Day Watch

Day Watch
Since "Twilight" works Lukyanenko went to the people, the universe of "patrols" healed a separate life. Every new author, whether it be a film director or screenwriter games added to the portraits are no other new and sometimes unexpected features. You can call it development. Then its peak - so far, at least - fresh-baked "Day Watch". And what is it us please? It depends on what you need from him.

Do not expect to participate personally in the familiar cinema event. On the one hand, the new story - it was good. On the other - and where my calls trolleybuses and explosions on the TV tower? No. More precisely, there are explosions, and the tower is - Eiffel, but spread it on the bolt is not given, alas. Why would then the Eiffel Tower? And here's what.

Day WatchDay Watch
The heroine is not just once or twice have to fight with fellow dark. Do not look that old lady so homely old - also a witch even that! Anna in the vault of the bank. Around - pack of bills and boxes of gold bullion. But Anna - an honest girl, she will not take a penny.
After the events of game version of "Night Watch" was six months. Witch Anna is trying to "lead a life of common man." And then, as if by accident, on her way is a werewolf Peter, on the heels of that (quite unjustly, note) is being chased by half the staff Gorsvet. People tend to fight for the truth, so Anna - like a real goodie - rushes to the rescue.

In pursuit involved pulled off the reel light, Stas. He is ready to personally hack to death all the dark and throw a leg beloved woman - of course, Anna. Actually, the clarification Stasova insanity and is the story. Normal person in such circumstances would have gone, perhaps, to a psychiatrist, and others certainly zateyut fight. However, even these severe personality sometimes able to settle the troubles peacefully. Though not always. For example, in one episode of Anna will have to solve the trick witch changed the appearance. In another - the pretend Anton, and the third to select a password to the computer highlights.

But still more than just a "Watch" magic fights. Familiar dish, is not it? However, today it offers a slightly different sauce. Immediately after the training missions, we find ourselves in a bar "Syty Ghoul" (he is, simply, the ice-cream "Gourmand"). From there will start all stages of the game.

Day WatchDay Watch
Bar Syty Ghoul. " When you get into it, do not leave feeling that actually play in The Sims 2: Nightlife. "Veil".Options for clothes and hairstyles are added to the list, when Anna talks with other witches or just watches liked girls.
Even those that lead us to the Eiffel Tower or, say, the Lincoln Memorial. Either you go home, brush your teeth, or sleep in a human. If you remember the plot of the first part was a long time gap, there is not. All events in one fell swoop, without a break for food and sleep. However, as a witch, Anna trained change magically. The menu features a paragraph "veil" that allows you to change clothes, and with it, and some of the features of the character.

Despite the absurdity of everyday, stay in the "Ghoul Gameplay justified - here we are entering the game. In the corners of institutions always hangs half-dozen aides for any occasions: vampires, werewolves, mages. However, not all of them agree to work in a team, and to think the three of you will have less than the act with a partner. However, if you feel strong enough, you can try to break through to the next scene, the dialogue alone. And there is the mission of the party which is rigidly defined by the script.

However, how the composition of whatever you got involved in another fight before the start of each episode will play mini-game. This is your chance to slightly affect the complexity of the fight. You the strength to change the quality of the opponents drop junk bloodlust enemies and find the occasional bonuses. Minigame pretends "probabilistic parser, able to predict the outcome of the battle, and lives is a miracle in the PDA Anne. To place and out of place looking superstitious girl on the screen is small, and there ...

Day WatchDay Watch
Eiffel Tower, thanks to the peculiarities of the engine, shown in a very unfavorable light. If it had not been told that she could be and do not guess. Not just once or twice beaten to a pulp Alice as if nothing had happened would be to run away from us in the next part of the plot.
Primitive cellular field bears the sources of the rays of the three species - green, red and blue, and a certain point in which these rays to be collected. In addition, there is a set of lenses, refracting the rays are strictly an angle of 45 degrees. This gives the input beam 9 positions at key points and three degrees of manifestation of the three types of consequences - positive, negative, random. Our task - to arrange the most favorable refractive lens, in our opinion, properly.

The first time fussing with the analyzer "funny, then annoying. However, if you are strong and not afraid of anything, you can spit on the signals infernal machines, and once you click "accept". Still, the outcome of any mission, only two - victory or defeat. Deviations in the plot is not provided.

Following the "event analysis" fights look almost the same as in the first series. The interface did a little more comfortable, have introduced a combo attack for several characters, and yet the principle remains the same. Plunge into the gloom and fry enemy spells, while mana will not work. External changes, too little - the game looks assembled from fragments of the preceding paragraph. We will meet all the friends in the first episode of the characters, including a klutz Eureka, tiger, Olga, and others. The most memorable "innovation" - the transformation of the heroine in demonessy.

Despite a fraction of the innovations in front of us, rather, repetition in pure form. This already here, "Day Watch". From the night and can not be distinguished without the magic.

Day WatchDay Watch