do without the use of various means of transportation? That's right, decent homes lack this features is mauvais ton. Jack is able to operate both water and land transport modes. However, the call driving one of the best chips Far Cry Instincts language is not rotated. Too inconvenient to control. So that you will use the car mainly in order to overcome the vast distances in those moments when just too lazy to walk.
Far Cry Instincts are difficult game. And it's not in an advanced enemy AI and a lack of weapons. As for the PC, the Xbox system remained annoying checkpoints. Sometimes they are quite competently. But you do not just curse the developers will be passing the same place again, a kind of five or six. But such episodes in the Far Cry Instincts, believe me, plenty.

Far Cry Instincts
Look and listen
On the appearance of the Far Cry Instincts I have already said a lot of flattering words. This is truly one of the most beautiful games on the Xbox. Worked on the character models, a high degree of detail, sharpness and excellent special effects. Add to this the sensitive use of light and shadow, and you get an idea of ​​how should look like a modern FPS on Xbox. Despite the fact that the game has huge levels, a slowdown was observed.
With regard to audioryada, everything on the level. Not bad music, high-quality voice - and thanks for that. Special attention is given only the fact that the main character speaks the voice of Hollywood actor Stephen Dorf (vampire "Blade").

Secret around the world
Those who will be single-user mode (and it will take a maximum of two weeks) suggest that pay attention to the multiplayer. It presents three modes: standard and team deathmatch'a (Chaos and Team Chaos), the traditional capture-the-flag (Steal the Sample) and original mode Predator (one player with superpowers against all).
Far Cry Instincts
The use of transport, tactical maneuvers (traps, mines, traps) and the hunt for "otozhrannym bunny" make a multiplayer mode is extremely fun.
Despite some shortcomings (which, fortunately very few), Far Cry Instincts claims the title of the best console shooter of 2005. Excellent game that combines excellent graphics and exciting gameplay. Another reason to envy the owners of Xbox.

Gameplay: 9
Graphics: 9
Sound and Music: 8
Design: 9
Score Author: 9
Outcome: 93%