Jeanne D'Arc

Jeanne D'Arc
History of the Virgin of Orleans, spiced with magic and demons, plus a little imagination - and that's before us is one of the most anticipated games on the PSP. For some reason the publisher is not going to show it to the West, and only after several months of successful Japanese sales was announced that the English-speaking part of the world's population will be able to find out the truth about Joan of Arc. And also add points hireyuschey PSP - after all, descended outstanding representative of a rare genre in our time.

Jeanne D'Arc is endowed with all the terms of success: not the best, but still very beautiful graphics, to the smallest detail-designed and balanced combat system, the original game universe that combines the historic and medieval fantasy. As a garnish serve dozens of anime-spots, among which are a ten-second sketches and three-minute clips. Noticeably less attention paid to the creators of dialogue - in their vision, Jeanne was single-minded girl, and a hiccup in the ranks of their troops are not allowed. Friends tells him to rest and conserve power, the military council holds a secret, and with opponents-British talks with a sharp sword, but not screaming. The main intrigue created by the secondary characters, whose intent and purpose remain a mystery until the very end. However, the small King Henry was soon to fall out of sight of the game, and confine the narrative feats of arms of Jeanne.

Jeanne D'ArcJeanne D'Arc
It is unlikely that La Il looked like, but the fact that he helped Jeanne, is undeniable. While in school history books about him, as well as about Gilles de Rais, do not write. The translators tried to pass a French accent in all its glory. Why - is unclear, but it turned out funny.

Change history

Playing Card is a schematic view of France and marked-up on her points. That can be both town and countryside, and just battle fields, where Jeanne, according to the story, really cleaned helmets English invaders. Unlike other games, card players never show entirely: it was all over and where the point of no return, is impossible to predict. In this regard, all the allusions to historical accuracy is sent into the far corner and the other creators of a fantasy liberator those tests, which pleases.

You can move around the map freely - at any time be allowed to return at least in the beginning, at the very first location. But if this is justified by easy and fast-flow, then return to the city would be useless stunt. Come, walk on the square, chatting with locals, sleep off in a hotel or, at worst, to run through the mall no one will. Shops something in place, but access is already open in the menu of equipment. Each store, as a rule, universal - it can be purchased as a weapon of all varieties (from the rapier to the spear), armor and healing potions and special skills, which play here the role of magic. Skill stones can also improve certain characteristics, but their sales do not usually happen, more often than they get as battle trophies.

The game makes serious about gear."Trifles" in the combat system does not - if you have not provided any moment, the next battle will carry with extreme caution. In addition to weapons and armor, some characters are wearing and shield. But the magic is tolerated and all. Another thing is that not everyone has a sufficient supply of MP, to freely throw lightning bolts, or acting doctor. Soldiers better enhance performance of power than to trust the remote magic attacks, though there are strategies and more sophisticated. Unique characters on top and still hold a special bracelet. These bracelets are encrusted with magical stones, giving the owner the right to become a "sverhrytsarya. New armor, weapons, and increased threefold characteristics are bestowed at a time and dispose of it would be good with the mind. In the status window is the scale, where each move illuminate the cell. One course in the guise of "sverhrytsarya" spends three or more cells, and when the lights will not stay at all, the hero returns to his usual form.

Jeanne D'ArcJeanne D'Arc
You can go back to Domremy, but just look there for that - evil demons of the British burned down everything. Demon-possessed little King Henry gives guidance and secretly playing with dolls. The child, after all.

Silver cross, give me strength!

Here, in the case enters the balance of the combat system. Each battle is limited in the number of possible moves, and quite severely restricted. Therefore, turning several times during the battle is hardly succeed. Further, in an attack "open" the enemy (as well as controlled character) certainly will change. And sometimes happens that a retaliatory strike stronger than the fact that the assailant struck. Traditionally, archers and mages have low defense, they can knock down just a two-stroke, but often they are surrounded with knights, a collision that is better for the time being avoided. This imposes certain rules of warfare: the archers and mages own war, with swordsmen and spearmen - their own. And it will be very good if their paths never cross.

