Mage Knight: Apocalypse

Mage Knight: Apocalypse
Sooty and covered with potholes the carcass of the tank, snatching them out clouds of steam and snapping machine-gun fire, pushing last-minute logjams and crushing the bodies, slowly crept through the streets Silverholta to the main gate. The efforts of the defenders in vain: no golems kamikaze or grenades did not slow down the machine. And even the vaunted "Murder Room" has not stopped a mad invention of the dark dwarves: security turrets one by one turned into a pile of crumpled metal. Last, the most powerful shot from the turret guns - and the only remaining obstacle in the way of the besiegers fell. The fate of the city was sealed. Or not ...?

Mage Knight burst onto the desktop market vargeymov in 2000 and immediately became a bestseller. Simple rules, painted at the factory miniature stand with drive-counter - focus on the townsfolk, fearful Talmud with spreadsheets calculating damages, and unfamiliar with the word "obloy" and "Primer", fully justified.

Mage Knight: ApocalypseMage Knight: Apocalypse
How many more years of action / RPG will suffer from the heavy legacy of Diablo II in choosing classes? Inconvenience equipment - small size and difficult to distinguish icons.
The system is still alive today, but only six years after the launch has got a computer game based on. On the other hand, is much more ancient and famous Warhammer boasts the only two that go out projects. But if the Shadow of the Horned Rat and Dark Omen predictably were strategies (and how!), Developers of InterServ International unexpectedly took up action / RPG.

Mage Knight: Apocalypse Dossier: Janos Freeborn
Mage Knight: Apocalypse

One of the leaders of "The Rebellion of black powder" against atlanteanskih magicians, a respected among dwarfs Silverholta and beyond, Janos - typical representative of his people: grumpy, stubborn, ruthless enemies, and blindly loyal allies. From it is obtained as a great warrior with elephant health and arrows or demolition. The use of "overheating" dwarf, and from time to time have to switch to simple attacks that "cooled down", or slurp a cooling potion.

Physical: This thread is devoted to skill proficiency with knives and shields, as well as the development of natural resistance to the magic of the dwarves and harmful effects.
Guns: shotgun, shotguns, machine guns - any weapons on the basis of black powder. Replacement of conventional munitions for special allows dazzle enemies, to create bounce, make explosive bullets.
Explosives: Grenades and other explosives, which can confer magical effect with crystals.

Mage Knight: ApocalypseMage Knight: Apocalypse
When you join a new teammate chooses his specialization. Only increasing attack from all team members, and how beautiful it looks!
Mage Knight: Apocalypse Dossier: Sarus
Mage Knight: Apocalypse

Sarus was born on a moonless night, the only surviving chick from the clutches of six eggs. For signs drakonolyudey such coincidence marks the emergence of the Observer, around which major events occur, but he can not influence their outcome. Because of this, Sarus has grown an outcast, since neither the magician does not want to take myself so erratic student. But he did not despair and spent all his time in the archives, perfectly mastered the secret science. Like the vampire, all spells spend mana, and each of the magic schools with proper development can become a Black, Fire or Ice Dragon.

Earth: the magic of the Earth increases the strength and protection of the hero and companions, pierces enemies growing our eyes stalagmites.
Fire: fireballs, meteor showers, fire wall - a set of young arsonists.
Storm: This school combines the elements of air and water. Hurricanes, ice arrows, chain lightning.

While the unexpected - it's how you look. What is needed for a viable Diablo-clone? Epic tie on the next five-headed dragon awakening of the Apocalypse? In stock. Bright and empty as Christmas toys, a world with ponadergannymi of a dozen other mythologies and fantasy universes monsters? Please. Breasted female warriors, the Amazons, filled with black designs of the villains with pathos, "the latest monologue," gnomes with minigun and bazookas, pagodas drakonolyudey, buried in the cherry blossoms - no matter how it was unusual for the genre, Mage Knight wants to go even for the sake of the plot, to see where More will throw a whim writers. Ancient Prophecies, search mysterious five dimensions, time travel, the heroic defense Silverholta ...

Scene sketches done remarkably well for PC-game: apparently, to say a huge experience and responsive care Namco Bandai - even talking (great voice, by itself, attached), the characters are not just looming in the frame, and go back and forth, insert spiteful remarks take heroic poses. When it comes down to it, the virtual director and do want to applaud: the appearance of the bosses, the big slaughter and very powerful spells cause the column to shudder under the strain and splashes onto the screen tons of special effects.

