Unlikely for someone to become a revelation that it was a portable console, Sony gave the opportunity to enjoy the real car simulator, not only at home, because until the PSP genre was limited to arcade racing. Now the road you can easily play the same Colin McRae Rally 2005, TOCA Race Driver 2 or World Championship Rally. But with all motorcycle simulators are not so rosy. Or rather, was - until recently, now we have MotoGP. And with it the opportunity to participate in these competitions, where, in addition, each driver (Valentino Rossi, Marco Melandri, Nicky Hayden!), Every track and every one of dozens of motorcycles - licensed.

For quality of overlap developers want to shake his hand. Or even both at once. By the way, unlike the game itself, repeats these demonstrate just did wonders speed! In contrast, the same Moto Racer, for such a "trick" here can be solved only in very exceptional cases - is too great chance to be on the ground. Or in intensive care.
From the first minutes of the game is impressive attention of developers to detail. For example, is clearly visible dust emitted from the tire, when leaving the highway to the wheels immediately stick the sand, and if the "look" during the race, a special button, you will notice that the ward as he turned his head back.

And do not doubt that we face a real simulator, only one big name is not limited to - control of the motorcycle calibrated to the smallest detail. Unfortunately, Namco, or did not have time or simply did not want to create a training mode for beginners. And it would come in handy: how to drive each track from the first (and also with the second, third and even fourth) times oh how difficult.

Not without serious missteps. First of all, the MotoGP almost completely absent sensation of speed - turns you can "pledge" to 100-150 km / h, and did not even notice it. A small number of routes (even if licensed) - the second major drawback. Perhaps the real enthusiasts simulators eight tracks would be enough, but for newcomers this is unlikely to be enough.

Most worryingly, artificial intelligence, all these routes knows by heart. And it is - the biggest disappointment MotoGP. All the opponents roll down the same path, not allowing himself any stray or fight for a place. Moreover, the contestants are not even able to overtake you, if you cut their way - apparently pre-designed trajectory simply ignores the possibility of the way of some solid object (try to slow down in the way of any "iron idol"). Hardly know it, and interest in the game drops - an unforgivable incident because for the simulator. Accordingly, decreases, and evaluation.But despite this blatant stupidity, MotoGP still deserves attention - all the same first motorcycle simulator for the PSP!