Metroid Prime Hunters

Metroid Prime Hunters
If you - the owner of the GameCube and have not played at any time in Metroid Prime, your life is definitely lived in vain. If the elegant brick from Nintendo you do not, and you (ah!) for some reason did not read the 131-th issue of "SI", then I gladly will state a concise axiom: Metroid Prime - the perfect game. A unique blend of FPS and adventure with a clear predominance of the latter, a huge colorful world for the study, an unforgettable battle with the bosses, the search for new skills and use them for further advancement in the world - in other words, all that was best in the series Metroid, at Prime embodied in the colorful 3D. The department used avtopritselivanie, as the main tool in the study of the world became Scan Visor, showing the visor on the helmet of our favorite heroine of all the necessary information about the scanned object.

The second part has remained true to the precepts of the first, appearing on the GameCube in late 2004. Then the path of "Prime" is divided: while the third part is in development for Wii, demo Metroid Prime Hunters (hereinafter MPH), betrothed First Hunt, was released simultaneously with the Nintendo DS - indeed, it came with console free of charge. Thanks to her, everyone could see that the DS is not purchased in vain - to manage a fearless hunter Samus Aran with touchscreen and stylus is incredibly convenient.

Metroid Prime HuntersMetroid Prime Hunters
The higher zalezesh, the easier to earn frags headshots. In Adventure mode, there are also some less familiar stages-only for the ball. "
Control scheme that are well suited to the demo, did not change and the full version of Hunters. Crosspiece moves, Left Shift - shooting, right - the sniper zoom (for a suitable weapon, of course), moving the stylus on the touch screen, move the sight, and double click the stylus will activate the jump. The choice of weapons and the transition to an alternative form by pressing the appropriate icons on the touch screen all the same. Believe it - no, but nothing is more convenient (except for the usual PC-gaming mouse) and can not be present.

By the way, and for stilusofobov provides a special system. It proposes to turn the buttons A, B, X, Y (from this severely affected pointing accuracy). Right Shift is selected for jumping, but the choice of weapons and a shift to an alternative form to remain in touch screen - only without a stylus you can do, come down to a simple "finger screen". But this, of course, any comparison is not with the default options.

In single player mode on the touch screen is waiting for us, another icon that activates the aforementioned Scan Visor. Thus, when moving to the pocket platform mechanics Metroid Prime has lost only avtopritselivanie, inappropriate because of the possibility of high-precision stylus control. Everything else - the exploration of new areas, scanning facilities, equipment and search for artifacts - meet us at Hunters.

Metroid Prime HuntersMetroid Prime Hunters
When Samus svorayaivaetsya into a ball, the stroke of the stylus to give it some acceleration (Boost). View of the battle through the eyes of Spire. With this meager inventory of all my hopes only on headshots.
Even the map is the same. And in terms of graphics Hunters is very good: all non-believers in a decent 3D on the DS should be immediately swallowed by a cap. Rare games on the Nintendo 64 could boast such a beautiful picture. Narrative passage is accompanied by numerous high-quality videos. Soundtrack is also worthy of all praise - like the original theme, and familiar melodies caress the ear and perfectly match the mood of the game. The effect of presence is provided for one hundred percent.

However, there, in spite of excellent appearance and mechanics, it is worth noting that if in the Hunters was available for only a mode of Adventure, it would have earned on the strength of seven points. This stems from the outrageous flaws in game design, of which there have been completely deprived of masterpieces from Retro Studios.

Metroid Prime HuntersMetroid Prime Hunters
Freeze Noksusa demobilized opponent, and Kanda these uses. Imperialist - a key weapon. One headshots with included eye - and the enemy was gone.
Thus, in the Hunters do not have a holistic world, please us both Prime. The game takes place in four unrelated among themselves the objects of one of the solar systems of the galaxy. The trouble, however, not restricted to fragmented game universe - the gameplay has also changed for the worse. Each of the four planets to visit twice, and all of the visits take place on the same scheme: to explore the area in search of the three artifacts, opens a portal to the boss (again) to fight the boss (two); time to run back to his ship under the ticking clock ( three). Try to at least read it eight times in a row, and never chertyhnutsya through his teeth!

Bosses - a separate issue. Remember how great they were in Metroid Prime? Forget. The local guards - only shadows of their ancestors. Moreover - a kind of bosses in Hunters (not counting the final), only two things - that is, each will have to fight four times! And the main villain yet and can not boast of complexity.

We do not find in the Hunters and the main motive of the study, present in all the games of the series - Suit Samus upgrades that allow it to reach more and more new places. Morph Ball, Boost Ball, bombs, missiles - all of Samus is the beginning, and no new features her costume during the game does not get. Will have to hunt except for the extra energy, rockets and ammunition to the "alternative" weapons. The add, there are six pieces - the number of rival Hunters Samus (see sidebar), and that they are able to open a multi-colored doors, completely replacing the natural obstacles, here.

Metroid Prime HuntersMetroid Prime Hunters
Samus still knows how to bounce on their own bombs. Altforma Canden very slippery - Try to catch!
Disappeared from the Hunters and ... items saved. Now fully restore your health and can survive only in the boat Samus. To allow him to return teleporters, carefully placed close to the boss of both portals - but the convenience is there to say in any case not necessary. Finally, the Adventure mode is very short - it is quite possible to go through about three hours, and return to it makes no sense whatsoever.