Mage Knight: ApocalypseMage Knight: Apocalypse
Gnomes in the world of Mage Knight is very advanced technologically, and is equally easily treated with an ax and a bazooka. Cyclops only looks menacing, but falls from one butting like a simple orc.
Not a single story, of course, alive Mage Knight. Role system most closely resembles tovarku of Dungeon Siege: waving the hammer - growing strength, we kick the enemy - health grows stronger, shooting bows and crossbows is good for dexterity, well, mages, of course, without the high wisdom and intelligence of nowhere. In addition, each of the five heroes have three skill trees, of which both should be possible to develop one, again, only in battle. And everyone - with features, details, refer to "the dossier". Fortunately, on a plot to join us, all four of the not selected at the beginning of classes, and replay to see all the options flow, have only three times instead of fifteen.

Mage Knight: Apocalypse Dossier: Kithana
Mage Knight: Apocalypse
Her family was almost completely destroyed during the civil war with another vampire house in Necropolis, and the survivors laid a terrible curse, forcing them day after day to perform the same action. China this time was out of town and is now looking for a way to remove the curse, offering his services as a mercenary. All of its ability to spend mana, which is quickly restored, but you can drink a magic bubble.

Necromantic: call various undead - from zombies to golems, poisoning and disease, the resurrection of the dead.
Physical: path Assassin - stealth, increasing critical strike, resistance to damage.
Vampiric: completion of health by the enemies, taking them under control, turning into a bat - a gentlemen's Dracula set in general.

Mage Knight: ApocalypseMage Knight: Apocalypse
Something like this and it looks overwhelming majority of fights. "Extinct species, you say? For me so completely alive. "
Mage Knight: Apocalypse Dossier: Chela
Mage Knight: Apocalypse
Amazon can be divided into many warring tribes with the queen at the head of each, but now they have teamed up with gnomes, and provide the residents Silverholta black powder. Chela - an experienced hunter and owns three styles of fighting, tied to a totem animal. Moreover, each has certain advantages, but excludes the possibility to use skills from the other two branches of development. To carry out attacks, the energy is spent recovering in time.

Bear Stance: bear form increases the strength and health of the character, greatly increasing the damage from attacks.
Jaguar Stance: Jaguar form increases the speed of movement and attacks, increases chance to dodge enemy attacks.
Eagle Stance: Eagle form - the choice of archers. The defeat of several targets simultaneously, the critical hit, and so on.

Help teammates, however, cuts both ways. At first I was even glad that my paladin stopped so often to die (which, in general, is not fraught with no consequences - just being revived at the last pebble-sohranyalki), but when the gnome-arrow volleys from dvuhstvolki enemies began to lay before both I was up to them dobegu, thoughtful. Wait a minute, dear, to one side, and then "Expo" is not usual, but I have not even "Hammer of the Gods" was not opened.

But over time, the game becomes too easy, even without the help of teammates: shackled in Mithril armor hero rushes forward to collect for themselves as possible opponents, and then a valiant swing sends everyone in the country of eternal hunt. And even the bosses missing two or three strokes stuffed with magical crystals sledgehammer. By the way, the local system "enchanting" is very curious: in each of the weapons and armor, there are three holes for installation of stones tied to a particular element. Their combination will provide a variety of effects: it is impossible to combine "water" and "fire" and three "earth" - not the same thing as two "air" and a "deadly". And, you can learn spells from scrolls and potions recipes, gather ingredients and pretend to be a veteran alchemist.

Mage Knight: ApocalypseMage Knight: Apocalypse
Solonavi - race of mysterious creatures who live an incredibly long time, and intervene in all significant events by agents, such as our hero Orochiy shaman from the top of the pyramid calls lightning and pummeling our way obelisks.Do not worry, you'll get to the bastard.
Ease of passage, however, can be attributed to nedodelannost press release, see what happens in the release. But overall impression is very favorable: the picture is good, the plot drags, mechanics poses considerable depth for the study, and after a closer acquaintance with the play of the selected genre are no longer puzzling. A strategy in the world of Mage Knight, we can still wait.

Mage Knight: Apocalypse Dossier: Tal Windstrider
Mage Knight: Apocalypse
Coming from a little-known noble family, has embarked on a paladin and now carries out assignments Elven Council. But the farther he goes from his native land, the more orders of superiors disagree with the views of Tala about good and justice. All skills are spending reserve Faith, which, unlike analog magical energy from other classes that do not regenerate. But it alone is replenished by a shower of opponents, and at any time to pray (in charge of what individual skills), even during combat.

Melee: a variety of attacks, causing additional damage to the holy energy, blessed armor and weapons.
Protection: medical treatment, the resurrection of fallen comrades, getting rid of poisons and harmful effects.
Ranged: twig on distance weapons. Call Lightning, critical hits and the like.

Mage Knight: ApocalypseMage Knight: ApocalypseMage Knight: Apocalypse
"The heroic defense Silverholta.