The Settlers 7: The right to the throne

The Settlers 7: The right to the throne
Have long known: You can endlessly observe how the water flows, as fire burns and how developers repeatedly produce the same game that gives us the opportunity to endlessly chic watch as rushing water drawn as orange sparks fire pixels and hundreds korotyshek hard grind away for the benefit of his lord.

Series The Settlers - shaped elder among economic policies. She has been in existence for 17 years, give birth a dozen siblings, hundreds of imitators, has withstood the test of time and financial reporting. During his plaguing bytya-series managed to survive the fashion of RTS (remember how in every other strategy can not by trying to introduce "real time"?), A belief in casual games, a three-dimensional revolution, the mass exodus of developers in the online boom in applications for social networks and a host of other dubious fad, which resulted in The Settlers managed to grow a bunch of useless appendages and extra limbs and then successfully lose the most useless of them. All migrated test series went only benefit: its last representative, the seventh number, but not on the account, surely marks almost on first place in the family ranking.

The Settlers 7: The right to the throneThe Settlers 7: The right to the throne
Built right into the game shop, where for the present euro sold various nonsense, do not need reasonable man - for example, a new type of windows for the castle. In addition, on their gaming accomplishments you can declare the entire Facebook. The king tells his scary little daughter that it was time to expand the boundaries of the kingdom.
Although why "almost"? The first is simply about this should speak under the veil of the text. "The right to the throne" have something to praise, though. The traditional series of tasks for the construction of the economic chain, laying of transport routes and the transformation of resources into the bricks of which will build our victory, we begin to solve the proven ancestral ways, but in a new way. In order for this new way to learn, really recommend at least a partial acquaintance with the story campaign, which is essentially one large illustrated-animated ledger, which reduced the information all the commodity teams, the country needs some of its inhabitants and the recommended options for solving the economic problems of early overfulfilment government plan and the achievement of record levels on the basis of five years. Apart from this really valuable information in the fields ledger can find some story sketches, turning the game in an unobtrusive learning process of the future minister of the medieval economy: we (adjective depending on the age of the respondent, ranging from "zero" to "non-transferable) interest follows the adventures of a red princess Zoe, which sent the father-king to seize some very proud, but not a sovereign state.

The process of conquering is a bit eclectic.For example, like this:

Zoe: I built a hut lumberjack, and he produced 10 logs.

Game: Congratulations on the victory! Area conquered!

And yet, to follow the progress of the princess nice, especially since this is our success too. Under the strict guidance of a player poor settlements expand in breadth and in turn to the industrial centers and neighboring villages are absorbed and incorporated into the overall economic system that all continues and continues to thicken. In this case, the production structure in just a few hours manage to eat all natural resource stocks, and replaced woodcutters must urgently draw foresters, landscapers, and to help the miners bored detach geologists - suddenly discover gold deposits in the nearest garden? It would be very on hand!

The Settlers 7: The right to the throne The Settlers 7: The right to the throne
Fully "pumped" the city makes an indelible impression on tourists. Bursting of the bulwarks, the army began to storm the castle. Citizens in this case continue to work as if nothing had happened.
The Settlers 7: The right to the throne Lyrical about the sandwiches
The very first person who described the mechanics of The Settlers, was a Briton, Alan Alexander Milne. In his wonderful poem "The Ballad of the royal sandwich" (which is perfectly well known in Russia thanks to the translation by S. Marshak), he clearly stated that the king, who in the morning a sudden itch to eat sandwiches with butter, must first establish a production chain, which will be attended by a cow giving milk churn and a courier, delivering oil to the royal kitchen. In addition, the need for a sandwich farm, mill and bakery, but this poem is somehow silent.

Swords and beer

By the way, the question of the "yellow devil". Apparently heeding the requests of wandering hippie pacifists, the developers put into the game already are three ways to capture the surrounding land, with violent can only be called one of them - one that requires the use of unsportsmanlike inventory. Employ the nearest tavern pack of soldiers of different thickness and courage, we send them to conquer a neighbor and see who will be long swords so thick boards. In this case, there is some subtlety: if the enemy was cunning enough to erect a building, then a low-budget blitzkrieg guards have to forget and think seriously about the production of artillery or even the Musketeers - but it is already require effective solutions for a new crossword puzzle from the logistics industry and the parent pain, which can remove only the joy of victory.

If the path of war you are not very tempted by, you can try to bribe the enemy. To do this in the current economic pyramid need to find a place for the guild of merchants, one of them dress up in fancy red pants, to give a receipt for a fair share of state budget and send to the enemy's camp. Upon arrival, the merchant immediately would start to confuse the local guard and asks her textbook 30 coins. If successful, duckies go over to your side, and with them the entire region.

