Savage 2: A Tortured Soul

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul
Issue sequels - is simple enough. Not that simple, but not much. The original concept remains, acquiring a small number of new features, the most unfortunate moments are polished, and then it all turns into a modern graphics, supplemented with new content and leaves the shop. Being a typical sequel, Savage 2 is constructed under the scheme. But who said it was bad?

As in the first part, each match playing Savage 2 - this episode is the eternal battle between the Legion of Man (Legion of Man) and the Beast Horde (Beast Horde). Before the beginning of fights the battle, you must first decide which of the parties to the conflict he is about to speak, and then cast your vote for one candidate to the post commander or the offer for the position himself. The commander - a special role. While other players running around the map, trying to chop each other into the cabbage, team leaders play in RTS. For them, all the other players - just units, constantly dying resource necessary to achieve victory. They are building a base, give orders, and occasionally help their charges a "friendly" with magic. Playing well for the ordinary soldiers are engaged exclusively in those units are supposed to do - war. With the prospect of the first (if in the hands of long-range weapon) or third (when chosen melee weapon) person. For them, all indications Commander visible as shining pillars of light. Green - go back to red - attack it. Do I need to execute the command "bosses" or not, everyone decides for himself, based on the immediate situation, that is, in fact, the commander is available only "indirect control" by other players. The match ends with the destruction of the main building of one of the parties. In general, the essence of Savage has not changed, and it was good. Like adrenaline, risk and PvP? Play a shooter / slesher as a "unit". Haunt the laurels of a great commander? Zarekomenduyte a good commander, and the people themselves will ask you to "postratezhnichat" for the team.

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul Savage: The Battle for Newerth
History of the first part of the Savage can serve as good guide to the rake, which comes a young team, which decided to issue an unusual game. However, notably, the source of all ills was not a concept or its implementation, as well ... initially incorrect positioning of the game on the market. Savage: Battle for Newerth progressed as IMO, requested the money as the IMO (read - the required standard for the genre monthly subscription fee of $ 14.95), but IMO was not and did not possess those characteristics that make people give up their hard-earned money every month. As a result - appropriate to the audience the game was abandoned after the free month, further subscribe units, and the fate of the project hung in the balance.

But the problem was that in fact Savage is not massively multiplayer, but just a multiplayer game over the Internet - a difference of principle. In MMO games, anyway, is the cornerstone of the social aspect, and for the sake of it from month to month, people continue their subscription at the regular on-line drug. In Savage social aspect was absent, and with improper positioning of this almost led to the closure of the project.

Every cloud has a silver lining: when the number of subscribers has reached critically low, S2 Games has revised his views on the project. Fee was abolished, and the rights to publish games have been sold to publishers in the field (we have Savage was published by "Russobit-M) who have taken an active involvement of new audiences. Content on time released a patch 2.00e added a few maps, a new type of buildings and units, doctors, and helped return the old players. All this had a positive impact on sales, so that the servers are the first Savage live, and live on the Internet today.

Savage 2: A Tortured SoulSavage 2: A Tortured Soul
In Savage 2 player-level rise units with an opportunity to improve their performance by distributing experience points to the corresponding graph and increasing the available amount of mana, stamina, etc.

Another new feature sequel: in each type of units an individual set of unique abilities and their means of achieving a common goal. Builders, in addition to repair and build structures, may also be useful in combat as tylovikov, providing ammunition or mana my team. Other classes are also quite diverse: the scouts, the usual offensive fighters, heavy offensive units, doctors and siege weapons. For example, a unit of the Horde Shape Shifter («shape-shifting") has both the offensive abilities of a warrior Savage Men Legion (although far inferior to him in power) and the rogue-like Marksman. Here are just a stealth or the ability to set a bomb at the Shape Shifter, in contrast to the mentioned fighters Legion, no. But it can take a look of enemy soldiers and, if desired, can itself become a walking bomb, bringing the ultimate sacrifice. Support for the Horde do Shamans can heal all allies in range - this they differ radically from the Legion of Priests, the majority of spells that work on a specific friendly target. Arsenal extended siege units - now they are two types for each faction. But analog Summoner (Summoner), for which he fights summoned creature, people simply do not. A total of seven types of Savage 2 units on each side.

Savage 2: A Tortured SoulSavage 2: A Tortured Soul
It is worth mentioning another innovation - a product of Hell (Hellborn), available to both factions. To access them, you must first build an altar (Shrine) in "Fault location» (Scar) - in addition to gold mines, it is another kind of control points on the map for which will be a battle. Hellborn bought not for gold, and for the souls of dead enemies. Of hell have lots of health, thick armor, fully resistant to magic (though a friendly magic it is also true), and incredibly powerful attacks. However, the presence of these demons in the material world requires constant feeding: the number of hit points is constantly decreasing, and restore them can only be collecting new souls of defeated enemies. Of hell are able to turn the tide seemingly hopeless game. Until that is available only three types of Hellborn'ov: Revenant, Malafas and recently added to the game Devourer.Although Malafas is the most powerful of them, namely Devourer now enjoys the most popular love - because he is with each new victim increases its size and strength, being relatively inexpensive (of 7 souls against 20 required to invoke Malafas). This is of hell can "fatten" up to this death machine.