Depending on the purpose of the operation, you can either immediately engage in battle, or, conversely, strongly discourage this. Jeanne D'Arc does not require the "accuracy", but also a hero Udaltsov also never set. Very often, a team of fighters have to share, especially if the job should be to save some of the character and at the same time to kill enemies before they run out of available moves. Some part of troops sent to help the brave knight, the other at this time trying to cover up and break through to the main opponent to beat is better all together, reunion somewhere in the middle. The trick with the accuracy of fire "is that, in bulk all the units on a strong enemy, take him out of action for two, maximum three steps. Typically, the strongest character in the team attack first, forcing the enemy to turn to face him (and to others - back), and leaves the burning aura, that is, a special playing field. Getting up at him, inflicting a blow to the enemy, it is possible to increase the damage to two or even three times, and with the increased critical strike chance. It is important to remember that the next move "a glowing aura will disappear.

Jeanne D'ArcJeanne D'Arc
Some characters have special skills, such as theft.It is not necessary to test it on the demons, even pink. A special window before the attack shows the average damage and counterattack force.

To confront the demons from England, France recruited zverolyudey!

Opponents are always superior to the modest number of troops Jeanne, and the level of training. Roughly speaking, if breaks in Orleans, be prepared to meet a magician, healer, two British officers at the gate, several powerful demons on the way, the two soldiers in the rear and one man-lizard near the river crossing. Overacted level of five times? Unsurprisingly, it was necessary to prepare better and act more prudently. For example, in the same mission with the Orleans is not the purpose of "defeat the British - you just need to get to the gate. So it makes sense to take Jeanne and man-lion forward, so that they have diverted most fierce opponents, leaving a potential "sverhrytsarya" fend off opponents in the rear, and other edged-edged forward towards the exit. Unfortunately, Jeanne D'Arc is not very forgiving of tactical errors and the victims. Death of a hero - a real tragedy, especially if no one else in the team no skill resurrection. A soldier badly wounded, cut off from other forces and has nothing in the pockets of healing? Put a cross on it - his salvation kill far more people. Hell begins when players are asked to transport characters from one end of the card to another, and without losing a single ally. At such moments, the main stock up on free time and accurately calculate any characters displayed on the battlefield. Maybe put strong fighters so they could defend themselves? Or let the weak but nimble so quirky? Similar dilemmas have to face regularly. Fortunately, it adds excitement and dynamics, introduces diversity and allows you to make such tactical maneuvers, which in other games and not muddled. Already it is worth to make an effort and get Jeanne D'Arc to the end. And then - to read literature on the topic and make sure that nafantazirovali creators are not so much.

Jeanne D'Arc Historically accurate
Talk about the story Jeanne D'Arc - anyway that retell history textbook for seventh grade. The only freedom writers for official, approved version of history, is designed by the British demons and magic bracelets. Even the characters that accompany Jeanne, founded on the basis of known facts about really existed and really helps people to Jeanne. Of course, there is here, and imaginary characters, they have a place to be, and absolutely fantastic episodes, but in general - all, as in an encyclopedia. For example, Orleans virgin really accompanied by two loyal knight, Jean de Metz and Bertrand de Pulanzhi. Along the way she meets another bracelet winner, Baron Gilles de Rais. His image is somewhat different from what draws historians - in the game had even planned a romantic line with Jeanne. In fact, he was a sadist, child molesters and serial killers, for which he was hanged and burned in October 1440 (in the Jeanne D'Arc is beaten a little differently). Non-interactive scenes, such as checking "the divinity of Joan, arranged by the Dauphin Charles, recreated in the form of anime movies. They are, incidentally, quite a lot, but the usual dialogues - not enough to swear by.

Jeanne D'ArcJeanne D'Arc