Ridge Racer DS

Ridge Racer DS
The two thousandth year. Sony Dreamcast vengeance smears on the wall, each cut off a piece of the calendar brings to the PlayStation 2 and GameCube is not Dolphin. The American branch of a large N »gives Ridge Racer for the Nintendo 64. Cold adopted ardent fans of the show, RR64 was a far from perfect race - which, nevertheless, played.

Apparently, the bitter experience so have not learned the state studio located in the glorious city of Seattle. For the disgusting attempts to enjoy Ridge Racer DS - except that the scanning of all issues of "Full House" and "Smehopanoramy" in a non-stop.


Classic RR could never boast of realistic physics, they took the other - in a pleasant performance, spectacular drift. In the game for the DS «Skate" series ditched at the root: a feint, conversely, complicates passage of the road, forcing the skirt turns prostetskimi ways. Output from the slip on the rails "extremely uncomfortable, and the standard rotations are given insanely easy - only a masochist would continue to square bumpers, trying to drive beautifully. In addition, differences between the cars competing teams are minimal and almost not felt - although with Gallop Micro Mouse Mappy straight to Assoluto, all the same. Clashes with opponents stopped down the speed and reduce the chances of a victory - in fact, present in the game raschudesny bug, which helps "nedogonschikam" disgraceful ingest the dust. It is necessary to gently touch the side of another car - and the struggle for a place higher is over, you're ahead.

Ridge Racer DSRidge Racer DS
The screenshots really think that this is Ridge Racer. Night races are not as dangerous to the psyche - at least visually.


The authors of racing games, offering to turn "steering wheel" stylus should follow the example of Bart Simpson from the entry to the famous series. True, the board should be more three times, and the catchphrase - «I don't know what the stylus is». Fortunately for us, the traditional model of governance has not been canceled, although the local physics engine is pretty flimsy Support - fingers somehow got used, and the rules already are not the same.


It's hard not to acknowledge: wretchedness Ridge Racer DS is inversely proportional to the luxurious Ridge Racer on the handheld console from Sony. Ruining the game is not even a horrifying realization aspects for the series RR traditionally qualitative, and absolutely no enthusiasm. Togo exhilarating feeling that makes furiously to move on a grid of competitions, to acquire more powerful cars and rushing into the battle with rivals poshustree. And you know what's behind the lights headlights in the dark tunnel? Nothing. None of them here. Well, from then to undertake a genuine atmosphere of arcade races? The correct answer is, of course, "nowhere". «The race is over, time to discover brand new spaces», as Dave Rogers sings.

Ridge Racer DS Ridge Racer 64
Ridge Racer DS
Game series, made by Namco and Nintendo exclusively for the Nintendo 64 has turned bearable - and unlike the previous part. Kings of drift will notice a different design, and should ride poltrassy - feel the machine that something is not right. And only Reiko Nagase on the cover - the same beauty. And there was Optimus Prime!

Ridge Racer DSRidge Racer DS
Do not worry: in motion all the more better. Hello, terrible animation Ridge Racer 64. Five years have not seen.