Hooligans: Storm Over Europe

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe.
Platform: PC
Genre: RTS
Developer: Thirteenth Production
Publisher: DarkXabre
Requirements: P2 - 350, 64RAM, 3d-acc.

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe
It makes no sense to retell the inveterate football fan, sometimes a mess going on home ground. Long gone are the days when you could come watch the game with your child or girlfriend, do not risk running into a drunken squabble, or get from somewhere above a beer bottle. Clearly, the stadium - not the theater, and a lively discussion about sexual orientation, the judges were and will always be, but still sometimes frankly surprised absolutely bestial behavior of certain groups of "fans". Under the guise of loyalty to the club, such scumbags with cruelty and thoughtlessness wolves spills out unbridled aggression. Moreover, if the restore pogromlennye sector in the stadium can always be - would be money, then rehabilitate the good name of the club in the eyes of normal football fans is oh, how hard ...

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe
Agree, subject fairly sharp and rather strange that she still has not been raised within the computer games. Draft Hooligans: Storm over Europe, telling of a difficult and dangerous fate okolosportivnyh brawlers, is intended to correct this injustice. It's unclear, however, for whatever reason, "the storm" decided to hold over Europe - if not mistaken where bloodthirsty in this regard, South Americans (in the last 60 years in Argentina alone has killed nearly one hundred and fifty people.) With regard to genre affiliation, the engineers decided the most appropriate strategy in real time, and in fact, so to speak, a virgin pure. Almost complete absence of any planning acts of violence we are asked to compensate the bloody fights and "realistic" behavior of the wards. All sorts of plans for the delivery of the bricks, fireworks and piercing-cutting of scrap metal behind the scenes as well as the financial side, playing in the organization of turmoil is not the most important role. On the most gusto - rioting in the streets, breaking through police lines and beating someone else's fans team ...

Hooligans: Storm Over Europe
Now the bad news. More precisely, on the implementation of the already small obchekryzhennoy ideas. The first thing catches the eye more than the wretched graphics. The reviewed area is not heavily pampered look pretty facades and lawns, pleased only way the image of our Caudle - a kind of little something to think Nerds with debility facial expressions. Just like in life! Plus, the conduct in question - who do not hesitate to relieve themselves on the street, and who snagged a passerby without provocation. Rather, the occasion is and discover it may be in the characteristics of the ward. Several of them and partly they are noticeably affect his mood and desire to substitute your own forehead under the crowbar. Recruited similar types, oddly enough, in the nearest pub. The main thing - to go out there and do not mean, all compacted-present brothers at their own expense.In the game it usually translates into several hundred euros! Ask where they are to take these hundreds? And in the shop - steal all you like, because the police did not pay for it little attention. However, such absurdities are found throughout the game. Just think how much more must be loyal to the club, not to flee at the sight of Orava, at times exceeding your band! So the game often happens - the crowd bigger with a clang on the smaller rides, and so a few times before meeting with a worthy opponent. Stoned? It does not matter - the shops and pivnushek with people a lot ... It's only opponents reinforcements arrive.

Alas, to find something worthy of your attention, dear readers, I failed. The game is definitely not used until the end of a very promising and interesting idea, did not cope with the re-creation of interesting and exciting street fighting, graphics, impersonal, maybe you remember the music as well ... Perhaps out of this game is really only interested in Belgian Football Association, which took the initiative to ban "hooligans."