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Two of the Brain Training is not the first year are among the top sellers in Japan, and it is thanks to them all on hearing the name of Professor Kawashima Ryuty. Professor this game to the very relevant very indirect: it examines the work of the human brain, and only advised the developers of the Nintendo, adorned his ideas into a finished product. After participating in the work of the two best sellers, certainly podstegnuvshimi DS sales in Japan, Kawashima's suddenly turned away from Nintendo and moved into the camp, Ubisoft, taking up the project Mind Quiz for the PSP. And the adherents of two screen wonder from Nintendo fit to sprinkle ashes on his head, for "mozgotrening" with a rival console, jump on all of its predecessors.

Mind QuizMind Quiz
In Brain Age 20-year milestone reached in Mind Quiz - do not. Forward to the daily training! Which of the three options will lead to a draw? Reply damn easy, but because every second counts!
The main reason for that - diversity. Mind Quiz is already taking a number of different exercises for the brain - they are half a hundred! From now on, we can say a decisive "no" to the daily repetition of the same - a wide range of tests will allow each time to try myself in something new. Changeable difficulty level allows you to choose not only liked the game, but also coveted the load on the gray matter.

Exercises are divided into four categories. First - Computer: solve equations, take pictures, put some of the sets. The second is devoted to reflections: as soon as possible to collect a puzzle, select the correct option in the "rock, paper, scissors", the letters in alphabetical order, and the numbers - in ascending order. The third category will require prudence, and the local exercise much more leisurely than the "reflex". There will count the number of units (like was in the Big Brain Academy), to continue the sequence of numbers and pictures combine figures and calculate what number is on the verge of a given scan regular playing dice. Finally, the last category of trains memory. Have to memorize and numbers and colors and pictures, shapes, and the order of button presses, and the arrangement of cubes, and facial features ... Everyone will find something for everyone!

Mind QuizMind Quiz
Mind Quiz meets us pretty girl, giving tips and ratuyuschimi for good results. Incomparably more pleasant than a faceless menu interface or a flying head bespectacled professor, is not it? Epic typo in the title of Hungary. Perhaps the translator was working on an empty stomach? And beta testers, too? Is the publisher starves its employees?
"But what about management?" - You ask and rightly so. No small role in "mozgotreningah for DS management plays a touchscreen and a microphone - an intuitive, accessible and comprehensible to everyone.PSP can not boast similar - each test must be limited to four multiple-choice, "attached" to the four buttons on the console. "Why not, then, to port Mind Quiz for DS and to do it in every way better" - insists someone curious. You know, we ask ourselves this question themselves. On two screen console does have something called Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach from Sega, but with the reviewed draft her own name only. DS-Version Mind Quiz - one of those games that our journal does not light up because they are quite poor quality. However, this time we'll make an exception: out of frame, you will learn what Sega «bestowed» Nintendo DS.

Mind Quiz One line
Its Mind Quiz is on the PC! However, we do not see it on the shelves: Ubisoft - I think, rightly - not even deign to its replication in physical form. Download Mind Quiz from the site Ubisoft, paying for is twenty dollars.

Mind QuizMind Quiz
But do not let the bad news. For example, perennial problems - how to get the player to continue regular exercise - there is no trace: for success in Mind Quiz, you can open much as three dozen different awards! A record of each individual exercise promotes beautiful and high-quality images with images of animals. Images of these two times more than the awards - so that in order to discover all the secrets of the game have pretty sweat. By the way, and the exercises themselves will have to "mine" - they are not available all at once, as in Big Brain Academy. Thus, the feeling that you do not hang about on the spot, but actually "go through the game, will not leave you in communicating with Mind Quiz.

Not podkachala and appearance. Mind Quiz stylized school: exercises against the backdrop of the familiar, perhaps, each green board and the tasks and results comment on two young teacher. It does not smell nor minimalism Brain Training, or child variegated Big Brain Academy: colorful game as much as should be. And if the two mentioned project clearly divided the audience in adults and children, Mind Quiz can really recommend to everyone.

Mind QuizMind Quiz
Mind Quiz offers everything you could wish for. Here and an abundance of jobs, and a variety of modes (in addition to free training and mandatory testing for the brain age is still, and exams on the speed and accuracy of responses), and a colorful cover, and generally a lot of reasons to be improved. Yes, and test results are always at hand: the elapsed time to the millisecond, and the number of correct answers and the best result in this exercise - the player did not conceal. Moreover, it is always handy charts showing progress in any of the exercises or tests.

Although Mind Quiz, and can not boast revolutionary innovations (everything is already invented pioneers), it has everything for a man who wants porazmyat gyrus, and every detail is made to "excellent". Actually, the evaluation "excellent" in our magazine this project and awarded.

Mind Quiz Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach, or two screen disgrace
So, what's the bad version of the DS-Mind Quiz? Yes to all! For example, it "measures the" age of the brain by a single test, which consists of ... clicking successively numbered circles on the touchscreen. The second test, the stress is different from the previous only in that in the circles in addition to numbers and letters appear. Funny? Not the word. There are, of course, and even a dozen exercises - but what to do with development of the brain has otstukivanie stylus endless dogs running on the screen, or a painting of various figures, it is difficult to imagine. There is also an exercise in speech recognition, perfectly demonstrates just useless speech recognition. As a result, it turns out that neither the benefits of these mini-games, no fun - in Your Brain Coach just boring to play. So the best two screen choice for those wishing to stretch gyrus remains Brain Training with a flying head Kawashima. A Professor Osami Kadzimoto, replacing Kawashima in office consultant Your Brain Coach, it's time to rub out stains from reputation.

Mind QuizMind Quiz