Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
If we rated this game solely "on points" could be a good reason to shoot at polballa here and there, and as a result of the final figure would have been a fairly modest. But Bioshock does not recover, literally from the first minutes of sending a player into a knockout. The more immersed in the "Rapture", the less want to pick holes in, without which, unfortunately, has not done.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
Looks like we missed the Christmas party. But the fun is enough for us Hid and became invisible, can be considered enemies closer

Battle supermen

Cursing the game for the monotony usually say that it "casts the player tons of" meat ". This is generally true for Bioshock, but only as "meat" is special. Opponents of the move at lightning speed, and quite often shoot straight, throws grenades and fireball, run along the ceiling and beating fiercely hero piece of pipe - in a word, the mutants that they take ...

Try to destroy one of the sleazy "splicer" mere force of arms - and you'll quickly realize that a mediocre opponent of Bioshock (especially towards the end of the game) a little inferior to the average boss from any other shooter. But they often go two, three or even four.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
Water - the special pride of designers Bioshock More fun to just freeze the mutants on the fly
Solving the problem lies in the plasmids: they themselves do not cause significant damage, but allow you to "lock" the target for several seconds. And while she shakes in electroshock, is frozen in a bizarre posture or floundering in a swirl, it can quickly kill. Someone more interested in the sequence of "frozen-torn to pieces, somebody - hit the electric-finished off a burst into his head," but as soon as convenient algorithm is found, the battle process turns into a routine. By improving the appearance of secrecy and a crossbow in the second half of the game can be variety of activities in the killings of "ninja-style": quietly steal up and thrust an arrow into the back of the neck (the most pleasant thing that you can then pull out and re-used), but to invent some more complex and non-trivial technique is not necessary.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru) Plasmids genotoniki and other equipment
Weapons in Bioshock is formally a bit: revolver, machine, shotgun, flamethrower and a crossbow, but each of the trunks can use three types of ammunition, which makes a fair variety in the process of slaughter (although spetsboepripasy in relative short supply, so the bulk of the enemies have to make the usual rounds) .

But an even greater diversity provides a local "magic" - plasmids. Types of plasmids are many: fire, electric shock, freezing, telekinesis, bees, pheromones for "Big Daddy", a false target - all I do not remember. Yes and no reason, because "in case" can be enacted at the same time not more than six, with slots for them are given not once, but purchased for Adam after the game.

Plasmids - it's not combat, and support weapons, destroy enemies only using them meaningless. But if applied in addition to the traditional "trunk", then the efficiency of the latter increases several times. In general, plasmids are used to reduce the remarkable "jumping ability" to enemies and calmly take aim.

In turn, the plasmid perfectly complemented genotonikami. This is a "passive magic", which improves the physical, military or engineering characteristics of the player. For example, they can be used to achieve many things: learn to move quietly or even become invisible if you stand and not move, successfully break into safes and machines; increase the effects of first-aid kits and reduce the damage done by the harsh environment the body.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
Reconfigure the plasmid and genotoniki can in special machines
Plasmids and genotoniki can either find the "field", or purchased for Adam in the special machines, or exchanged for a set of objects in the universal converter (but there's usually nothing really stands do not offer).

Another interesting way to get unique genotonikov - study. Enemies can not only kill but also to photograph a special scanner. After making a sufficient number of good shots (preferably in the motion), the hero gets a new useful knowledge about the opponent (such as it is better to send to that light), and in some cases - a special tonic, giving any new money associated with this type of enemies . I must say that idea with great photo scanners adds to the fun gameplay.

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Smile! Memory photo
And it's not a lack of opportunities - this game has everything in order, if desired, can destroy opponents in many ways - as a lack of motivation to use these opportunities. You can, for example, to throw the enemy fell under the hand of a subject or napustit it a swarm of bees. But why, if the electric and Headshots decide the case in the blink of an eye? All compounded by an unfortunate mistake: when adding new plasmids often strays bind causing them the keys, to restore it back to a problem, so smartly switch between them are unlikely - will not allow motor memory, which crashed not have the actual layout.

