Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
Crystal Chronicles - as an eyesore fans Final Fantasy. Came out on GameCube, is focused on multiplayer, but for the full transmission requires not only much as three friends, but also with four GBA link cable - not something that used to brought up on "pleysteyshnovskih» Final Fantasy gamers.

However, it is bestowed Crystal Chronicles RPG fans a totally unique gaming experience off-line team play with "live" socializing. Therefore, those few who could still play in the FFCC in the company, rarely spoke of it bad. Although it has been and a lot of problems: the complexity of the rather big, too slow and charging - the scourge of all players - the poisoned atmosphere of the planet, slowly kill everyone who is out of range of crystal bowls. Multiplayer oblige one of the players always lug this old tub, almost without participating in fights, in a single game as it wore Mugla, always tired at the most inopportune moment.

All these troubles eliminated in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates, prequel "Crystal Chronicles" with the GameCube. The meteorite that made life on the planet is almost impossible not yet had time to fall - so that the saving from the cup will not have to suffer. Multiplayer, though still not cheap, no longer require excessive costs - just one copy of the game on each of the participants, because thanks to wireless communications need for additional accessories anymore. With the pumping of the problems now does not arise at all, and complexity is balanced as expected: a single-player mode the game will not cause difficulties, and with the increasing number of players will increase proportionally and the power of the enemy.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
When you pass through has been going on for hundreds of hit points. Lealt-alchemists can make a new pot magitsity zabesplatno.
Conversion of gameplay are not limited. If the original "Crystal Chronicles" were, in fact, the usual hack'n'slash, then Ring of Fates to add elements and platforming, and puzzle those involving use of the unique abilities of each of the four races. And the fighting qualities of these races now vary much more. Klavaty zapravskimi become warriors, archers, Selke trained to double jump, Robot Chicken-Yuki better all hold magic, and tot-Lealt become alchemists. In this balance, once again, verified: klavaty take the attack speed and Lealt - often critical strikes; Selke easily avoid most enemy attacks, and Yuki doing with magical spheres, such that others never dreamed of.

Defeated enemies give the team not only experience and money, but the ingredients for a new outfit - the materials and scrolls, which indicated how many of these same materials required. Include all that stuff belongs in a smithy, located in a single city, and only there for a price, the right equipment with unique properties.It can be immediately and try and look at the same time as when this will change the look of the characters. Not enough components to create your own things? In the nearest shop is always ready to sell weapons, armor and accessories for the whole team. In the neighborhood - traders magic and doroguschy items to improve the performance of heroes.

The above-described system for creating equipment actually in demand: the game can be played at least three times - with increasing levels of difficulty. This applies to both modes. A single, ten hours duration, will hold a player through a series of dungeons, generously diluted by all possible scenes. Multiplayer will also allow up to eight characters (select, alas, can only race and gender - that's beyond those same eight combinations) ... and in turn pass them the same levels and fight the same boss - only the plot scenes do not have to watch.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
Weapons from each race his own, but the same armor can often wear almost all the characters. Red crystal - a vulnerability of all bosses. Often it is very difficult to reach.
The key to a correct perception of Ring of Fates - multiplayer mode to go through before a single. How many times have multiplayer over and at what level of complexity - is not important, the main thing - that the dungeons will be initially a novelty for the entire game company and, hence, all participants will be miracles savvy and reciprocity. Single passage of the same to get rid of unnecessary complexity, therefore, much more attention will be paid to the story.

For a company with Ring of Fates, there is one more fun - more missions that are generously giving away a king. They are about ten species, with half - not cooperative and competitive. Individual Players, too, will not be bored: the conservation of points often can be seen Mugla, after several meetings he will paint himself as well as play mini-game Blazing Caravans, which was still in the original Crystal Chronicles.

