Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
For new Silent Hunter has only one competitor. However, very serious. His name - Silent Hunter 3. The already excellent game for five years has acquired a lot of modifications and has become a real icon for fans of maritime simulators. Silent Hunter 4 and failed to send the predecessor of the well-deserved rest. Let's see what we offer developers from Ubisoft at this time.

Life has become easier. Life has become more fun?

Be the captain of the submarine - the work is not easy. Their actions need to plan for a dozen orders in advance. Float and sink, set the correct speed (in the "full speed ahead", for example, a submarine makes a lot of noise and can easily claim to be), wisely choose your distance and time for the attack - only then can we hope for success. Before the command "fire!" Must take into account dozens of factors, from rainfall enemy ship to the morale of their own men ...

It is true, Ubisoft back in Silent Hunter 4 tried to do hardcore captain routine a little bit easier. The mixed reaction to the fourth part of the simulator has shown: half measures will not do, you can either return to the model of Silent Hunter 3, or continue to bend their own line with triple force. The developers have chosen the second option.

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the AtlanticSilent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
Launching torpedoes - the only thing that has become more difficult. If earlier it was possible to shoot a "direct fire", now need to do pre-emption. Determine the damage the submarine to be largely "in the eye." Only that everything was in order, and suddenly have a "game over".
Of course, a word about "simplification" - a thesis rather conditional. Man with hand hardly notice any change. For him and the third, and fifth brought wild mishmash of buttons, tables, graphs and performance. However, veterans, tempered the earlier parts of Silent Hunter, immediately notice major changes in his favorite game. Actually, by the time the magazine around these changes most likely will be broken quite a few copies of the discussion forums, why dwell on every point it makes no sense.

In short, it managed submarine became easier. Several details were omitted, some of the responsibilities that lie entirely on the first captain, now performs the game itself (we assume - the team members). For example, eliminated the need for self-identify as English destroyer goal - now it is in the appropriate officer. In short, get used to the Silent Hunter 5 noticeably lighter than in the fourth part, not to mention the third.

Looking for Silent Hunter 5 such simplifications or not, let everyone decide for himself. However, an attempt to simplify the captain's everyday life - is not the only feature of the game. Let's see what else we prepared the Romanian branch of Ubisoft.

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the AtlanticSilent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
Leave from the port to the next task. Gentlemen, by the way, when submerged for some reason, and remain outside. All submarines look exactly the same. And navigators too.

Earth through the porthole

So, serving as Uncle Sam in the Silent Hunter 4, we return to service in the navy of Germany. This time the arena of confrontation is the northern coast of Europe. Naval blockade of Britain, hunting for transportation allies, support for ground operations of German troops - well, you get bored just do not have to.

The main rod Silent Hunter 5 - a career mode, which is a consistent set of campaigns. Moreover, under the campaign in this case means the following: you are released into free-swimming on a particular area "sea front, offering a choice of several jobs. For some of them taken at the moment - to decide solely Herr Captain. True, he should remember that the mission may eventually become outdated (for instance, you carry on the road too long, and is your goal convoy safely reached the port).

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the AtlanticSilent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
Card has become easier than in the previous parts. Let her and dubbed «GPS-navigator from the Second World War". - In addition to the campaign, there is another mode of historical missions, involving the famous ships of World War II.
Own campaign, too limited in time, although the outcome of success need not perform "and from" all available assignments. Just dial the required number of "victory points". Another thing is that on your success on the field extinction enemy ships depend on the conditions under which you find yourself in subsequent raids. And also, what the campaign will be offered to you at the end of the current.

Themselves particularly diverse missions are no different. "Torpedo cruiser X», «sink transports a total displacement of Y t" ... On the other hand - and what else can be engaged in combat submarine? But the process of destroying enemy ships you can admire the infinite, that the game does not take away. Silent Hunter continues to maintain the reputation of a simulator with a human face. " Storm surges in the white caps of foam, lead-gray skies, flashes of fire on the torpedoed destroyer - every second frame can be inserted into the frame. Plus the long-promised Ubisoft to freely walk on his submarine.True ...

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic Captain Memo: where to look for subordinates
Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
1. Torpedo room

Place of residence of the officer in charge of launching torpedoes, as well as for storing them. All orders associated with the command "fire!" Come here.

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
2. It is home to the radio operator and acoustics

The first is responsible for communication with the outside world, the second can be activated ability that allows the map to see hidden enemies.

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
3. Central compartment

Here you can see through the periscope. In addition, live here mate, chief engineer (to whom you give the command that it is repaired at the moment), as well as an officer through whom orders are transmitted sailors.

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
4. Compartment with a diesel engine

Here goes an officer who order associated with the operation of engines.

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
5. Tail section

And here is nothing interesting. In addition to the arrow, which is teleported here during the dive.

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
6. Bridge

You can get some fresh air, while the boat on the surface. There is also a machine gun, from which the shooter is firing at the planes.

Conventionality of the underwater world

... But here you will find a great disappointment. The submarine performed Ubisoft - it is somewhat cramped rooms and a dozen extras. They repeat the learned action and give out the same phrases about the hardships of war and how they miss their family. No practical purpose on a submarine rides are not. More precisely, we have, but only one: earlier it was possible to give orders to the officers at a distance, you now need to run up and personally convey their wishes. Captain in the role of errand-boy - honorable role, is not it?

Too much is left to the mercy of the conventions: it is enough to say that even the alarm does not compel subordinates to budge. As a result, instead of creating the atmosphere of this submarine, teammates suggest cardboard scenery. Not the most serious drawback, of course, but not for the simulators, which option do believe-I do not believe "means more than a pretty picture.

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the AtlanticSilent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic
Let the enemies and do not shine a special intelligence, the idea to shoot an enemy cruiser from the gun does not extend to any good anyway. The online mode in the game, only one - a joint mission progression. Each serves as captain of his own submarine.
It seems like Ubisoft is simply not enough time to bring this idea to mind. Like all Silent Hunter 5. The new game follows the fate of the fourth part: it has good potential, but the bugs and problems with the interface quickly spoil all impression. Have to say about the various little things: missing compass, no way to get sensitive data such as depth under the keel. The soldier behind the machine gun refuses to fire on enemy aircraft, and those in the form of reciprocal courtesy, not trying to harm the U-boat. I'm not talking about little things like the one that ships on a regular basis forget about the existence of depth charges, and you can start a career, only missing a training mode.

However, if critical errors are corrected promptly that go out patches, Silent Hunter 5 is brought before us in a different light. By and large, the Romanian branch of Ubisoft was going in the right direction, just for some reason, stopped half way. Let Silent Hunter 5, and not repeat the success of the third part, it is interesting at least from the standpoint of what can be expected in the sixth.

Silent Hunter 5: Battle of the Atlantic About Us
1992. Year established Ubisoft Romania, which became the first studio for Ubisoft outside France. Initially it worked only six people, but over time the studio has grown to 50 professionals.

2005.Released Silent Hunter 3 - the most successful marine simulator, if not all times, the XXI century for sure.

2007. Exit Silent Hunter 4: Wolves of the Pacific. The game received very mixed reviews - mostly because of the abundance of small bugs.