The situation could be tricky to fix unique bosses for the destruction of which would take an inventive use of the available arsenal, but alas, they are not. Bosses in Bioshock are different from ordinary opponents only better health and increased resistance to the plasmid, so that no call wit a player they did not quit.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
Sander Cohen has, and he probably regrets that gave us a crossbow Sweet Couple
Pleasant exception is the "Big Daddy". The first fight with this hybrid Kolobkov, tank and rhino will not soon be forgotten. He hits very hard and painful, ammunition it takes a long, all-powerful does not freeze its usual effect, so you have to dodge, perenastraivaya turret microhelicopter and surveillance systems, inventory elektrokartechyu and armor-piercing bullets. You can still play off "Papochek" with particularly virulent mutants (mages for this purpose are ideal) and with each other. But ... it is quite possible that not to do - for reasons which we will shortly.

Thus, a summary of the warhead: Bioshock gives the player a great variety of ways to destroy enemies, which allows everyone to create his own style and pattern of passage. However, the game is making too little effort to break this pattern, break the usual string of killings and force the player to strain the brain.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru) Mutants
In Bioshock only five basic types of mutants (in the original they are called splicers):

  • thug walks with a piece of pipe (and later begins to beat and even current);
  • the shooter is worn with a gun (later - with "Tommy Hahn");
  • Spider can throw hooks, move across the ceiling and is engaged in other acrobatics;
  • Nitro is very smartly flung grenades;
  • Mage skillfully uses the fireball and constantly teleports.
Interestingly, the bosses (except the final) are all in the same classes, just kill them have a little longer than normal "infantry."

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
While "Big Daddy" light is green, it is absolutely safe Substituting "Daddy" in jeopardy of mutant-mage, you can stock up on popcorn and enjoy the spectacle

Somewhere beyond the sea ...

Despite the fact that developers Bioshock is primary is the gameplay, not story, just the story and the atmospheric side of the game hit the most.

The plot outline is known, perhaps, have everything: an underwater city, ADAM, mutated citizens, "Big Daddy" and "little sister". Nevertheless, almost all descriptions of game that could read, there are some inaccuracies, so do not be superfluous to know what's going on in Bioshock in fact, the more that a good translation done by specialists 1C, this contributes very .

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
Fort Frolic - favorite level designer UT and GeoW Cliffy B And with him we can not accept
Thus, the action game is set in the underwater city "Rapture» (Rapture) in early 1959. Rapture was built 13 years earlier an eccentric millionaire, Andrew Ryan, who realized that he could escape from the communist contagion only on the ocean floor.

In 1919, Ryan ran from beset by civil war in Russia, which, in his words, "traded at the Bolshevik tsarist despotism madness." Fled to America, which at the time seemed a bulwark of capitalist sanity compared to the enthusiastic socialist ideas of Europe.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
Arcadia impressive but no less In addition, there is much more comfortable
But gradually, "parasites" (as Ryan called communists and their sympathizers) have penetrated into the heart and the United States: first, it helped declared Roosevelt's New Deal that radically intensified government influence on the economy, the war has been the case, discovered America malign Soviet influence.

For a hated government intervention in private business and private life Raina results of the war saw a truly disastrous: half of Europe was under the direct authority of Stalin, the second half - under the indirect, but in the ruling circles of the United States dug in secret and overt "comrades".

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
On the area of ​​Apollo had been executed a lot of people And some are hanging out there so far
To hide from all this horror could only be at the bottom of the sea that Ryan did, because, in addition to all their ideological inversion, was a brilliant engineer and organizer. Contrary to his hatred of altruism, he created a safe haven not only for themselves but also for many other people like himself - who believed in the "Great Chain of production." In contrast to the Party line, this circuit is connect people, not acting on orders from superiors, but solely in its own interests. In a sense, Ryan was humanity - but only as long as people conform to his ideas about what is right.

Naturally, many of those who fell into Rapture, these ideas did not match. Once in the city and got some good punches from not bound by any conventions harsh capitalist reality, they quickly sank to the bottom and it dragged out a miserable miserable existence.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
ADAM is clearly detrimental effect on creative people For example, a famous plastic surgeon decided to become a surgeon-abstractionist
This explosive residue used for their purposes adventurer John Fontaine, who made his fortune in the gap in the Rapture smuggling. Opening the refuge "for the poor," he "for a bowl of soup" gathered an army of proletarians who are ready for anything.

