Mount & Blade: Age Tournament

Mount & Blade: Age Tournament
The Age of tournaments "- is exactly the case when the game does not meet the expectations of the public because of pre-pasted label. In the long-awaited "multiplayer" continuation of Mount & Blade Multiplayer was not the main thing. Interactive mode is the strength of a quarter of the game. Everything Else - TaleWorlds attempt to turn his creation into a global strategy in the simulator swordsman and goodness knows what else.

Dear Comrade King

Spouses Yavuz (Yavuz), founders and creators TaleWorlds Mount & Blade, all itching to do nothing. They seem little has been done one of the non-format RPG of recent years, which is a simulator of a medieval knight in a free swimming. Developer continues to pull in the experiments. It would seem that the more you can come up with the game, about which critics say not so, "" Space Rangers "meets Oblivion», not «Pirates! and "Le Corsaire" landfall "? It turns out, very much.

For example, you try to turn it into a global strategy. Original Mount & Blade is also no stranger to outbursts were tactical: you can get in using your own strength to put to gather a detachment of mercenaries in a few dozen people to go and fight against the enemies of his king. You could even undermine the forces to revolt and overthrow of the former suzerain, and ... make sure to sit on the empty throne, not, as you yourself have become persona non grata for the rest of the rulers.

Mount & Blade: Age TournamentMount & Blade: Age Tournament
If you are not confident in their ability and are not prepared to fight immediately with live opponents, you can first practice on bots. Each State's Online relies on three classes. There are plenty to choose from.
Now, nothing prevents announce his squad a sovereign state and put together a small (if possible - large) size of the empire. Moreover, if past nearby Lords in any case turned up his nose to rebel, but now you are allowed to enter into alliances, regardless of the sovereign - which means you may find yourself allies in the struggle for the throne. Do not have time to blink an eye, as you yourself are distributing the land of noble knights and choose your own vassals.

The role of diplomacy in general has grown significantly. For example, if the land on which you put the eye can not take by force, you can enclose a dynastic marriage with all its consequences, especially because there is no shortage of brides. The very same administration kingdom differs little from messing with smaller holdings, the difference lies only in scale. Although all of the same window of diplomacy does not sleep - constantly have to think, with whom and against whom to make friends who are going to be friends against you and to whom your ambition will soon stand in the throat.

Mount & Blade: Age Tournament Lots of great games
As you know, originally Mount & Blade has been an independent development, supported by a fan community. Thanks to this game before the release of overgrown lot of modifications. The same applies to the "multiplayer" add-on. There is already an impressive collection of maps a fan of production plus a few modifications. And that, presumably, is only the beginning.

We were sent into battle Comrade Emperor

That, in itself, the addition is not finished. The Age of tournaments, "turned out to be the most under Mount & Blade - a comprehensive. In the original game until someone involved in politics and military campaigns, the other sat on his horse, picked up a spear and went right to chase the robbers in the surrounding forests. And in addition: you can not care about politics and see how a military craft has gone forward over the past year and a half.

Mount & Blade: Age TournamentMount & Blade: Age Tournament
Ride to the resorts of Antalya horses Aeroflot! It is a pity that online achievements yet undocumented. TaleWorlds should think about the site with a bunch of tables and ratings.
The combat system has changed significantly. Physics weapons became much closer to the reality that, of course, has not made the fights easier - especially when you are fighting on horseback. The shooting remained virtually unchanged, but the amateurs melee, many new techniques and tricks. For example, nothing prevents the enemy pay a good kick, forcing him to get distracted and miss a kick. In general, contractions began to resemble more a duel athletes fencers. Always need to calculate their actions beforehand: time set in motion one of the new techniques - and the enemy will be doomed. And if not in time - will be doomed to have you.

A list of available weapons and equipment are also fairly replenished. Basically - all sorts of extreme examples of weapons such as two-handed swords or some giant hammer, causing tremendous damage. It is clear that things are specific, requiring skilful handling. While you're brandishing the same hammer, the opponents ten times manage to cut you to pieces. Again, the use of such a giant can only be fully convinced that any of that (for anyone) is not hooked - so to storm the castle with dvuruchnikom does not enter.