The Settlers 7: The right to the throneThe Settlers 7: The right to the throne
The game is equally good looks and a bird's-eye, and a meter from the ground. In the latter case are clearly visible flower bushes and butterflies.
There is a third option - for those who are disgusted with corruption, or simply feel sorry for the money. Building a church in it (for some reason the beer!) Employ the holy fathers and send them missionaries for the region. Villagers - very unpretentious citizens, and therefore easily switch to your side, seduced by promises of dealers' opium for the people. " The main thing, then keep an eye on, so they just do not seduced back to your opponent.

Computer opponents everybody knows it better than us, and therefore actively offer a light, not only in single combat, but also - at times - even in the story campaign. Some of them, though, his appearance reminded the village of unsound mind, but we are all know that appearances can be deceiving: take at least the main character "Seven", red-haired printsesku, or about her dad - he also has a beetle with a beard ... short , the trouble often comes from where you expect at first only stupid notes in the spirit of "sir, you nerd" and antics in front of a mirror, even malovmenyaemy ruler-sectarian, masking the features of his face with a huge red wool knitted socks - and he is quite capable of upsetting your economy to a state of complete and unconditional depression.

The Settlers 7: The right to the throneThe Settlers 7: The right to the throne
Most of the buildings may be modernized and equipped with outhouses, which greatly improves the efficiency of the entire complex. Before the battle, first punch dangerously jumping on the ground and growl "helium" voices, and then start hitting each other and yell at every possible way.
The Settlers 7: The right to the throne About Psychology
The Settlers - a computer embodiment of the German mentality. Local resident works very hard calloused hands for a moment, not distracted by the rumbling in your belly and not even thinking about joining a union. Ordnung - and that's all, eternal plowed from dusk till dawn, because it should be. For comparison: once it took over the British and released their games in the genre of city-building. It was called the Stronghold, and the people in it regularly drank ale to a state of complete nestoyaniya during the working day, the thieves become recidivists and escape from his master, as soon as that started with the complexity of material support. What could be more convincing evidence of strikingly different attitude to work?

Happiness - business equipment

If the territorial expansion for the time being not included in your plans, you can always from extensive economic development paths refer to the intensive - that is to invest in science. To do this will come in handy already mentioned beer drinkers - the priests. Having tasted the beer, these comrades stop telling everyone that the earth is flat, and go to the nearest monastery.In a monastery in Monks finds enlightenment, and they transmit to us svezheobretennye knowledge, so that some portion of the economy becomes even more economical. There are other variants of "technological breakthroughs, such as the acceleration of a soldier or an increase in harvested crops from the fields.

Bored merchants also find something for everyone: their entire flocks should be sent to distant countries. When they reached the next city, the traders will establish new trade routes, allowing the excess wood and wheat will be exchanged for gold, without which it can not do any self-respecting war. A war can not be avoided - at least economically.

The Settlers 7: The right to the throneThe Settlers 7: The right to the throne
Despite the fact that ships all the time are laid up, overseas products regularly appear in the shops. Apparently, they are taken pigeon-mail. After accumulating a sufficient number of prestige points, you can gain access to new buildings. These points are awarded for research technologies and build structures that adorn the city - the statues and parks.
I must say that all this - and economic achievements and conquests - it looks truly fabulous and good-naturedly "cartoon." Intermedia Emerald Coast twists turquoise river, the palace towers steeples pierce the cloud, and the many paths up and down bustling city dwellers and city woman, well animated and why is particularly lovely. Removing the camera from the ground, you can survey the neighborhood look, enjoy the view of their city, and no farther away from the home walls, noticing suspicious swarming over the entire area stretching before us the landscape.

Observe the life of settlers and make it the most active part is really interesting. Temporary stop watching the cherished city is quite impossible: even a little bit, and I will be able to build new walls, a little more - and regular "Khimki" will be part of metropolitan France ... On a beautiful person and a good inside The Settlers 7 we obtain exactly be what she and should be: unhurried, but the crisp, simple, but to challenge too arrogant ruler. It is for this we will love it and the next few months, while the tireless hard workers from Blue Byte begin plotting the launch of a new and even closer to perfection the game about big cities, built little man.

The Settlers 7: The right to the throne About Us
1988. In the German city of Duesseldorf group of friends, join a team Blue Byte. They subsequently became famous as the creators of The Settlers series and Battle Isle.

1993. Release of the first game in the series The Settlers. In the U.S. strategy is being issued under another name - Serf City: Life is Feudal.

2001. Publishing firm Ubisoft acquires Blue Byte studio with giblets and immodest renames Ubisoft Blue Byte.