Warcraft 3: first impressions

All the gaming community is gradually sinking into the world of orcs, humans, night elves and wandering ghouls. Expect a large and detailed review of this project, but now enough to share their experiences and hopes, the good that already have to feel:).

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Crazy G0d:
Warcraft 3: first impressions
Thus, it is installed. The first thing you have to throw in my eyes - menu design, and very even, it should not you be the same as your neighbor. Why is that? The fact that the game should appear in four design options, the number of races: Orcs (Orcs), Men (Humans), Night Elves (Night Elves), and hitherto unheard-not-dead (Undead). However, except for the menu and all sorts of brochures and booklets are no other differences should not be.

Before it is available "campaign", you will need to undergo two training missions for people and for the Orcs. What is a training mission, not for me to explain to you, but this time we are waiting for something quite tasty. Firstly, the storyline begins in these missions, so skip them in any case impossible, and secondly, they are really interesting! Moreover, they are divided into several key and side quests, and represent a kind of "pilot series" The whole game.

As for the gameplay, it must be said that the disappointing factors virtually none. I will not talk about the added features, new races, the changes in the balance - leave it for a full review. I'd better tell you that it has turned out so well-worn shortcut is "RPG + RTS" at this time. And got the following: "strategic" gameplay, multiplied by the "role" roleplaying. That is singleplayer in the root will be different from what was in WarCraft 2 and StarCraft, and indeed of all that is usually called the constants of the genre. Each mission now includes several consecutive key quests (Kill the enemy hero, "" detuning camp, "" Save the NPC "and so on) and a whole heap of side. Of course, the side needs to feel his own coolness, expressed in the delicious slices of extra exp. Yes, my friends, the hero must somehow pump, otherwise you can not go beyond his own nose. Of course, all quests are linked thematically, but the story itself gets expression in numerous commercials scripted wondrous quality. A huge number of live speech, a good direction - that still need to complete harmony with the keyboard? The video itself, quite frankly, the coup in the industry will not do, but to amuse the eye, let alone sound-music series, coupled with the already mentioned directing you always happy.

In general, the most important thing that I wanted to say, I have already said - the game should not disappoint. All the units still seem to be animated, each race distinctive and different from others ... Play nice. We waited from Blizzard just such a game. And we've got it. Amen!

Warcraft 3: first impressions
To the sound of the drum oroch'ego voracious Kodo Beasts included over slowly from paw to paw. Tum! Tum! Dozen Grunt'ov hectic lined plain redoubts. They were to join the battle first. On the right wing has already rolled up heavy catapult, protected Quartet wolfrider'ov. Everything was ready for a siege. But the troops were still standing. Tum! Tum! Lacked a commander, a hero who would have attacked all of this motley force.Meanwhile, on the basis of the orcs fell catastrophically fertility of pigs, and had not yet hired a hero is continually demanded. Bought at the last pennies Peon immediately began the construction of pig farms. And now, after a couple minutes a few grunting confusion went to recharge Blademaster'a. Excellent choice! Seized with a couple of Shaman'ov, he walked briskly toward the main army. Troops ready to storm. "Fight!" - Capacitance mumbled a hero. A few minutes later all was quiet. Could not hear any sound of swords, nor the cries of the orcs, and even eternal "Tum" Tum! " pointedly silent. Just hid behind a tree shaman went all the same carefree smile. The time-tested "bulk" has shown to be ineffective. Whether carried out improvements have been directed the wrong way, whether people turned out to be too much, and perhaps the commander disappoint. Now I'm pretty hard to talk about the infamous balance and tactical advantages of different races, but WarCraft 2 is indeed returned. As posted in the local Shrine dead hero, he has kept previous experience, and resurrection, has found new strength. From the acrid stench of the somewhat dated graphics to get rid of, unfortunately, could not, well, God bless him. WarCraft III is at the secret of beauty - a kind of charm, hidden in the insanely dynamic screensavers, smart companies and fanged muzzle of orcs, to forget that just can not. This is - Reign of Chaos.

Warcraft 3: first impressions
Warcraft today - it's not just a game of this phenomenon. Phenomenon that grew up universal scale, and reaching its climax, not choking. Warcraft III for years and expectations of painful catching of the newly minted preview of more and more sensational details of their subsequent savoring, became a kind of divinity, a kind of idol, a kind of model, which will continue to be, without exception. Few missed slyunepuskaniya new sessions on the official Blizzard site during the recent publications of hot screenshots from the game. Hits of the game and not questioned, all were absolutely sure thereof, and therefore creation Blizzard has long been a place prepared of Zeus at Olympia game. Everyone was waiting for, but when will the actual hero of the occasion.

What immediately strikes the eye, it's eerily beautiful and majestic lands of Azeroth. Surprisingly polished, smooth, but at the same time retarding the animation of all in the county. Slowly rocking outspread on the endless expanse of forest. Perfect scenery and incredibly real, transparent, the incident wave to shore water. It holds absolutely everything: every ray of light fell, refracted properly, she murmurs, and fun shimmers when it passes by a horde of orcs or team of people. Particularly impressed with the fight. Indescribably beautiful spell effects and a brand-designed units that allow it to experience it in full force.

Perhaps I should have touched and put his a couple of kilobytes of how good Warcraft III and recommend urgently to defer money on just about coming out a localized version. But why hide the truth?

Warcraft 3: first impressions
Let's start with the most banal lack - graphics. It is horrible. And I will not, as some very smart commentators, poking his finger at the "anime-RPG fifteenth of freshness," the benefit of even the most primitive JRPG this was not and never will. Lurid textures, terrible polygon models, and acid colors - this is the prerogative of the PC. More precisely, it is - the lot of those developers who do not understand that no technical achievement does not justify the deterioration of the quality of the game. I always thought that Blizzard, as the developers of games for my favorite consoles, such mistakes are not allowed.An excellent example of this - StarCraft, technically inferior even to contemporaries in terms of graphics, but who lived until 2002 without losing a drop in popularity. Fortunately, before turning to the WC3 3D RTS is not reached - reasonable people at Blizzard still remain, so that the camera was fixed on top. But how much nicer it would be seen here sprite graphics level Heroes of M & M4, or, say, Disciples 2!

Now about the story. Yes, of course, introductory movie - something memorable, to mind and StarCraft, and Warcraft 2. But the scripted scenes can get to cry a warehouse keeper with a bow. The content of the story and talk about later in more detail, but here's briefings StarCraft Atmospheric were clearly stronger. While I'm talking about? After all, in fact Wacraft III - a hybrid of Warcraft 2 and Diablo. And as in the strategies of Blizzard story has always been stronger than in their own "RPG" in big quotes, and this is clearly not count on that. Yes, and the presence of elements of the strategy - also a big question, because the important thing here - to pump his hero to the maximum affordable level and do not allow this enemy. Honestly, if it is - the price is no rush, it's better to leave everything as is.

And the main problem - what has changed nothing. It is in this game we'll have chopped a few more years, because no one except Blizzard-quality RTS in general do not know how. We'll have to get used to. Yes, and multiplayer, I think, special claims will not be - you just need to get involved.