Mount & Blade: Age Tournament Online stadium
Deathmatch / Team Deathmatch - classic online lists. Worn on the field and the crowd enthusiastically injure each other. He (or the team), who managed to kill the maximum number of enemies is the winner.

Battle - team battle with a slight nuance: dead leaves before the end of the battle. The need to protect their skin radically change strategy.

Master of the Field - a special version of Battle: the attacking team must destroy two catapults, defender - hold the specified time, or kill enemies.

Fight and Destroy - the same kind of Battle: to capture the flag and defend it as a long time.

Capture the Flag - the standard mode of kidnapping an enemy flag.

Assault - the map is scattered set of flags for the control of which points are added. The winner is the one who attains the agreed number of points. What's interesting - for the loss of his starting flag is assumed to a large fine.

Siege - familiar from the single-player mode attack / defense of the castle, only to place virtual opponents hold alive players.

Start in Antalya

Map of all of us loved the world Kalradii also not remained unchanged. K known to us the kingdoms were added yet another state - Sarranidsky sultanate, copied, you guessed it, from medieval Arab caliphate. New land - is not only an opportunity to spend a few hours to explore unfamiliar territory, it is still an additional force of mercenaries, the sea east of arms and many impressions from local cities and landscapes.

By the way, the visual part of Mount & Blade is also subjected to total renovation. It is not a standard item "updated graphics", which for a tick is attributed to any renewal. The figures of the heroes have added greatly to landfills, the movement of soldiers have become more realistic, weapons and armor have learned to cast a glare when the sun peeps out from behind the clouds ... If you go to poetry, the update produces the effect of short-rain summer day, that washes away dirt and nails to the ground dust, making all the colors brighter and sharper.

Mount & Blade: Age TournamentMount & Blade: Age Tournament
Meet: mercenaries from the sultanate. Quality, inexpensive, although the strike power to them is clearly not enough. It seems that the random quests with new kinds of jobs are not replenished. At least, they could not be found.

In the online friends!

Finally not hurt to say a few words about the multiplayer, for which, according to developers, and was started all the add-on. Interactive mode is designed to solve the main problem of Mount & Blade - quickly stale gameplay. After having familiarized with all the innovation, becoming the king and went on a trip to the sultanate, you once again, as last time, wonder: "What do I do next?". Then it's time to go to a rendezvous with live players.

TaleWorlds offers a choice of an impressive set of modes (for more details - see sidebar). There are online and classical entertainment such as the massacre of "every man for himself", and the exotic fun in the spirit of "Break the enemy catapults for ten minutes." Grown in a single character to online battles are not allowed, forcing each time to create a hero again. But there is a good opportunity to try the role and scout, and sniper, and "tank" and someone else. The benefit of team play in the tournaments Age "is no less important than in some Battlefield.

That's, like, everything. At least, as a whole - to understand all the minutiae of The Epoch tournaments, need to write a major research work. TaleWorlds not greedy and did such a supplement, which other developers would have sufficed for an entire game (some - not even two). Whatever caught you in due time Mount & Blade, add-on force to look at it in a completely different light.

Mount & Blade: Age TournamentMount & Blade: Age Tournament
Riding at this time remains unchanged. Knock, knock, another blow, blow again - and here ...
Mount & Blade: Age Tournament About Us
2005. Year of birth studio TaleWorlds in the Turkish city of Ankara. By the way, at the time of release of Mount & Blade it worked only six people.

2008. The studio produces Mount & Blade, which has become one of the most unformatted games of the year. How else to call an RPG with a huge open world where players have no ultimate goal?

2010. Yield Supplement «Mount & Blade: Age of tournaments." Following in the West should leave the familiar domestic players add-With Fire & Sword, which takes place in Europe of XVII century.