Rise of Prussia

GENERAL APPEARANCE The next attempt to make AGEod vargeym on the Age of the New Time was, like, the most successful. The main drawback of the previous games in the Rise of Prussia, devoted to the campaigns of the Prussian King Frederick II, eradicated. Yes, the navy is practically thrown away as useless (but he needs a continental war?), But the AI ​​is much wiser since Napoleon's Campaigns. Iron rival "does not simply understand what are the tasks before him, he also learned how to implement them. Say you have blocked the enemy camp, only if at least one side block is not too strong, it is there and will hit the enemy. Of course, this can be used, threw reinforcements and blatantly breaking leaning due to the strengthening of enemies, but how often do you will loose the troops? There is also a multiplayer game, only the best for her fits the definition of "castrated". Due to the fact that the multiplayer is implemented in the form of PBEM, until the end of the party against a live opponent to endure, not all. After a short script, which can quickly disappear, until only one. The campaign also took turns one hundred-plus. A command of the troops will have the whole of Europe, so that in less than three months (realnyh!), will not be able to finish them ...

DISADVANTAGES short script just one, so that there is no place to practice; fleet in the game is not needed; networking battles only in the form PBEM.

ADVANTAGES AI is impressive - he clearly knows what he wants and is able to achieve this, the combat system perfected to the smallest detail, the music itself is quite in the spirit of the era.

Rise of PrussiaRise of Prussia
The victory could increase the number of recruits.So did Frederick: he took the army of prisoners! Russia is the fact on the same side, then another. However, its role remains secondary, as opposed to the real Seven Years' War.