Project Sylpheed

Project Sylpheed
Incredible, but true: the developers and publishers of video games, conspired, not willing to let us at the helm starships, by hook or crook to give up making a career space pilot. Fly from planet to planet as passengers - please, but to manage anything in a vacuum - no, no! However, there are still people who are expensive education. And they showed up in famous studios Game Arts, a short time to create and release (with support from Square Enix and Microsoft) is very, very curious Project Sylpheed.

Pernicious habits

If there is a habit for people, from which they never give up, so it wont fight. Leaving the Earth, finding dozens of new worlds, and having mastered the most advanced technologies, our descendants with you (on the version of screenwriters Game Arts), in spite of everything, even in the twenty-seventh century, will find an excuse for armed conflict after another. Then some kind of solar system decides to become independent, then the very nice asteroid field is not split, then something else. And when the human race is finally split into two mighty Powers (Terra and the ADAN Freedom Alliance), then a fool and it became clear: War is not inevitable. That did not stop Terran proshlyapit surprise attack and be taken aback. Now they are forced to defend desperately, sending to the front even novice pilots, one of them and you have to run for many missions. Meet: Farevey Katana (Katana Faraway).

Project SylpheedProject Sylpheed
Large ships - an easy target. Unless it's Allied ships. When the round explodes and burns everything, even hard to navigate.

Space for All

Direct descendant of the traditional arcade shooter, Project Sylpheed is still markedly different from its predecessors - especially the relative freedom of movement. Of course, you will not be allowed, taking a fighter to wave to a neighboring galaxy. But within any level you are free to move anywhere, on whatever path. The main thing to remember in this case, why are you here today, otherwise there is a risk too quickly bump the nose of the good-old inscription «Game Over».

However, to relax and fly for fun is still unlikely to give. From the earliest space missions for many miles around will fill the enemy's ships - and no one except you is not going to stop them. No, no, do not think, though young Katana all alone fighting against the enemy armadas. The trick is this: in the young man's colleagues got completely stupid and lazy, and use them in battle or on groshik. Meanwhile, the complexity of the task times from time increases, and rip out a victory from the jaws of the enemy is becoming harder and harder. Serious obstacles to the triumph of becoming not only arrogance rivals and feeble mind of fellow soldiers, but also the time: it is often on a mission to produce smaller than the other. Sometimes it seems: already tried all the moves to the last.But the game is not enough, and you have to again go back to the beginning: it saved between missions are not allowed. And at one level they happen, not two and not three.

But fans of a variety of upgrades in Project Sylpheed is waiting for a real feast. By the end of each successfully completed level you get a certain amount may spend on research and buy new weapons. And as developers come up with a lot of weapons! Intermediate-and long-range, rapid-fire guns, mortars, plasma guns - more noticeable than your successes, the more varied it becomes a choice.

Project SylpheedProject Sylpheed
While we are working hard, bosses give orders to useless. Purple Nebula is beautiful, but somewhere in the haze of the enemy is hidden - you have to be wary.


Buying armor-piercing shells - occupation, of course, fascinating. But they are unlikely to hurt you appreciate other advantages of the project. For example, graphics - it is here, incidentally, is surprisingly good. Simultaneously on the screen may be dozens if not hundreds of objects: brisk fighters (including, of course, your own), the heavy battleships that were released by someone missiles, fragments of destroyed starship ... Add to this the constant flashes of color music, explosions, contrails, cannon volleys and the intricacies of interface, and you get more or less clear idea of ​​the appearance of creation GameArts. If you delve into the technical stuff - nothing special, but the user is not inclined to count the number of polygons in a frame, Project Sylpheed certainly impress purely enjoyable. With what we developers and congratulations.

Project SylpheedProject Sylpheed
The red sign on the screen warns: somewhere near you fly designed rocket. The protagonist in person - young, naive, fearless, courageous.

Happy flying!

We summarize. Largely uncomplicated and straightforward, Project Sylpheed nevertheless deserves attention - primarily because fly in space, the owners of consoles can now extremely rare. Fans of simulation, of course, be disappointed: they are the authors have not given any candy. But if you're partial to colorful battles among the stars, ready to turn a blind eye to non-compliance of the laws of physics and put up with a tearful story - boldly take the collection of Project Sylpheed. At least a few pleasant evenings in front of TV you provided.

Project Sylpheed Pedigree
Many may be surprised, but if you dig a little deeper, with Project Sylpheed found quite decent by the standards of the industry, genealogy, reading which is as much in 1986. It was then, for many years before the Lunar and Grandia, a small studio Game Arts has released for NEC PC-8801 shooter Silpheed, two years later After reaching the MS, and in 1993, ported to the Sega CD, where the game and gained a real reputation.Despite the slim possibilities of technology in those years, in Silpheed use this three-dimensional graphics - a sort of breakthrough. But despite the success and acclaim of fans, continued Silpheed saw the light very soon. Only in late 2000, Game Arts in conjunction with the Treasure released Silpheed: The Lost Planet for the PS2. The game still belonged to the genre-scrolling shooter, had already lost her pretty popular, and therefore not gained widespread success. That, as we now see, has not stopped Game Arts return to the theme of cosmic war, but at the same time give us a relative freedom of movement in a vacuum.

Project SylpheedProject Sylpheed