Jak X

Jak X
Almost everyone in life has a dream. For example, make a million. Or become a master of the world. Or even what nonsense. But the dream always hovering in the air, fat Cru (Krew) was much more modest: he just wanted to put up for competition in the Kras City a strong team and a little bask in its glory. However, that's bad luck - because of the restless couple, Jack and Dexter Crew seemed to have lost the possibility of the dream a reality. For, suddenly flew off into another world. However, it soon became clear, the death appeared to fatted criminal bigwigs temporary obstacle. With the help of some tricks he had poisoned potential racers and advanced (through its holographic image), the condition - an antidote in exchange for victory. Without the right to bargain.

Jak X The killing friendly
Jak X

In Jak X provided and multiplayer races. Network in the competition can participate up to six people, a time-tested split-screen is designed for two. Well, and types of competitions - the same as in the single-player, although split-screen list for some reason podsokratili.

Jak XJak X
Without more rapid fall in the top three winners is almost impossible. Contraption in the center of the screen suggests that very soon to see us fly a rocket.

Beris urgently for a grenade, the driver

However, it is not clear what is worse - poison or participate in races Kras City. Race a complicated: the cars from the roof to the wheels covered with weapons, but the rules are allowed to ... Actually, no rules and no. The main thing - to come to the finish line first, do not yield up the ghost halfway. And how you can achieve this - no one cares. Opponents are allowed to push off the track, shoving a moving freight trains to meet and shoot from the most terrible fire. BUT!

All the same can be done with you, so do not yawn. Artificial Intelligence in Combat Racing (such subtitle the game wore on her maiden name) are completely unwilling to spare the player and is always ready for battle. In the later tracks AI zvereet finally - do not have time to look like your lovely iron horse riddled with bullets and experience on the strength of rockets.

Variety the key to success

Jak X
Graphics Jak X can not boast colorful or special beauty (you just look at these "bushes"). But the pyrotechnic effects are always excellent.
Game modes do differ from each other (a stone in the garden Crash Tag Team Racing), forcing each time to adjust to new conditions. In place of the standard Circuit Race and Time Trial fairly soon come Death Race (destroy the time robomobili), Freeze Rally (task - to stay on track as long as possible) and Artifact Race (formerly rivals to pick up on the track a subject). In addition to original zadumok, meets a lot of obvious borrowings from fellow genre - most notably, the series Burnout. But we are, so be ready to dismiss it.
By the way, to earn the antidote, it is necessary to win the four major tournaments, each of which includes two dozen events. Of course, not all routes are available from the outset - most will be given after a tingle in the bank sufficient number of medals.

Jak X Perfection has no limits
In addition to medals, earned in the race yet and special glasses, which are allowed to carry out major repairs and upgrading cars. Sorry, the results of modernization is not always obvious. It seems to be replaced and the engine, and armor increased - but still have to finish last, and without wheels.

Jak XJak X
Collisions with opposing trucks are best avoided. Everything in life! That players do not accidentally get lost, borders are decorated with yellow arrows.

Loyalty to the traditions

Eco energy has not disappeared, it is still vital to Jack for successful participation in the championships. Green Eco restores margin cars, blue, you can take the acceleration, yellow and red play the role of ammunition. Fighting for Eco eventually turns into a nightmare - the opponents continually strive to divert precious resources from under their noses, leaving us unarmed and defenseless in the face of danger.

Minor difficulties

In addition to the failures of the complexity, the developers clearly too clever by half with the management, and design of individual routes is mere confusion. And yet, the game was a success. Note also that Jak X officially located in Russia - all conversations are subtitled in our native language.

Jak X Lone Dexter
Jak X
Obviously, Sony bosses have decided that windbag Dexter is quite ripe for an independent project, and blessed the development of an appropriate game. Knows her studio Ready At Dawn, formed from former members of Naughty Dog (far escaped, my dears) and Blizzard.The plot tells about a time when Jack worked as a guinea pig from Baron Praxis, as Dexter tried to get him out of captivity. By genre Daxter - the classic linear platformer, not too original, but very, very beautiful. By the way, combining with the Daxter PSP and PS2 with Jak X, the latter will be open access to new routes. We are waiting.

Jak XJak X