Opinion on Space Haste 2

Review of the game sent to our chitatelem.Space Haste 2
Genre: Racing
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Requirements: P333, 64Mb, 3D acc.
Recommended: P3-500, 128 Mb, 3D acc.
Released: Spring 2002

Space Haste 2 - a new representative of the genre of super-fast racing. But to include the game, what we see - we see one big disappointment. It would seem that the title speaks for itself - "escape velocity", it means super-duper heaped colossus, the sound of a jet engine, the adrenaline - when at full speed does not fit into the rotation, or at the finish line, when only a little less than a meter, and we electronic beats yobbo. But everything turned out differently, instead of a super-duper machines, we see the Cossacks, and close up under taksishki from the fifth element, and no sound of the jet engine, only some zhuzhzhasche-whistling sound, eventually turning into hassle. Come on, move on to the very proper review of the game ... ....

What is Space Haste 2, or patience, patience and again patience
Immediately start the game, we see a demo ride, and in the eyes of a complete disappointment - "Is that all?? And where is the choice of cars, tracks, player's name in the end ???». And suddenly appears, barely noticeable - press action to get to the menu. Here it is a welcome menu, select all of which do as one pleases, and pleases to choose just did track, car, and the player's name - this menu is the so-called thought passed Estonians civilized people. At first open only two routes out of the eight available, and four vehicles (Cossacks of the new sample), and also of the eight available. What is the multiplayer, the developers of the Church of Electronic Entertainment can be seen not know. But the essence is not in it, quickly selecting a machine, and the track, we start the race. And then we wonder - "And where are these sverhskorosti?? 250 - 350 km per hour you call sverhskorostyu ???», most, turning off the game, obviously did not even want to look at it again.

And the essence of the game in what? Have to travel some 4.5 circles and certainly the first way - let's say there is no qualification ", which means that sverhskorostey you can not see. And neither do the developers are doing everything to the growing complexity, to open the next track, it is necessary to pass the previous level normal, but the new machine to see whether it is good for hard transition, and then this new machine will be open for one track on which you opened it.

Lotions, they are in Africa gadgets.
That game did not seem so boring, the guys from CoEE decided to add a couple of washes. In Space Haste 2 contains the so-called bonus point - this is the lotion, but for some reason they are implemented in the form of stars of different colors - riding straight at them, you knock yourself for a bonus: whether it's energy, defense, weapons ... .. Consider them in turn:

Energy - the energy here is called fuel and machine wear. Ie when you drive without stammering nobody touching, you have the energy wasted - it's like gasoline, diesel fuel, you are going, scratching each machine, each turn you lose energy, and this - the damage done to you. So, for the replenishment of this wonderful energy to collide with a white star. Also, energy can be replenished by collecting crosses, dropping out of the cars during their collision.

Roulette - gives a random bonus: the crystal type, flora, etc., continue to give loans. Ie time out, spent a loan - there is extra time, but it is at the stage of additional circles.

Leakage - reduces energy reckoned the time of appearance bonuses like crystal, flora, etc.

Protection (usually green) - These bonuses include:
1.Schit - when enabled, you added energy. After hitting the slopes or edges of the opponent's energy is added to two times faster. As well as this miracle rescues shield from the effects of flash, which is very handy.
2.Pokrov - the car disappears, ieopponent can not ram it, and you can pass through the opponent.

Weapons (usually red) - the weapon is only one word, but really ...:
1.Grom - throws three crosses similar to those with energy, but they are blue. The car starts to swing from side to side, you lose control, etc. ala driver is not in a sober state. We talked after all, do not drink driving. WARNING: drunk driver behind the wheel - of a pedestrian.
2.Vspyshka - but it's quite useless tool developers. Puts on the road priborchik emitting bright white light. Tell me, you go in peace, and suddenly a white screen: you can not see the road and lose control, thereby allowing the enemy to overtake you. Is it cool?? I agree that's cool, but not if you use it to my computer, because it somehow manages a lot of worthless junk iron, which is buggy by the day, so he do not care at all. A multiplayer game is not to be able to apply it to a neighbor living on the components in a computer club L Ie benefit is lost, but not for the computer opponent, so it is - one of the big minuses game. And the fact that the shield of her saves, so it would be good that this would most often get a shield.
3.Utechka - stealing from the nearest power players, very cool beat out companies from the race - "You departed from the league, and I stayed in it"

Speed ​​bonuses (usually blue, but hurry) - this is probably the coolest bonuses. These include:
1.Speshka (orange) - equivalent to your acceleration, but it quickly rises to a peak speed and drops to your standard.
2. It goes faster - adds up to 4 points to the acceleration, sometimes it is so lacking, especially on the last lap near the finish line.
3.Vzryv - a lifetime dream ride a push car. When you use your speed becomes maximum for a few seconds, so you can make life very difficult opponent.
4. Pilot - nothing to do with the autopilot, he has not, just your control improves to 5-6 seconds. Trifle, but it's nice!
5. Jump - immediately raises the speed to maximum by braking at the end of acceleration.

Hey, whip-ka guy with a breeze that sang the blood and dust column.
I almost forgot about the speed of the long-awaited speed - during qualifying but driving at a speed of 250-350 kilometers per hour, which sometimes last up to 400 due to bonuses, yes pobivaniya speed record attempt on a route, you will not see anything. On the other hand, qualifies, you are given an extra circle, which you should go for some time, passed it, you give another and another and another (in the sense of community has dayutJ) With each new round your maximum speed increases and increases. So that the velocity of 600 km / h are no longer seem like children when there are 5 seconds and to finish another ride and ride. If the same happened to such grief, and you do not have time to reach the finish line on time, never mind, just qualify, then the route is also considered as passed. Another unfortunate downside is that if during the ride on the last lap, comp you somehow overtaken, then forget about winning, and only pray that the next bonus was the acceleration or haste. So, generally - slow and steady wins the race, there is no longer working, and it remains to act in two ways - first, it is to ride and remember that there are brakes that need to apply for sharp turns, and the second - my favorite - is to go to obezbashennoy speed, gradually vyuchivaya map by heart, and leaving the enemy far pozadiJ Also at the top of a scale which decreases with time, faster than it could be reduced by means of special bonuses. When she is nowhere to be terminated, you will be given any bonuses, first flora, then the crystal, etc. Together with them, your acceleration is replenished up to seven, and in your pocket falls randomly one or two bonus tracks. Every three of the bonus you will be added on one loan, a straight ATM toJ, which allow you to continue the race after time for additional circles.

What this all the time so some minuses minuses and pluses, too, find the place.Pros only in high-quality graphics and very interesting routes that sometimes has to pass several times and it does not get bored.

To summarize, I say ... .... Like the best, but it turned out as always
Summarizing all the arguments about the "escape velocity" say - it was not worth so loudly to call the game if there is no such space velocities. Better game will be released later, but it'll have an idea and playability ... ... ... .. and not miserable like Star Wars: Episode 1.

We wanted the best, but it turned out as always: Church of Electronic Entertainment invested power in the schedule, and forgot about the idea of ​​the game ... ....