Savage 2: A Tortured SoulSavage 2: A Tortured Soul
If you start to disassemble the Savage 2 on the components, then we get a strange picture. As a strategy game is very simple, if not weak: the concept of "technology tree" is absent, the buildings are constructed strictly one after another. Only one resource - gold, but for its production enough to build a mine on the spot gold mine. Playing as a commander is useful for the team, but rather boring for the most plays. How shooter Savage 2 is also far from pure representatives of the genre: no rocket jump-s and similar manifestations of ingenious craftsmanship. Melee built on a "push-block-punch» c one single combo attack - too far from masterpieces such as Blade of Darkness. But being connected together, are not the best for the individual shooter, strategy and slasher create a very interesting game. Inspired Savage 2, you do not notice how fast time flies - and yet for every match takes an average of half an hour. Of course, the game has a few drawbacks, but they, in general, easily be corrected, and, according to Sean Carr, PR-manager S2Games, have already been addressed by developers and will be corrected shortly. For example, the two factions for some reason, the same voice - moved from the first part of the "human". Why have not moved the voice commands of the Horde - a mystery.

Again, very annoying inability to elect a commander in the voting process of the match, so that if suddenly the team as a team came not a very good leader who will tolerate him until the end of the battle, or wait until he resigned. This is doubly strange, given that Savage was such an opportunity and actively used when playing with random team.

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul From correspondence with developers
Q: In Savage 2 is the limit of the team - 17 people, but the Savage: Battle for Newerth in each team could serve up to 32 people. Why have you lowered the limit for players?

A: There are several factors that led to the decision of lowering the limit of players. Leaving the technical reasons aside, we wanted to make Savage 2 is more focused on small bouts of individual units. In Savage 2 still have the big, epic battles, but they are now better managed and do not become chaotic. Classes such as human scout (Marksman), who rely on stealth and often try to quietly infiltrate the enemy base, would face great difficulties if the players on the server was too much.

Q: After the release of Savage: Battle for Newerth came Content patch 2.00e, which added to the game new units, buildings, etc. Will there be such a "mini-supplement for Savage 2?

A: In addition to regular patches, changing the balance, patch holes and technical privnosyaschim new opportunities, we will add to the game and more substantial content. Even before Savage 2 has been released, we decided that we will support the game at least a year, regardless of how many copies we can sell.Players who decide they are not ready to buy Savage 2 in its present state, may try to return to the game after 6 months and feel as though the game was released a mini-sequel with a ton of new features and content. Unlike most MMOs that require a monthly subscription fee for providing this kind of content-based additives, Savage 2 will be completely free.

Savage 2: A Tortured SoulSavage 2: A Tortured Soul
Now released the first patch Content, which finally added the long-awaited support for the players of clan battles. In a sense, clan battle raised Savage 2 gameplay to a new level: the thrill of the game in an already "played" the team are radically different from those in the game with random people. In combat there is no cohesive teams chaos created by novices who do not know what to do and where to run. A voice communication (in-game features allow voting to take advantage of only the captain, but all experienced teams use TeamSpeak / Ventrilo) is a pledge that the fighter will not find yourself running on a crowd of enemies alone due to accidentally left behind and who failed to timely notify the satellites .

Despite all this, Savage 2 is unlikely to expect the future of eSports, for example, World in Conflict. And the main reason for this - for money. S2Games does not have the financial resources that is at Massive Entertainment / Sierra or wealthy sponsors like Intel. Organization and holding various tournaments requires a fairly large investment, but an independent developer (which is also independently involved in the digital distribution of their product), they, of course, not. A pity, because detailed statistics on every player available on the official website of the game, plus the ability to view the records of any games played just give tremendous opportunities for improving their skills. Savage 2 is undoubtedly a success as a sequel, and even if we consider it completely apart, the result is still satisfactory. Gameplay got quality, but ... For some reason game developers have built up quite a bit of the new "meat": small cards (3 originally, 2 more added to the first content-patch), opportunity and diversity. Match mode is also just one - domination. All hope to modders: the unofficial list of servers is sometimes skips "arena" - improvised dueling cards for two players. In any case, Savage 2 will live a year or much more - depends entirely on developers and on the speed with which they can build up until that poor content.

Savage 2: A Tortured Soul Interesting facts about Savage 2
  • Savage 2 is distributed exclusively over the Internet. Game Room - $ 29.99 fee is absent.
  • The game has a free trial period - 5 hours. Simply register your account and it automatically becomes available.
  • Savage 2 version for Linux operating systems is available here.
  • In the game folder is a toolkit for creating various mods - by reworking the interface "by itself" to create custom maps and a complete rework of the game.
Savage 2: A Tortured SoulSavage 2: A Tortured Soul