American McGee's Grimm

American McGee's Grimm

Farewell to innocence

Little Red Riding Hood was dead. Cinderella is dead. Three bears were dead. Hansel and Greta are dead. All of these wolves, hares, pigs, princes and princesses - are dead. And that's not the worst thing that could happen to them in this strange world. Him, this world, something like daubed American McGee (American McGee) - either a genius or simply a talented slacker. Here, the grass in front turns from green to charcoal black, domestic cats turn lavkraftianskimi demons, and children's swings his next return movement is opened, it seems, the gate to hell. This is American McGee's Grimm - which reached the same until the release of episodic igroserial which American said last good-bye sweet baby dreams about magical lands.


If you try to write this extremely controversial, u-uh, the game beyond the traditional genres, the closest Grimm, of course, to action from a third party. Only action, and the face is very strange: to manage the accounts for the evil dwarf of all the complexes and phobias at once, the goal - as soon as possible and better to desecrate a fabulous reality. First, a dwarf (he Grimm) tells the tale in its canonical form, simultaneously releasing the spiteful comments, then brings her story, according to their own views on the device around the world. These views imply a dead crawl out from under the earth, and oceans of lava, flood the surrounding pastoral.

Three buttons

The process itself is very simple, if not primitive: Grimm appears in the center of the next location, he stated goal ... And, in fact, the action begins. Desecration is automatic: everything it touches a dwarf, he immediately gets angry, sinister. The transformation takes place in real time; more objects Grimm drew the quicker and better will happen further metamorphosis. At the top of the screen is the scale that is filled directly proportional to the excesses of Grimm, on the scale - several key divisions. Goal - to reach a certain point and will affect the specified object. It opens access to new locations and new fabulous inhabitants.

American McGee's GrimmAmerican McGee's Grimm
Aborigines in horror and run away shouting: «This is disgusting!». They also can appeal to the dark side. And this is why? Gentlemen, developers, remove this disgrace item! It is indeed disgusting.


Strictly speaking, while Grimm is more like some kind of an installation than a computer game: a deliberately repulsive, primitive graphics, complete absence of enemies, and any problems were with the passage (not counting the same enemies miserable trembling characters, trying to clean up contaminated areas Grimm) ... A kind, What can I say, feed: dwarf is staying as he begins to irrigate all around the green stream of urine. Watching as the reality of sugar slowly and inevitably falls into a black hole of madness, I must admit, very nice. Naturally, this is only a pilot edition to swap in the future can do everything - all scheduled to release 23 episodes, one every Friday ... Anyway, for the first time in a long time for something, marked the name of McGee, really interesting.