But the real power of these beggars have become, when the hands of the Fountain horrible discovery Bridgette Tenenbaum biologist who discovered the mollusk that can regenerate damaged tissue. Thus was Adam - the substance that gives the person an unprecedented power and great opportunities ... and, eventually, disfiguring his appearance both externally and internally.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
All these people were trying to kill Andrew Ryan. Now it's our turn ... Andrew Ryan is not shied away from carnal pleasures ...
Despite the fact that in the ensuing fight Fontaine was killed and his production company ADAM Ryan took it, the civil war did not stop. Now headed by the rebels got a new leader with the party name Atlas.It is under the strict guidance of the Atlas of the silent hero, narrowly escaped after the crash, to go through the dying city to put an end to senseless violence perpetrated by Rayna. The creator of the underwater city, it seems, finally lost his mind ... Or not definitively? ..

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
Reprogrammed grenade launcher turret - the guarantee of health However, sometimes hacking is impossible in principle (but before it began no one you know will not tell)
Literary foundation Bioshock - one of the strongest among those that have seen in shooters. There is almost everything you need: bright memorable images (some "little sister" and "Big Daddy" which stand!), Excellent attention to detail, beautiful binding to the historical realities, coupled with an excellent sense of the era 30's and 40's, non-trivial moves , the mass of black humor, a lot of allusions and internal links, drop-down at the moment of climax. Of course, if you think about it, without serious logical inconsistencies, too, could not have done, but not really want to ponder.

Much more interesting to reflect on the ambiguities of personality, Andrew Ryan. After all, if at the beginning of the game, he embodies the almost absolute evil, sends to glavgeroya one trouble after another, by the time you begin to feel a personal meeting him almost sympathetic.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
After getting rid of the clam ... ... Sisters are usually girls
The most significant drawback of the plot - its complete linearity. The only fork in the road due to the fact, to kill or not the "Little Sisters" for the removal of ADAM. In this case, the rejection of the murder, in the end, brings the same bonuses as the murder itself - what is wrong, because destroying the moral dilemma at the root. If you compare this with the fact that we could see in Fable or KoTOR, then the comparison would be clearly not in favor of Bioshock. But to the credit of the latter, it should be noted that here, as in real life is much harder to understand exactly where is the bright side.

Audio-visual component of the game is breathtaking, even more than dramatic. Reported seal failure luxurious interiors in Art Deco style, perfectly executed posters and illustrations, as well as the stunning soundtrack create a complete immersive - and rest assured, Bioshock not so easy to let go and after you kill the "What is essential is the boss."

Music would like to mention specifically. The original soundtrack created specifically for the game, not bad, but it does not go to any comparison with two dozen of these tunes 30-40-50's, from time to time be heard in Bioshock. We recommend you to listen to one of the main themes: Somewhere Beyond The Sea - perhaps she's much better represents the game than a dozen reviews.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
From bears and denne not hide on the seabed The picture is sometimes simply breathtaking

Fly in the ointment

Unfortunately, writing a love and zeal unique, not afraid of this word, the atmosphere, the developers of several tasteless smear nearly destroyed her (I suspect that this worked ubiquitous marketing professionals with the motto "People do not understand!").

They drastically eased the game by typing in her element called Vita-Chambers («Vita-stall"). If the hero is killed, he immediately resurrected at the nearest Vita-booth "with some margin of health and EVE (a substance that is the" fuel "for the plasmids). In this case, an alarm (if it was) off, and "Big Daddy" (if it at the time of death haunted hero) gets to his indifference.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
Form of the cutting blowtorch door provided to a hundred times greater psychological impact, if not damned immortality The same applies to the ominous shadows on the walls
As a result, death is transformed from a small accident in a way to replenish health and EVE. Suppose health is very small, and the kit does not want to spend - if the cabin is nearby, it is advisable to die to replenish reserves. With its immortality, "Big Daddy" can overwhelm almost bare hands (or rather "naked" wrench), would be a reserve of patience and cabin nearby. Still, after a man in a diving suit is not resurrected and not treated. The most awful thing of this disservice to the cabins can not get rid of even at the maximum level of complexity!

