Serious Sam II

Serious Sam II
Big game space were replaced by huge, big monsters turned into giant monsters and villains instead of the hordes of assorted rolls hordes of enemies. Serious Sam II is replete with quantitative rather than qualitative changes. Good or bad, everyone decides for himself. We are just stating a fact ...


Feeling of "well-forgotten old" arises from the first seconds of the game and not leave before the final battle with the villain. In his role - Mental, aspiring maniac-destroyer, tearing people on the planet Sirius. Council "siriusyanskih" Elders by signing in his own helplessness, sends delegates to the Serious Sam, they say, help me, my good fellow, and it really forces not to tolerate izmyvatelstva villain. Sam, of course, agrees, but all it really does not matter. As in previous episodes, Serious Sam, the story needed ... By the way, why is it needed? Doom and Quake, I remember perfectly, and without it. Anyway, an introductory video still advise to look, get a clear idea of ​​the possibilities Serious Engine 2.

Serious Sam II Together cheerfully to walk ...
Serious Sam II

If you have not tried a regime of cooperative, consider not seen the game. All that is rich in Serious Sam II, it was disclosed in friendly battles shoulder to shoulder. With flexible customization of the game simply becomes a fun pastime for the cheerful company.

Serious Sam IISerious Sam II
Riding on gallimimuse. Interactivity is off scale. Explodes and beats almost everything.

Marasmus was intense

The main difference Serious Sam II from the original game - the graphics. For the sake of a picture, and five years of waiting, not sorry, and Croteam cope with the sequel in just four years.

And the company is not trying to imitate the well-known hits, and chose his own, inimitable way. The team dropped the cinematic Half-Life 2, and strongly dismissed the flashy gloss Doom III - Serious Sam II is more like a very brutal, bloody cartoon. No, the studio did not slap the world of cell shader'ami - hand-drawn graphics leave an interactive comic book. Croteam just prefer grim realism of a few buckets of bright colors. This way the most incredible places of battle looks like a raving madman, and legions of rabid clowns crowd "yadrogolovyh" zombies, clockwork rhino and Canonical witches in the spirit of Poe's only to reinforce a sense of insanity.

Serious Sam II Humor
Serious Sam II
Serious Sam II - play funny. From first to last level you will be entertained as sebaceous joke of the Sam and fun developers. In one scene, our brave macho reveals a plate of pea porridge in a beach bungalow. Without hesitation, Sam eats a meal, and then hear a distinctive sound, and the hut shatters into splinters.

Serious Sam IISerious Sam II
Deranged squirrel in a cage is mortally dangerous to others. Silly natives. Save them - get a parrot-suicide.


But it is necessary to distract from the charms of a fresh engine, and notice the changes become more difficult. All levels, of course, new ones, but apart they are distinguished by exceptional design. Same goals and objectives of the hero over the years are not reversed. Sam still needs to reach from point A to point B, that is, to overcome the distance from the entrance to the level before the release of it (incidentally after putting a hundred or foe, of course). Croteam promised an alternative means of movement and kept his word. Sam travels to the "domesticated" dinosaur, futuristic "floating saucer, spiked area and a few funny units.

But the lucky find - that area: speeding bead stringing enemies on spikes, like insects on pins. However, a pleasure trip - rather, a mini-game than an integral part of the Serious Sam II. They are short and inserted as if for a tick, so that no one blamed the developers in a lie. Same with the new weapon. Serious Bomb flooding level bright white light, burning down all the monsters on the screen, but so powerful toy granted very rarely. And so it is with a parrot-bomber, which delivers an explosive gift to the nearest enemy (or return it to Sam, not finding the target). Suicidal birds at the time of this return the pages of the Red Book - so few of them in the game.


The logic of the developers is clear: if Serious Sam has won so popular, why do something dramatically changed? That's just such an approach is good for additions and continuations of us are accustomed to wait for more. Nevertheless, the portion of reckless fun you get, no doubt.

Serious Sam II Serious figures
While Serious Sam II is similar to the great predecessors, the statistics are impressive. The developers claim that the Serious Engine 2 in a hundred times (sic!) more powerful of the old engine. With newfangled technology programmers and designers have created forty levels spread across seven did not like each other planets, and forty-five varieties of enemies. The latter include both classic monsters "wild and unseemly appearance, and shizoparanoidalnye creation, like a huge toy rhinoceroses, the bloodthirsty clowns and bombogolovyh kamikaze. However, we have something you know is not the world's big lie than statistics ...

Serious Sam IISerious Sam II
The game is full of all sorts of secrets. For example, a monkey head on the left is a lever. Before you even the boss, but only slightly larger enemy ...