Final Fight: Streetwise

Final Fight: Streetwise
The name of this game - like a drug for all lovers of hodilok-izbivalok. Happy owners SNES many years ago flirted in each of the three parts of the famous series. Therefore, after the announcement of Final Fight: Streetwise nostalgic lovers held their breath and allowed himself cautiously hope for the best. Such a name for the developer - not just a brand, a huge responsibility before a crowd of fans and at the same time, the need to interest people who are not familiar with the earlier games. With both objectives of Studio 8, managed only in part. Us see what was going on.

What gamers have been entitled to expect from the game? First of all, exciting fights, nonstop gameplay, easy control, the presence of familiar characters and manageable plot.

Let's start with the latter. The plot is - served in a lovely spots in the game engine. Our new ward - Kyle, an underground fighter and brother of Cody - One of the key characters of the universe Final Fight. Meet we had an unusual - Kyle wakes up in the corner of the ring after a knockout, but it already in full screaming brother. After this fight relatives ceremoniously removed from the bar, where they fastened a fight with strange types of jackets, which kidnap and Cody. Who are these people? Where is your brother? What the hell's going on? All of this and be seen. I wonder? Absolutely. But only the first half of the game, because beyond that begins the farce: Will the drug that turns people into mutants and mad priest, and other nonsense.

Final Fight: StreetwiseFinal Fight: Streetwise
Participate in a clandestine fight without rules - not necessarily, but interesting. And just settle polygons, and the opponent each time a new one. Lupite bandits, earn respect. Why? To rehabilitate after accidentally killing civilians.
Dynamic gameplay is also just half. Gameplay is a bit like Shenmue, and a lot of - a recent Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance from the same Capcom, which is a bottomless fount of ideas ruined, and some of them moved in Streetwise, but, unfortunately, has not been properly developed. Left and boring walk through the streets of three houses and a tiny quarters, and the rare (for beat'em up) labor. We still roam the city, asking NPC, are fighting with the robbers and street punks, make money in underground battles or by performing unnecessary tasks. Quests are mini-games: to protect someone from bandits, smash the car with his bare hands for a while, play darts or even pyatnashki and have a lot all different. It is a nice variety of gameplay (questioning villain with a door blows to the head will not leave anyone indifferent), but, again, in the beginning. Later, all this running around on four residential areas in search of side quests beginning to pall. And if the original mini-games raises no objections, their diversity - alas. Prepare to be that it is necessary to repeatedly break the same machine, which differs from the previous one only strength and color.

Nesyuzhetnye job, however, can be ignored, because apart from the money they do not bring anything, but actually only need the money to buy new shocks and improve performance. In this new attacks is also not particularly necessary. Why, you ask? Because all the enemies except bosses easily be submitted poking the three buttons (weak and strong attacks, plus the seizure) and generally behave in a stupid: they fight in the queue, all in a heap does not pounce, in short, prefer to beat you to look. Embedding, of course, can, once or twice, but that's seriously damage your health - hardly.

Final Fight: StreetwiseFinal Fight: Streetwise
Dogs - the most harmful of the enemy. Punched in them to get hard ... Bladed weapons in the game a bit, but how much fun - with a knife jab, bat strangle ...
Part of the story (as opposed to optional, quest) is better. There are new locations, all running around less, and fighting more and more - including the bosses. And the bosses (and underground fighters) here you need - smart, agile, strong. Unceremoniously they can not take, I must go into the block, tack, choosing the moment to attack. With the passage of veteran gamers will meet old friends. At the docks you will help deal with a gang himself, Mike Haggar, and in the Japanese quarter to meet Guy. True, to play for them in the Story Mode you will not be, but here in the Arcade - please. By the way, about him. This mode initially brings tears of emotion from players of the old school: You can go street by street together, it is possible to choose a character, revived the concept of "poekrannogo passage. But the level of complexity (three attempts and no continue!), The monotony of the process and the lack of plot does not give enjoy to the fullest.

In general - is not clear what prevented the creators of the game to make a normal role model leveling. Agree, more pleasant in the battle, gradually raise its parameters (the same line of life and force of blows), rather than buying them at the store. It is also unclear why the shooting mode is so short - is literally five or six hours! Fights are rare, and monotonous, and the enemies of the infrequent exceptions, differ only in appearance. Moreover, the impression of the camera's port, because you do not just get on the domes, and are difficult to maintain.

Final Fight: StreetwiseFinal Fight: Streetwise
Maniac's dream: five of actual corpses, and one potential! The Japanese quarter of old famous for crazy Japanese schoolgirls.
Apparently, all resources were thrown at the purchase of high-quality soundtrack. Music lovers, listen: Soulfly, Slipknot, Dub Pistols, Fear Factory! Masters of alternative and rap, their composition could not be better suited to the gameplay.

But the schedule has been mixed. Location in sufficient detail on key characters polygons clearly not spared, but the simple enemies and passers-by (that is on them and you have to admire the entire game), the attention of designers would not hurt. Interactive objects is not enough, but the animation is smooth and the body almost will not fail, even during difficult grabs and throws, which, incidentally, is easily satisfied. Such is the unevenness.

In the end game was average - a lot of good ideas and the ideas remain in full force them to be developed. All you need this game to be a hit, the project is available, but only half done. Only the soundtrack is not satisfactory. As a result: those who came along and across the Urban Reign and Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks, longing for the beat'em up and ready to forgive the flaws and absurdity, should pay attention to the Final Fight: Streetwise. Everyone else is better to abstain.

Final Fight: Streetwise Bonus!
As the passing game will open up a nice bonus in the relevant section. Basically, it marked the clips in the project groups, but there is also the original arcade version of the very first game Final Fight 1989 release! Now everyone has the opportunity to join the Legend.

Final Fight: StreetwiseFinal Fight: StreetwiseFinal Fight: Streetwise