But, worse still, the automatic resurrection completely kill the remnants of fear. Indeed, it is very difficult to get afraid of a man realizes that he is not sneaking through dark corridors and sitting at the computer. And if death is not terrible, even "for fun" - on the contrary, often it is beneficial - then what kind of immersion in the game can be said? After that, all attempts to intimidate authors player (and such attempts in Bioshock a few) turn zilch. Not terrible, and everything!

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)ru) "class =" center2 last png "/>
Little Sisters are trained From time to time come across machines, where you can upgrade weapons
The funny thing is that eerie sounds that emit when walking "Big Daddy" (as they go be healthy - so that the floor shakes), only added relaxation. The fact is that, unlike the rest of the inhabitants of Rapture, suffering from increased aggressiveness, "Daddy" did not attack first and are harmless if left alone. Therefore, hearing the roaring of the uterine and trample upon which under other circumstances would be stood on end all the hair that is in the body, just calm down and continue running away on business.

Another annoying point - volubility enemies. They are constantly, constantly, incessantly chatting (mostly to themselves). In gameplay terms this is certainly convenient, since the signals that nearby there is someone. But in terms of immersion in the game's atmosphere is extremely unpleasant, especially since the set of phrases still limited and late in the game they can memorize. The matter is compounded by the Russian voice acting, because most of the actors, as usual, greatly overplayed. Therefore, when one hundred millionth time I've heard some silly poems, spoken with the intonation of Malvina-goth and supposedly designed to "add air, you want to find those responsible for this ... and for a long time with a reproachful look in their eyes . Because one can not so.

Otherwise, the Russian translation and voice are quite adequate. In the work of translators can, of course, to mention some roughness or points of contention, but traditional for the Russian translation of questions, "What are they and how does this compare with what is happening on the screen?" Does not arise. As for the game actors, in general, it is satisfactory, but some of it overlaps can even be attributed to the style of the era (in those years was generally accepted replay).


Abyss fascination and frustration at the same time. The work of art excursion into the philosophy of objectivism, a great audiobook and monotonous line "Shooter 2.0" in one bottle. A sense of sweet melancholy and a vague hope for something more - perhaps on Bioshock 2.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru) Howard Hughes, and Ayn Rand
Familiar with the history of XX century, people can easily see in Andrew Rheine features of two real historical figures: Howard Hughes, and Ayn Rand.

Howard Hughes became a legend during his lifetime. A talented engineer, desperate pilot, technology visionary, producer, finally, the first American billionaire - in those years when the dollar was worth much more than now. And it is very mentally unhealthy person with a mass of phobias, manias and oddities, which strongly intensified during the second half of his life. Andrew Ryan, apparently, is not inherited from its prototype unhealthy fear of germs, the propensity to gain personal assistants exclusively from among the Mormons, and love for all-day TV viewing. However, another feature of the Hughes - pathological manifestations of their devotion to the girls from the show business - is present in the game and is quite an important element of the plot. In Bioshock is not explicitly referred to the attitude of Raina to blacks (and Hughes could not stand them perfectly), but none of the Negro in Rapture could not be found.

Ayn Rand became a source of ideological base, Andrew Ryan, and because of its "presence" in the game much more noticeable. Leaving the Soviet Union to America in 1926, Alisa Rosenbaum forever remain ardent opponent of collectivism and socialism. Due to their extremely radical position which gives the selfishness, capitalism, and personal independence is literally a religious status, it has become one of the most influential American writers and philosophers.Despite the increasing popularity in the U.S. her books such as "Atlas Shrugged, Rand was a writer, to put it mildly, a peculiar, but because of its roughly hewn from a single piece of granite heroes be able to directly express their views and ideas (naturally coincide with the author) in a long monologue. So when he heard on the radio another inspirational speech on the theme of Ryan "is not - the government, yes - a private initiative, should not be surprised.

Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)Bioshock (review of the localized version of Gameland. Ru)
Visual propaganda in the style of "Glory to the capitalist labor!" Occurs everywhere in the Rapture
Reader's review of BioShock Clan FPS. Rating: 9.0