Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru)

When the developers come up with a wagon and a small cart of revolutionary ideas, they usually come strict publisher. Innovation ruthlessly chopped at the root, retained only a couple of interesting mechanic, and goes in the end some kind of Army of Two. Bad? Why, then, fine.

Employees of Eden Games, does not seem to wait too long pull up, and their thoughts were scattered too widely. Ideas began to live my life, made a war for power and all squeezed together in Alone in the Dark. The result was both a quest and survival horror, and action, and race, and a clone of GTA. Even surprising that the game in general were able to finish. And so what it turned out quite decent - and at a sensation.

The action begins at the home of Central Park, where the main character Edward Carnby wakes up surrounded by strangers. Immediately revealed that it had fallen two misfortunes: first, the character can not remember anything, and secondly, he is being held in captivity and are going to soon be put to death. But apparently, Carnby destined to die in another place: it saves the unknown force that is beginning to destroy the city. Who and why Edward wanted to kill, as a detective from the 20-ies, flew in our time, and where the streets come from zombie obsessed with - all these issues play confronts us is already at the start. The truth will be given closer to the middle passage and will be quite commonplace. And while the character escaping from the clutches of the kidnappers, find allies, and sent to Central Park to rescue New York City, myself and of course the whole world.

Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru)Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru)
Carnby - an unusual hero. By referring to it over forty, and manners, he recalled an inveterate alcoholic. And the mother through the floor. With the rake on the zombie ... why not? With the bat - better yet, let alone set ablaze with a hammer - even a fairy tale.

Principal Assistant Carnby in this difficult matter - the fire. Enemies in the game constantly have to burn and explode, but at first hard to get used to it: there is a strong desire to get a gun and shoot anywhere. Only here in Alone in the Dark is not a good idea - local zombies (God bless her, with the terminology, we call them so) are not afraid of the whistle of bullets: one enemy can take as much a couple clips. And even if you finish off heathens so he will not die until his body will betray the fire. That has to improvise - something to nail him with a baton and pull the fire, the grenade exploded own making. But what can I say, even set on fire by the chair would be more effective than a gun.

Nothing left to do, how to find and lay their pockets a variety of subjects: gas canisters, bottles of vodka, scarves, duct tape, batteries and bandages, and then collect them from home-made weapons. True, the stock gets to a total of eight small things - the survival horror genre is still binding.

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If you do decide to shoot zombies with a pistol, the aim is not to the head or heart, and a thin crack on the body of the enemy. But it is more convenient to kill spiders just a pistol. Well, if patrons do not, then they can always be "otfutbolit.

But found a sword or an ax in his jacket did not zapihnesh: Carnby - not Rodion Raskolnikov and loops for such purposes in the clothes do not vshil. Therefore, a major weapon, as well as chairs, fire extinguishers, pans, garbage bins (in short, any item of similar level) will have to pick up and use right on the spot. You drive a joystick, and Carnby shakes his on-screen object (in this case any sudden movement is considered a hit). This is absolutely intuitive technique opens up a gamer just a sea of possibilities.

Objects, neatly folded in his pockets fashionable jackets, Edward, often go to the bomb. Here's a recipe for a quick one: take a plastic bottle with Molotov cocktails, throwing and explode in the air. Obtain a small but spectacular explosion. And here's something a little more complicated: wraps the same bottle of two-sided tape, attach it to a pack of cartridges with a knife pierces the design and throw to the feet of their enemies. It remains only to carelessly burn leading to her track and ... ba-boom! The explosion comes even more striking. And remember: these mechanics you will not teach you to only have to extend yourself (although fans of tips we recommend to study carefully the following box). Anyway, inventive side of gameplay - the strongest in the Alone in the Dark.

Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru) Inventive detective bureau Carnby
Write our recipes to help you in passing:

Homemade C4 (an explosion at a shot): The balloon with the gas + adhesive tape + gun

Homemade C4 (an explosion after a certain time): Molotov cocktail + adhesive tape + Duster + Lighter

Discounted bullets: Molotov cocktail + Bullets

Mini-flamethrower: balloon with a gas lighter +

Molotov: Molotov cocktail + Duster + Lighter

Working lantern: Batteries + Torch (repeated every five minutes)

A creative approach to killing enemies initiates and excellent implementation of fire behavior. It is worth to light in a room fire, the flames will spread and on the carpet and curtains, and hung ceiling. First, all this will flare up and then turn black, then to charred. At each stage, you can certainly take up the fire extinguisher. Now try to imagine how many opportunities to fight opens with one of these engineer.

Under the weight of ambition

Alas, the main problem is that the game rarely makes to think about all their options. In the heat of battle will not be going to bomb or spilling on the floor incendiary mix (after all, everything is done in real time). Rather, it simply razverneshsya and he will flee far away. And the flaws of management do not give a really interesting use of the invention. Even late in the game, picking up a Molotov cocktail and a cigarette lighter, you're not sure what the button should press: the RB, or maybe on LB or A? I, honestly, even now I can not answer such questions. This is a big problem, because in a battle to remember about how to manage once. It turns out that from the variety of items used only a couple of favorites.

Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru)Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru)
're Handle joystick - Carnby repeats your traffic matter in the hands of Machine, like any object in the game, you can freely explore. Open glove box, turn the radio to move to rear seat

Chamber here, too, had not sweet. Alone in the Dark - an unnatural alliance «open world»-games and a corridor shooter. Virtual operator is unable to cater to both styles, proving it is too far from the hero, too close, clinging to the corners, do not give free to look around. Most of the games were simply a view from the eyes - are not that spectacular, but at least convenient.

In an attempt to justify the status of the AAA-Title The Alone in the Dark regularly dip a hero in the thick of things. And every time we have hard. When rushing through the streets of crumbling New York City, running from a burning building or leaving the flock of demonic birds that used to deal with complex management and spectacular camera angles do not simplify the task. Therefore, a hero in the action-scene usually dies, and dies for many times. Another weakness of the project - driving. Machine that hollow of iron bushes, he can not knock skinny, but firmly grown into the ground lights, then clings to the tail of the curbs. Yeah, Action Alone in the Dark is clearly not to his face.

Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru) Alone in the Dark Racer
Drive a car in Alone in the Dark will not once, but one race stands out among others. Short baton from the initial building of the Central Park can be completed only about a 22-second times, but it bothers only in the 15 th (this is on video, it takes two minutes, you also have to spend at least half an hour). Looks awesome race, and is traversed excitedly.

You do not forget that this quest?

Much nicer out puzzles, unique because of the unusual system of governance. So, at the start you will find a door with combination lock. My first thought - look at the corners and collect clues from their code. But in Alone in the Dark where all the prosaic. You can look to dial, see three buttons, and stained with blood by the method of selection to find the key. Better yet - shoot the panel, pull the wires and connect them in a little mini-game. A very simple solution to reach the last thing: just something worth to take a fire extinguisher from the wall and knock them damn door.

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Get accustomed to the plate on the roof of a taxi. Yes, that's so unobtrusive way authors promote your other project - Test Drive Unlimited Favorite combinations of items can be hung on hot keys. Then they will be collected automatically

Understand all the mechanics outright fail. Be prepared for the pain to wade through the first level - action games there are already enough, and you control the hero still really do not know how. At the first encounter with the monsters I even could not get a gun! It seems that due to a bad start for the Nets and has spread so much negative feedback. In this age of piracy, the game should take user directly, because another chance she might not fall out. And here is the opposite: the closer to the finale, the more interesting process.

When the first five hours are strictly linear rails, ask a question: whether the same "public park"? Park there, do not worry. It is really great, and play with it stretched for 10-15 hours, but really do nothing in it. You can only drive a car, go into the building and collect rare items. Is that closer to the ending will be a series of goals, reaching that will exterminate all over the park a certain kind of enemies. But there are no friendly NPC, quests, no one gives away, and time of day does not change. It is a pity that the open-world uses so little: he worked out in detail, and walk on it interesting.

Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru) Central Park in New York
The authors did not knowingly take pride in their open world. Just look at this card and a game park: the minimum difference.

Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru)Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru)
Park now ... ... And the park in the game
Much of the game still is linear and dependent on the silly, but a dynamic story. The authors present their project as a TV series: The campaign is divided into eight episodes, and after each show titles and offer to arrange a break. If you followed the advice, then the next time you start encounter abstract under the slogan "In previous series Alone in the Dark». Great idea - see cutting of scenes is always passed pleasantly.

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When the action-scenes authors still work out, they look amazing Time can not be free rewinding. Instead, it is allowed to jump from one plot to another episode, as the DVD menu

And can jump from one scene to another, and not only back, but forward (the last level, though, just do not open). But despite the beautiful presentation, the number of unexpected turns Alone in the Dark does not catch up with TV shows. In fact, the only interesting moment in the story - how and why Carnby got out of the past in our time. And reveals he is not too original.

But the authors failed atmosphere. Pretentious music glows nerves, picturesque scenery of the park set the desired dark tone, and the plot maintains its large-scale actions and Lucifer in the role of villain.

Still Alone in the Dark desperately needs polishing work on the bugs, the patch, in the end. Sometimes the game hits new ideas, and sometimes hit the concrete wall of unknown control. And with such a range of mechanic to come up with something better, it seems impossible. The authors set sights on too much, because a gamer and not always able to cope with their plan. Indeed, there even blink his eyes is a separate button!

Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru)Alone in the Dark (review Gameland. Ru)
And this game is called "Alone in the Dark"? Carnby is correct misunderstanding

In the dark, but not mad

Developers have tried to make a blockbuster, but it is they have not succeeded. Alone in the Dark - a difficult game for the hardcore, not the action in bright wrapping. Only those who could pushed his way through hell the first few levels, he learned to tame the camera and managed to put in the heads of the thousands of applications button A, - get real pleasure from Alone in the Dark. Others stumble, disappointed and threw it away. They can also be understood, yet such freedom in relations with the world around us in the games have not seen.