My eyes are not deceiving you. This is an overview of the Shadowrun, which was released in Europe first of June this year. Outside, cold and November, and the delay of five months was not associated with the fact that we could not tear myself away from Shadowrun. Could, and how. After the release of the game developer studio, FASA Interactive, was closed without explanation. Official announcement of the closure was made after the fact, late last working day of employees FASA. The official reason for such secrecy - "the reluctance to divert people who expected the latest game studios. The informal, we would add - that no one thought Shadowrun was sent to print raw in order to release all at least something. And it was Shadowrun - the first game where the multiplayer can fight among themselves the owners of the Xbox 360 and PCs with Windows Vista. But the exclusive debut on Vista is not a success: shortly after the game hacking group Razor 1911 has released a cracked set of files that can be used to run the game on Windows XP with DirectX 9 standard. The question is: because of what all the fuss?

So dull gray dungeon no one has done since the first Quake. noma - not the most pleasant opponents. They just do not find yourself: tiny, infection.
Nash, playing Shadowrun was announced as the shooter on the eponymous role-playing system, which in 2009 banging dvadtsatnik. Shadowrun - it has already become a classical system for cyberpunk RPG, where humans, elves, dwarves, trolls, orcs and other fantasy people are not brave psevdosrednevekove, and in post-industrial future of the planet Earth. Case, you see, is: magic in our world works as the economy, cyclically. Every 5000 years of magic energy back into the world to stir people built an anthill. Shadowrun - just about that, about razvoroshenny anthill: Libya and Israel exchanged blows biological and nuclear weapons, the two Koreas unleash war and under cover of attack on Japan, Scotland, after an ecological catastrophe, a second Chernobyl, dragons explain the humanity of his role in history and chair megacorporations in Cambridge was called to the Chair of Applied Magic, ten percent of mankind is irreversibly changed during the so-called "goblinizatsii. This is only the beginning of fun, which is going on in the book Shadowrun, and no wonder that news of the development of the game has delighted more than one hundred fans. Surprisingly, but in the end of the game Shadowrun no no connection whatsoever with such rich histories. Here is "our" (the police), "Nenashev" (Mafia), and artifact in the form of a long stick with a skull - it's what you learn in the course of teaching assignments.

Tree of Life heals anyone who is suitable to him. Concurrently is a tree - a rare decent special effect in the game. Another rare decent special effects - nice highlights. This is the greatest of what the engine is capable of Shadowrun.
In the book Shadowrun races are divided into even and "subspecies", and the game did not get even the basic five: Orcs for some reason, left-overs. There were people (good knowledge of technology), elves (quick, agile and fragile, but restore health), trolls (big and strong, but slow and stupid) and dwarfs (small and poorly able to magic). At all - a set of spells and weapons technology. Before starting the game, in theory, you need to consider a strategy to choose the most suitable race to acquire the necessary technology, spells and weapons and brilliantly all win. In practice, more than half of gamers playing for the elves to skiing: the ability to restore health is expensive, and the katana switches the camera view from third person and can cheat by significantly increasing the viewing angle. Magic, spells and weapons are available only at least a dozen at his brother, of them are really useful are two or three steps, which uses all network and people. Modes of play three cards - nine. Single-player campaign, we recall, not in principle. Multiplayer campaign as in recent games, television series Battlefield, either. After running for one night elves with skating, enough time to see everything in the game.

Shadowrun Magic and technology, a complete list

  • Teleport: teleport through walls
  • Resurrect: revives dead
  • Strangle: creating crystals that prevent the passage
  • Summon: is the spirit-protector
  • Gust: same as Force Push the "Star Wars"
  • Smoke: invisibility
  • Tree of Life: a tree-growing kit

  • Enhanced Vision: vision through walls and obstacles
  • Glider: a high jump and the ability to fly
  • Wired Reflexes: increase run speed and recharge, as well as the height of the jump
  • Anti-Magic Generators: Generators, suck magical energy
  • Smartlink: enhances accuracy, adds an optical sight on any weapon does not fire on their

    • ShadowrunShadowrun
      Elf with a katana - one of the most popular combinations online. It is necessary to switch to a Japanese sword and the game turns into a kind of third person and gives the player a very broad overview. Before the beginning of the round members buy arms and uniforms. Almost like in Counter-Strike, with only spells and technology instead of diglyme and AWP.
      Enormous potential "for shooter Shadowrun» here is not opened completely. We see that the game finish in a hurry and jobs involving all hands.Graphics - not the first freshness, models mediocre, the animation blooper on lyape. For example, a character climbs the ladder. From the outside it would look like this: the hero is standing next to the stairs, waving his legs in the air and goes up. Animation "climbing the stairs" in Shadowrun does not exist. Such an absurdity - the sea, and it is not clear why the awkward Shadowrun pioneered the cross-platform multiplayer.

      Crowd with Windows Vista for the first time were able to beat his fellow consolers with the Xbox 360, well, comrades consolers - pisishnikam prove that a gamepad in shooters better than mouse and keyboard. In the end, though, no one owes nothing to prove. Firstly, all the weapons in the game terribly greasy, no matter how aim. Secondly, working autoguider, which itself is a sight for him got into a villain. Third, sharp turns, look significantly reduce the accuracy of the PC. All these measures are actually put the owners of the PC and consoles in a level playing field - the weapon did not really fall into any of those, nor the other, and the pleasure of a little multiplayer. Now, six months after the game, the servers Shadowrun reign depression, decadence and elves with skating. Everything is clear: in such a cross-platform shooter is still that elusive Joe from a joke. Catch-it can be, but he broke.