And now - please! We encourage you to come to terms with the fact that the Single player in Metroid Prime Hunters - only free appendage, a small prelude to an almost flawless multiplayer game modes.

Importantly, what is red multiplayer MPH, - almost perfect balance between the seven characters, styles of play for which vary considerably. Each of the hunters have their weapons, which is managed better than others, and its alternative form (by analogy with the Morph Ball Samus), endowed with a unique attack. And it really diversifies the gameplay! In the two-legged form of Hunter can afford to use all the weapons, but vulnerable to a hit in the head; altforma is controlled by all means with a third person, limited to only one attack, but much more compact. Multiplayer battles unfold on a more than two and a half dozen cards of different sizes - from very small to truly huge - but always gorgeous with its design.

Metroid Prime HuntersMetroid Prime Hunters
Weapons Uivela famous wide damage radius. Judicator has a habit of rebounding from the walls.
Types of multiplayer battles, too, mass. Battle - a standard deathmatch. Survival - the same, but with a limited number of "lives" for each player, that is, the battle is not on the account, and take off. In the Prime Hunter earned the first fragment gets status Prime Hunter, and with it increased speed, greater power and steadily declining health, which can be restored only by killing the next enemy. In the Bounty purpose players - bring the flag to a predetermined point, the traditional same team CTF is waiting for us in the mode of Capture. Defender identifies small area on the map - if there is only one hunter, its timer is updated and the battle is for the occupation of the promised land of Piglet (like "King of the mountain?"). Finally, Nodes allows you to capture "plots" (who were here a few) and to score points for the time that they are under the thumb of the player.

Supported and Download Play - but only in the mode of Battle, but not limited to the card and the number of hunters! Naturally, the proposed and online game on Nintendo WFC - both with random opponents (as the only mode Battle), and with your friends »(Friends) and 'rivals» (Rivals), in the matches that you set its own rules and choose any regimes. Moreover, in the intervals between battles, you can even talk with voice chat! Ah yeah baby DS!

And finally, a brief conclusion: MPH is not too succeeded as Metroid Prime, but given the heat in the role of Hunters.The main thing here - a delightful multiplayer, the success of which has become an inextricable link diversity and balance.

Metroid Prime Hunters Samus and the hunters:
Metroid Prime Hunters

Samus Aran
Weapons: Missile
Altforma: Morph Ball

Samus Aran known throughout the galaxy as an experienced and skilled mercenary. Over her shoulders a long chain of successfully completed assignments and opponents, many of whom seemed invincible. Samus is familiar to players of previous games series Metroid. Her altforma very nimble and can cause damage as the bombs, and acceleration. Charged Homing missiles Samus on opponents.

Metroid Prime Hunters

Weapons: Judicator
Altforma: Vhoscythe

Proud race Vhozon to which the Noksus, lives on the outskirts of the galaxy. Noksus chosen this path of the righteous man, joining the ranks of hunters to carry a reward many villains. In the hands of Noksusa Judicator has a chance to freeze enemies for a few seconds, giving them the power of cold-punitive. In altforme need only hold down the attack button - the deadly blade will encircle circles decent radius around leisurely blue july.

Metroid Prime Hunters
Weapon: Volt Driver
Altforma: Stinglarva Canden created as a perfect soldier. During the experiment, it is still a human brain could not stand neyroprogrammirovaniya combat situations, and made him aggressive, unpredictable and deadly. Altforma Canden has no equal protection. In it, he moves very quickly, and left by the bomb are automatically routed to the nearest enemy. Charge of the Volt Driver also has a potential for homing, but when hit distorts the image on the screen of the enemy.
Metroid Prime Hunters

Weapons: Magmaul
Altforma: Dialanche
Spire is the last surviving representative of an ancient race diamontov, his body is composed of organic silicon compounds. Spire travels the galaxy in search of information about the fate of his people. Stone, which is the Spire, transcend the heat of lava. Magmaul able to set fire to the enemy, confuse him. Dialanche, Spiked altforma Spiro, allows you to ride the steep wall and attack suddenly.

Metroid Prime Hunters
Weapon: Imperialist
Altforma: Triskelon Trace came from the Empire krikenov, one of the most hated races throughout the galaxy.Every cry of a certain age are traditionally banished from the clan for the dedication. Trace is just in this exile, looking for suitable expansion of the empire of the world. Trace strong. Attack him altformy lightning and extremely painful, but leaves it open to retaliation. Equipped sniper weapon (imperialists) and field measurements, Tracy becomes transparent. A true camper!
Metroid Prime Hunters

Weapons: Battlehammer
Altforma: Halfturret Previously Uivel was a general of the Space Pirates, but after a battle with Samus Aran from it leaving only the brain and spine. They were used to restore the villain to life in a new guise. Altforma Uivela can easily confuse an inexperienced soldier. Deceiver is divided into two parts - upper torso remains under the player and the bottom turns into a turret that shoots itself the nearest enemy.

Metroid Prime Hunters

Weapon: Shock Coil
Altforma: Lockjaw Little is known about this mysterious hunter - but his boundless hatred for the Galactic Federation and the one who so often rescued her - Samus Aran. Altforma Sayluksa boasts excellent speed and power to laying mines. But the Shock Coil - not the most powerful weapon, but it does Sayluks sucks the life energy out of enemies, which allows for a long time to do without first-aid kits.