Talking about the multiplayer "in the company" is not accidental - the icon Nintendo WFC, painting on a box with the game, to believe in any case impossible. Yes, online play as there was no, or not. All that is permitted - communicate via the Internet with his own painted Mugla. At first glance, you can not put it in the bank, but in fact the notorious Mugla collects for heroes, and stores all items that are for one reason or another did not pick. And, accordingly, sending a friend of Mugla, we give him a store we do not need things. At first, this gift can be very valuable.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Balls-magitsity
As in the Crystal Chronicles, Ring of Fates in the magic goes to the heroes in the form of balls-magitsitov. In the previous section, however, possession magitsitom gave character to the possibility of any number of times to use the magic formula within one level, this same ball falls much more, and each of them, in fact, equal to one spell. As before, the basic spells are only six: three attackers natural, healing, resurrection and restore the status. All others are obtained by combining: for example, conjure one point fire, ice and lightning, we finally obtain the gravitational spell.In the same way you can enhance the usual charms - so, two resuscitation, used once, returned to life with full health already. Similarly, a combination of magic, however, is much easier to engage in multiplayer, where friends can coordinate their actions. Alone is enough to crank an elaborate scheme to switch between the characters and the activation of a chain of spells is much more difficult - every monster will have time to spoil everything. However, the game can go without it.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
Heroes start playing children. Do not worry, they grow underground in three. Buying not cheap "pockets" in Mugla-speculator, you can increase the maximum number of magitsitov or potions. This is true for medicinal spells.
Lack of co-operative play via the Internet - perhaps the biggest drawback multiplayer Ring of Fates. Just as much effort on single player useless AI companions are not only enemies are solved hit only once every six months, so still and strive to dive into the abyss or necks in the noose. However, a single mode complexity is such that allows teammates to spit on useless and even forget about their existence.

Other serious shortcomings, and to notice something does not work. Say what you like, but Ring of Fates - one of the best off-line cooperative action / RPG. Sluggish Children of Mana and her sloppy, and other rivals in recent times, it seems, does not go. However, fans of the series Final Fantasy certain haste to get past - and in vain! In the Ring of a certain vision handwriting masters from Square Enix, who worked not only on the previous Crystal Chronicles, but also on the ninth of the main line. For the design of the heroes once again meets Toshiyuki Itahana whose talent flourishes with each new game. Kumi Tanioka, composed a soundtrack to a very weak Crystal Chronicles, Ring of Fates in a rehabilitated: the local melodies are pleasant to the ear and are consistent with the spirit of the game. A former programmer Mitsuru Kamiyama is now debuting as a director, and so successfully that he was fit to applaud.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates
Battle with the bosses in multiplayer complex and fascinating. The city has a podium on which to consider his character, dressed in new clothes.
Ring of Fates - what was supposed to be Final Fantasy IX. With proper design, just as "fabulous" but much more adequate world, with a plot that affect seemingly all the same themes of friendship and mutual assistance, but it does so, that even a hardened cynic can not find the bile for the local scenario. With dialogue, finally, written and translated so well that the game can take place only for them. Characters a bit - but they are bright and recognizable, it is impossible to confuse with each other even on only one retorts. The game world is very small, and the plot can not boast of the scale - but in this miniatyurke fit almost all popular JRPG-shnye plot moves and in addition to ending surprise very unusual solutions.The share of tragedy and humor in Ring of Fates no finer than the popular license "Finalkah" - only here, in view of the short game, dramatic scenes much more concentrated. And those who are touched by death of the girl-flower, are certain to find a new "Crystal Chronicles" an excuse to drop a tear.

In many ways, of course, is thanks to the excellent voice acting. More suitable actors for these roles, I think, impossible to find. That there is a Liam O'Brien ("revive" Lezarda unparalleled in Valkyrie Profile 2: Silmeria), gives his voice relentlessly Templar fanatics! Emotions are also very well of heroes passed "conversational portraits" accompanying each replica.

Seldom happens that such a game forced to admire a man satiated JRPG. But Ring of Fates did.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of FatesFinal Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates